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06 February 2016

Anfield Farce: Gary Lineker mocks 'brilliant' £18m Liverpool star; LFC legend slams 'silly mistakes'

Another day, another Simon Mignolet mistake, and with the club recently handing the Belgian goalkeeper a fat new contract reportedly worth £18.7m over 5-years] the situation is now entering the realms of parody. It seems everyone but Jurgen Klopp (and Brendan Rodgers) can see that Mignolet is the weakest link in Liverpool's defence, including England legend Gary Lineker, who gently mocked the the 28-year old for his latest costly mistake.

After the game, Lineker tweeted:

"Like thousands of Liverpool fans, [Simon] Mignolet left in the 77th minute".

More accurately, Mignolet suffered yet another serious lapse of concentration in the 77th minute (one of several, including a comical throw-out that fell directly to a Sunderland player), and it arguably cost the Reds the game.

Former Reds boss Roy Evans added:

"On the pitch, the same old problems silly mistakes continue to haunt us".

I've argued for almost 2 years that Liverpool need to get rid of Mignolet; he will have periods of good form (which create a false sense of security) but he will always let the team down, and relying on him is a mistake.

Blind faith and/or over-reliance on underperforming players cost Brendan Rodgers his job, and it if Klopp continues in the same manner (with Mignolet, Lallana, Can, Sakho et al), he will ultimately suffer the same fate.

The thing that gets my goat is Klopp's Rodgers-esque attempts to brainwash the fanbase into thinking that the allegedly 'brilliant' Mignolet is a world-beater:

* 1st Dec: After his mistake against Bordeaux, Klopp raved: "I'm absolutely satisfied with our goalkeeper situation. Mignolet is one of the smartest goalkeepers I've ever had. There is nothing to criticise, absolutely nothing."

* 14 Jan: After his mistakes in the 3-3 draw with Arsenal, Klopp blamed the defence: "There were a lot of mistakes before [the second goal]. We have to defend this better."

* 19 Jan: After Mignolet signed his new deal, Klopp enthused: "As a package for us Simon Mignolet is perfect. He gives the whole team a good feeling when he is in the starting line up and that’s really important".

At least Rodgers had the cojones to drop Mignolet at one point, and that's what needs to happen now. When a player makes lots of mistakes, he's usually replaced, so why doesn't this apply to Mignolet, who is seemingly immune to demotion under the current regime?

The manager's job is to utilise the playing assets in a way that benefits the club in the best way possible. Is Klopp doing that right now? Absolutely not, and 6 wins in 17 league games clearly suggests that something needs to chance.

Klopp should dump Mignolet and start Ward in the next game, and if he does well, he should keep his place. If Mignolet keeps his place, then it's arguably favouritism, pure and simple.

Liverpool need meritocracy at Anfield, not cronyism.

Author: Jaimie K

Transfer Update: 'Incredible' €50m goal-machine admits he 'wanted' Liverpool 'move' and confirms reason for collapse

On Monday, Jurgen Klopp confirmed that Liverpool tried to sign Alex Teixeira during the January transfer window, and after sealing a lucrative move to the Chinese league, the Brazilian attacker has revealed the reasons why his proposed move to Anfield collapsed.

When asked why about Liverpool failed to seal a deal for the allegedly 'incredible' Teixeira, Klopp told reporters:

“It was a common decision [to pull out of the Teixeira deal]. We made offers...but it was a case of ‘if you don’t want it what you want’. It’s not that we haven’t got money, but you have to work respectfully and responsibly".

On Thursday, Shakhtar Donetsk confirmed Teixeira's transfer to Jiangsu Suning FC:

"Shakhtar Donetsk and Jiangsu Suning FC have agreed...the transfer of Alex Teixeira. Transfer fee for the Brazilian midfielder is 50 million euros [£40m]".

After signing his deal, Teixeira suggested that Liverpool's failed to make a 'serious' offer. He explained:

"I wanted to move to an English Premier League club, but, unfortunately, all the proposals that came from them were somewhat unsubstantial and did not contain anything concrete. I received a serious offer from China, so I took it."

If Teixiera really wanted a transfer to the Premier League, he would've stuck it out at Shakhtar for a few more months and had faith that the a deal could be completed in the summer. Instead, he sold out his career for money, which is par for the course in football these days.

Still, it's not really fair to judge Teixeira in a negative manner. Some players see football as a job, and if he can earn ridiculous amounts of money playing in the Chinese league, then good for him.

Klopp's classy response to Teixeira's move:

"We should respect we can all make our own decisions. If you are 26 and got an offer like he [Teixeira] got then anyone would think about it. I have no problem with this."

Ultimately, I'm glad Liverpool refused to budge on the price tag. £40m is far too much for Teixiera, and he doesn't (IMO) fit the profile of the type of attacker the Reds need right now (i.e. tall, powerful, fast, and prolific).

Author: Jaimie K

Confirmed Liverpool XI: Massive disappointment; Big bench surprise; Misfits start; Klopp dumps three academy youngsters

Liverpool boss Jurgen Klopp has named another uninspiring starting line-up for today's Premier League clash with Sunderland, and the biggest news is that Klopp has decided to sh*tcan all the academy players who've played so well recently.

FULL TEAM: Mignolet, Clyne, Lovren, Sakho, Moreno, Henderson, Can, Allen, Lallana, Milner, Firmino.

SUBS: Ward, Toure, Benteke, Sturridge, Lucas, Ibe, Flanagan.

SUNDERLAND: Mannone, Jones, van Aanholt, O’Shea, Kone, Kirchhoff, Cattermole, M’Vila, Khazri, Watmore Defoe.

* Nice to see Sturridge back on the bench, but what's the point? As per Klopp himself, he's only had three training sessions since being back with the team, and that's way off the ten sessions the manager decreed as the magic number for reintroduction the squad. Indeed, yesterday, Klopp reiterated: "What Daniel needs is consistent training, training, training."

* It seems like Klopp is either rushing Sturridge back and/or reacting to reports this week relating to Sturridge's alleged unhappiness. Neither is a good enough reason to bring him back.

* Can, Lallana, Sakho, and Moreno make the starting line-up yet again, despite their continued poor form. It just goes to show that there is no merit system at Anfield, and if he continues to select underperforming players, Klopp must take full responsibility for poor results. Rodgers cannot be blamed.

* No place on the subs bench for Teixeira, Smith, Brannagan, or Ojo? Bravo! What a great way to motivate the club's promising academy players! To add insult to injury, Flanagan, who's been injured for 18 months, gets into the match-day squad.

* Allen is finally in the starting line-up, so that's a good decision. It's up to him now to put in the performances to keep his place in the team.

* Liverpool have lost six of the last ten games with Sakho in the team (and conceded 18 goals) yet he still makes the team? Again, this is Klopp's call, and if Liverpool leak goals again, it'll be his fault.

* Caulker not even in the match-day squad?

Probable formation:

---------------- Mignolet
Clyne ------ Lovren -- Sakho ---- Moreno
------ Hendo ---- Can ---- Allen
---------- Lallana -- Milner
--------------- Firmino

Ugh. Still, Sunderland are in the relegation zone, and their entire team cost the same as Lallana and Lovren combined, so anything but a win is unacceptable.

Klopp misses the game through appendicitis, so it'll be interesting to see how the players respond in his absence.

Author: Jaimie K

Price Crash: Liverpool can sign 'magic' attacker admired by Klopp for cut-price £12.5m.

In May 2015, Liverpool were linked with a move for Stoke City winger Marko Arnautovic, and with Liverpool boss Jurgen Klopp a confirmed admirer of the powerhouse attacker, a cut-price transfer could be on the cards this summer if the Reds reignite interest.

According to The Telegraph today:

"Arnautovic...has a £12.5m buy-out clause in his contract that can be triggered in July and leave the Potters powerless".

In his pre-Stoke press conference last month, Klopp enthused:

"Marco Arnautovic has made really good development. I know him from Germany - he’s a big talent, and now everyone can see how strong he can be".

Ex-Red Jamie Redknapp is also a fan of 'magic' Arnautovic, and in a recent column for the Daily Mail, he claimed:

"He [Arnautovic] is the whole package now in terms of defending, attacking and goals. If a top-four club were going to take anyone in January, it would be Arnautovic. Stoke bought him for £2million but you can put a zero on that now".

£20m? You're having a laugh. If Arnautovic was English, then the extortionate premium attached to buying British players may push his fee to that level, but I can't see any top Premier club paying that kind of money. However, £12.5m is a different, eminently affordable proposition. Stats for Stoke:

* 40 goals/assists in 98 apps (Goal/assist every 184 mins).

* This Season: 13 goals/assists in 28 apps (Goal/assist every 178 mins).

At Stoke, Arnautovic - who recently scored against Liverpool - basically averages one goal/assist every two games, which is a creditable return, and arguably worth the £12.5m transfer fee.

Additionally, like Andriy Yarmolenko, Arnautovic is tall (6'3) and strong, and he'd be a marked (and welcome) contrast to the small, physically weaker attackers who are regularly bullied off the ball for Liverpool.

Liverpool were interested in Arnautovic once, so there's a possibility the club may go in for him again, especially with the buyout clause in place. A viable transfer target this summer?

Author: Jaimie K

05 February 2016

Liverpool XI vs. Sunderland: 8 big changes? Drop £44m duo? Surprise starts for Teixeira/Brannagan?

After 16 Premier League games in charge, Jurgen Klopp's league record leaves a lot to be desired. The Reds lost again on Tuesday, which is the 10th league game LFC have failed to win under Klopp. Clearly, the Reds need to get back to winning ways against Sunderland, and given the fact that Sam Allardyce's team are in the relegation zone - and Liverpool are at home - anything but a win is surely unacceptable...right?

Klopp's Prem record so far:

* P16 W6 D4 L6 F22 A24. Win Ratio = 37%

* Failed to win: 10 games (63%). Failed to score: 6 games.

* Points-per-game: 1.38 (BR this season: 1.50)

* When Rodgers left, Liverpool were 3 points off fourth place. After 16 games under Klopp, the team is now 11 points away.

Whatever the reasons/excuses, this is simply not good enough for a manager many proclaim to be one of the best in the world.

Many will agree that Klopp is, overall, a better, more successful/experienced manager than Rodgers, so given the increase in managerial quality, he should be able to get more out of the current squad of players.

Spin it all you like, but Klopp needs to do better, starting today against Sunderland, and for me, that means he has to stop making the mistake that led to Rodgers' downfall: Blind faith in underperforming players (Lallana, Mignolet, Can, Sakho etc). The merit system needs to be employed, and with that in mind, I'd select the following team for tomorrow's game:

------------------ Ward
Flanagan -- Caulker -- Lovren --- Smith
------ Milner --- Allen -- Brannagan
----------- Ibe/Ojo - Teixeira
---------------- Firmino

* Who cares if the team is filled with young players - there's little chance of making fourth place anyway, so what's the difference?

* Sakho needs to be benched. In the last 10 games he's played, Liverpool have conceded 18 goals, and lost SIX times. Conversely, the Reds have conceded 10 goals in Lovren's last 10 games, and lost only 3 games.

* Lallana and Can do not deserve to be anywhere near the first-team right now. Can should be benched until he curbs his ego and learns some discipline on the field, and Lallana abjectly fails to contribute game-in, game-out (two league goals in 13 months. 'Nuff said).

* Clyne and Moreno have abominable end product in the final third, and defensively, neither is excelling at the moment. Liverpool have other options, so why not use them?

* As confirmed by Klopp, Henderson is playing with heel pain, which is clearly affecting his ability to influence games. He's probably making his injury worse too, and it's irresponsible (IMO) to play him more than once a week.


You have until Saturday 3pm (GMT) to participate.

* 20 Points: First goalscorer.

* 20 Points: Liverpool player with the highest percentage of forward passes. (Mignolet excluded). A player can have the highest number of FPs, but that doesn't necessarily mean he has the highest percentage. Example:

- Milner makes 80 passes overall, and 40 are forward = 50% of total passes FPs.

- Lovren makes 120 passes overall and 50 are forward = 41% of total passes are FPs.

* 30 Points: Liverpool player with the most touches of the ball. Extra 50 bonus points on offer for anyone who can predict the exact number of touches)

* 50 Point Triple-Whammy: Perfect score + goalscorer + forward passes (Possible points total: 120)

* The 'Glengarry Glen Ross' Mega-Bonus: 100 points for Perfect score + forward passes + touches (Possible points total: 200)

Author: Jaimie K

Anfield-bound? Klopp wants 'excellent' Argentine attacker who idolises 'Riquelme'. Liverpool Reps sent already

With Marko Grujic already signed, it appears that Liverpool are still in the market for midfielders, and according to reports this week, the Reds are tracking yet another young central midfielder.

Earlier this week, Italian newspaper Corriere Dello Sport claimed:

"Liverpool have sent representatives to Empoli to ask for info about Aleandro Paredes (21), but the Tuscan club is only loaning the player, so they can not be party to the negotiations".

The Daily Express has further claimed:

"Liverpool are determined to capture his [Paredes] signature before he heads back to Roma [at the end of the season]".

Some info about Paredes, described by Empoli boss Marco Giampolo as 'excellent':

* 21-year old central Argentine central midfielder, who can also play on the left wing, or as an attacking midfielder.

* 5 goals/assists in 32 games for Empoli and Roma.

* Dec 2015: Empoli boss Marco Giampolo outlined Paredes' role for the club: For me, his role is that of the director in front of the defense".

* Dec 2015: Giampolo also revealed Paredes' weakness: "When he arrived, he had concentration issues during the game, but now he is learning to be better in this area".

* Aug 2014: Francesco Totti's assessment: "Paredes has something more than the others. I think he has a bright future ahead".

* May 2015: Revealed his admiration for Radja Nainggolan: "Nainggolan is very complete, technically very good, very good physically. He's an extraordinary player and by luck plays with us".

* Feb 2015: Paredes told reporters: “Riquelme is my idol. Totti is also a great player, and I have learned a lot from both of them.”

According to Giampolo, Paredes seems to operate in a similar position to Marko Grujic, so is he really needed?

Author: Jaimie K

Klopp Confirms: 'Magnificent' £20m Liverpool star may miss Sunderland game because he 'got a knock' vs. Leicester

If there's a merit system in place at Anfield, then one thing is clear: based on recent form, Joe Allen deserves to be starting games right now, and despite Jurgen Klopp's claims that he sees the £20m-rated midfielder as a first-teamer, Allen continues to be ignored for Premier League games.

In his pre-Leicester press conference on Monday, Klopp told reporters:

"Joe Allen was always a first-team player. He was not in the lineup a few times, but now he is...100 percent in shape and that's the best news".

Hours later, I posted the following in an article:

"Actions speak louder than words, and and Klopp's soundbytes today mean nothing until he plays Allen regularly in the league, and proves that he is a 'first-team player'. Klopp is merely paying lip-service to the idea of his importance to the team. It's disingenuous man-management".

What happened? The very next day, Klopp left Allen on the bench for the Premier League trip to Leicester City, thus making a mockery of his comments about Allen and the concept of the merit system at Anfield.

When asked today why Allen - hailed by Chris Coleman as 'magnificent' - isn't starting in the league, Klopp told reporters:

"He [Allen] is very close [to starting league games]. He got a little knock on the shoulder against Leicester, so we’ll have to see how it goes today. Hopefully it’s nothing serious".

How convenient. Allen has a 'knock', which gives Klopp the perfect excuse to ignore him for the Sunderland game. Meanwhile, Henderson - who is struggling with recurring heel pain - plays most games, and Klopp is willing to rush players like Sakho back from injury.

I'm no great fan of Allen, but I'm in favour of the merit system, and that means selecting players who are performing well right now, and not persisting with the same old failures week-in, week-out.

It's not the player, it's the principle, and it should be applied irrespective of age, price-tag, experience etc. Indeed, If Adam Lallana was in a period of great form, I'd argue for his selection, too.

Granted, the chances of that happening are slim-to-none, but still...

Author: Jaimie K

Massive Blow: Klopp confirms 'outstanding' Liverpool star is injured again and 'needs another 2-3 weeks'

With Liverpool still struggling in defence, the return of Martin Skrtel - LFC's most effective defender this season (and for the last three years) can't come soon enough. Alas, it looks like the Reds will have to make-do without the Slovakian for a little while longer.

In his pre-match press conference today, Liverpool boss Jurgen Klopp confirmed that the Reds have suffered yet another injury blow:

"We had a problem with Martin Skrtel. He got re-injured, so he needs another 2-3 weeks".

Skrtel - recently hailed by Arsenal legend Lee Dixon as 'absolutely outstanding' - has been out injured for 12 games so far:

* 12 games without Skrtel: 15 goals conceded and four games lost.

* 12 games with Skrtel (prior to injury): 14 goals conceded and three games.

There's not much difference, but these figures categorically refute repeated claims that Liverpool are better defensively without Skrtel.

This means that Klopp will probably persist with Sakho, who is currently in the midst of a period of shaky form.

As I've illustrated several times in the past, with Sakho in the side, the team leaks goals. Below is a comparison of the last ten games for each of LFC's senior central defenders:

* Sakho: 18 goals conceded (6 defeats/2 clean sheets)

* Lovren: 10 goals conceded (3 defeats/5 clean sheets)

* Skrtel: 12 goals conceded (3 defeats/3 clean sheets)

Sakho's disciples can spin the 'beast' myth all they like, but the facts don't lie: Liverpool lose more games, and concede more goals with him in the team.

Seriously, WAKE UP already: SIX defeats in the last TEN games with Sakho at the heart of the defence? That says it all, and if Klopp persists with him, it'll be managerial negligence (IMO).

Klopp should go with Lovren/Caulker against Sunderland. That partnership kept a clean sheet against West Ham, but instead of keeping it in place for Leicester, Klopp brought Sakho back, which was clearly the wrong decision.

If a defensive partnership keeps a clean-sheet, then surely it's best to keep that partnership going?

Author: Jaimie K

04 February 2016

Liverpool MegaDeal? Liverpool still tracking 'extraordinary' €60m destroyer who 'dreams' of transfer to England

The January transfer window may be closed, but the rumours just keep on coming, and new reports today suggest that Liverpool are still keen to sign Sporting Lisbon midfielder William Carvalho.

According to Italian newspaper Tutto Mercato:

"William Carvalho is being tracked by several prestigious clubs, including Arsenal, Liverpool, Chelsea, Man Utd, Roma, PSG and Monaco".

Liverpool have been linked with the allegedly 'extraordinary' Carvalho many times over the years, but if the Reds want to sign him in the summer, it'll almost certainly be an expensive prospect. Tutto Mercato further claims:

"Carvalho has just received a renewal offer from Sporting Lisbon, which will raise his release clause from from €45m to €60m".

Recent transfer timeline:

* Aug 2015: Tutto Mercato claimed: "Liverpool are favourites to sign William Carvalho...who could continue his career in England ".

* Sep 2015: Liverpool scouts reportedly flew to Portugal to watch Carvalho.

Carvalho definitely wants a move, and he's confirmed this on two separate occasions in the last year:

* Jan 2015: Carvalho reporters: "hope one day to play in the best leagues in the world. If I continue to do my job as I have done so, it will certainly come sooner or later."

* June 2015: Carvalho confirmed: “My dream is to play in England. I know some clubs are interested, but my agent Jorge [Mendes] is looking after it and I am relaxed.”

Hypothetically, if the Reds spend €60m+ on Carvalho (and break the club's transfer record), where does that leave Emre Can? Clubs don't spend that kind of money for a bench-warmer, and if LFC sign Carvalho, then Liverpool will have six senior midfielders (including Marko Grujic) fighting it out for two - or possibly three - places.

It's possible that one of either Lucas or Allen may leave in the summer, but even if that happens, I don't see how Klopp can keep all the central midfielders happy.

If Liverpool spend big bucks on Carvalho (or indeed any other central midfielder), it will arguably be a vote of no-confidence in Can. After all, why spend the money if Can is the long-term solution?

A top-class DM is no guarantee of success, though. Just look at Chelsea; statistically, Nemanja Matic is one of Europe's best performing defensive-midfielders, but even he hasn't been able to stop Chelsea's downward spiral this season.

Still, I'd take Carvalho over Can and Lucas in a heartbeat.

Author: Jaimie K

Redknapp raves: 'Fantastic' £150k-a-week 'warrior' is the Premier League's 'best ever' player in defence. Agree?

Earlier this week, John Terry announced that he'll be leaving Chelsea at the end of the season, and revealed that the club is basically forcing his exit by refusing to offer him a new contract. Have Chelsea made the right footballing decision? Ex-Red Jamie Redknapp, doesn't think so, and he's slammed the London club for disrespecting its older players.

Speaking to Sky Sports, Redknapp insisted that Chelsea's stance is 'strange', and argued that 'fantastic' Terry - reportedly on £150k-a-week - still has a 'lot to offer' the club. He further enthused:

"John Terry has been the best Premier League defender I've seen, and the best centre-back I've ever played against. He's just been a warrior".

As much as I despise Terry for the more unsavoury (football-related) parts of his career, there's no denying his quality, winning mentality, and leadership ability.

Is he really the Premier League's best ever defender, though?

Reds legend Alan Hansen does't think so. In his column for The Telegraph last season, he raved:

"At £6 million, Vincent Kompany is arguably the best transfer market buy of all time [and] the best defender of the Premier League era".

Now, if I was biased, and I am, I'd choose Sami Hyypia as the best defender of the Premier League era.

Hyypia represented everything that's great about LFC, and despite ten years of consistently excellent performances, he remains criminally underrated, and rarely features in the discussion of the league's best ever centre-halves.

How Liverpool miss Hyypia, particularly his imperious aerial ability. Nearly seven years after his exit, the Reds still haven't replaced him.

The likes of Sakho, Lovren, and Skrtel (who is my current favourite LFC player), are simply not in the same league, and until the club brings in another dominating aerial (and leadership) presence, the defensive problems will continue.

online survey

Author: Jaimie K

Contact Made: Liverpool submitted €30m offer for 'dangerous' striker 'honoured' by Klopp's interest

On transfer deadline day, TuttoSport claimed that Liverpool registered late interest in Inter Milan captain Mauro Icardi, and new reports this week claim that Reds made a concrete offer to sign the Argentinian striker.

According to Italian newspaper Corriere Dello Sera:

* Liverpool had a €30m bid Icardi rejected on deadline day.

* Inter allegedly turned down the offer as they were unable to find a replacement in time.

In February, Icardi - who, according to his agent, 'has the talent to become to new Ronaldo' - admitted that he'd be 'honoured' to play for Liverpool, so the interest makes sense.

However, I doubt that the offer got rejected due to replacement issues. Inter Chief Erick Thohir recently insisted that 'dangerous' Icardi won't be sold anything less than €40m, and Liverpool's lowball bid is well below that.

Additionally, even Icardi has is having issues with Roberto Mancini, he is the club's captain, and it seems unlikely that Inter will dump him just six months into the season, especially after he smashed in 36 goals/assists in 48 games last year.

Is Icardi even worth €40m [£30m]? Well, if Anthony Martial is worth £58m, then the Argentine - who has vastly superior creative output - is a comparative bargain.

That said, Inter legend Christian Vieri recently criticised Icardi's lack of movement/running up-front, and that doesn't sound like the kind of player who'd thrive in a Jurgen Klopp team.

Still, I'd take Icardi over Origi, Ings, and Benteke every day of the week, and if this story is true, perhaps the Reds will return in the summer?

Author: Jaimie K

LK Prediction League: Games 37/38 (West Ham and Leicester City) - League Tables

Here are the latest Prediction League results!


* PS: No one.

* CR1: BEAST, Alex, Livi, LFCNYC74, patrick ferrell, scotthardy

* CR2: TableLFC, Tambel

* First Goalscorer: [20 Bonus Points]: None

* Most LFC Shots (Benteke) [20 Bonus Points]: Coodakay, adamblfc, Spasssky, Charlie, BEAST, Syed Faraaz, Jensen Huddleston, Great hair, GodSpunk, Imoff, tigger1703, roncalifornia, DaBandit, Dips, GogesusSS4, vinnie, scotthardy, Sav, FdotM, john52, Timp, Demon Knight, Glen, StuartC, Peter BIDsley, Puga Nesh, Livi, Greg, Dave, Ronny

* Collective LFC Free-Kicks (6) [30 Bonus Points]: Coodakay, Charlie


* PS: Spasssky, Great hair, PhillyRed YNWA, LFCNYC74, roncalifornia

* CR1: Jaimiek, GogesusSS4, trigger

* CR2: A__W, Alex

* First Goalscorer (Vardy) [20 Bonus Points]: Jaimie K, Peter BIDsley, GogesusSS4, trigger, john52, roncalifornia, Ash, Imoff, DAROVAR, Toni ¤ 911, Francisco Mambela, Coodakay, Tambel, LFCNYC74, Alex, ☆Lady♡Bird☆, Donkey Kong

* Highest % of Backward Passes : (Firmino: 53%) [20 Bonus Points]: No one

* Collective crosses (32) [30 Bonus Points]: No one

If you spot any errors/omissions etc, please leave a comment below. If you're unsure of the rules and/or want a refresher, please go HERE.








Author: Jaimie K

Replace Lallana? Ex-Red hails 'impressive' Liverpool Academy attacker who scored stunning goal against Exeter

Since being recalled from his loan spell at Wolves, Reds attacker Sheyi Ojo has made three appearances for the Liverpool, and he's caught the eye of ex-Reds goalkeeper David James, who insists that the 18-year old is one of the club's most promising young players.

Speaking to the Liverpool Echo recently, James raved:

“Sheyi Ojo is impressive. I think he's a delightful player. He [Jurgen] is giving a lifeline to these young players and one or two of them have taken their chance, no doubt.”

Since his return, Ojo - described on Liverpool's official website as a 'nightmare' for defenders - has been granted only 54 minutes of game time, but he's contributed one goal and an assist (one ever 27 mins), which is, as James suggests, 'impressive'. Ojo's record at Wolves was similarly creditable:

* 7 goals/assists in 19 apps (One every 103 minutes of game time).

It took Raheem Sterling sixteen games to get to one goal/one assist for Liverpool, so Ojo is already ahead of the game.

Ojo is also taller and (arguably) stronger than Sterling (at the age of 18), so like many fans, I'm hopeful that Jurgen Klopp will give him some proper game time over the next couple of months.

After the Leicester fiasco, it's surely time to dump some of Liverpool's overpaid and underperforming senior players?

Adam Lallana, for example. I sincerely doubt that Reds fans will complain if either Ojo or Teixiera replaces Lallana for this weekend's home game with Sunderland.

Milner ----- Teixeira ------ Ojo
------------- Firmino

Do it, Jurgen. If it fails, then so be it, but at least give it a chance. After all, it's highly unlikely that Ojo or Teixiera will do any *worse* than Lallana's pitiful contribution of just two league goals in thirteen months.

Author: Jaimie K

03 February 2016

€100m MegaDeal? Boss admits 'incredible' goal-machine who'd happily 'join Liverpool' may leave 'if an offer comes in'

During the January transfer window, Spanish sports magazine Don Balon: claimed that Liverpool were considering a 'dizzying offer' for Borussia Dortmund star Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang, and according to BVB Chief Hans-Joachim Watzke, that's exactly what it will take for BVB to sell the coveted attacker.

A week ago, Watzke insisted that Aubemeyang will cost at least €100m, and when asked this week about Liverpool's interest, he appeared to reiterate that view:

“If an offer comes [for Aubemeyang], then we need to discuss it. If it should go into the hundreds of millions, then we need to talk to the player".

Aubameyang appears to open to a transfer. Indeed, in October, a Dortmund 'source' claimed:

"An offer to join Liverpool now Jurgen [Klopp] is there would be an attractive proposition [for Aubameyang]"

Clearly, FSG will have have to break Liverpool's transfer record to seal the deal, though in this case, Aubemeyang - hailed by Jurgen Klopp as an incredible players - is arguably worth it.

Liverpool targets like Aubemeyang, Reus, and Lewandowski - all signed by Jurgen Klopp - are amongst the most coveted players in Europe, and the prevailing view seems to be that the Reds will have an advantage when it comes to transfer negotiations.

In reality, I doubt that will prove to be true.

Aside from their usual greed, top players want to challenge for the biggest trophies, and after mixing it with Reus, Lewandowski, Mkhitaryan, Gundogan et al, I can't see Aubemeyang chomping at the bit to to play alongside comparative dross like Lallana, Can, Origi, and Milner.

In any event, with the famously frugal Klopp at the helm, spending €100m on a single player seems unlikely, and it shouldn't be an option anyway.

Seriously, are we to believe that the Reds can't find a decent striker in world football for less than €100m? If that's the case, then the scouting department is not fit for purpose, and should be disbanded forthwith.

Author: Jaimie K