28 Feb 2017

Next Suarez? Agent reveals Anfield 'plan' for 'superstar' €60m attacker; hails 'Liverpool' as 'professional'

Sadio Mane's agent has revealed that he has a long-term plan for Liverpool's £34m summer signing.

Speaking to The Guardian this week, Mane's agent, Bjorn Bezemer explained:

"Our plan for Sadio has always been to make him Africa’s best player. The most important thing is to manage him to take the right decisions".

Bezemer also provided further insight on the thought process behind signing for Liverpool:

“We wanted to make the right step at that moment. I knew Jürgen Klopp from Germany and thought that he could be the right coach to take him forward. We tried to find out about Liverpool before he committed himself, and it is not only the coach, the whole club is professional”.

Looking at Mane's career to date, his overall plan is obvious: take incremental, career-focused steps towards achieving the goal of becoming one of the world's top players, and that basically means that each new club is stepping stone to bigger and better things. Bezemer basically confirmed this when discussing Mane's decision to sign for Southampton:

“Sadio had offers from China, Russia, and bigger clubs in Europe, but we said 'now is not the time to take big money sitting on a bench. We wanted to take a career step, so he accepted the offer for less money from Southampton because this was the right move at that stage".

Reds fans may not want to accept it, but Liverpool is also just a stepping stone for Mane (just as it was for Luis Suarez]. He clearly signed for the Reds because he believes the club (and Klopp) can 'take him forward', but Anfield is not his final destination; at some point, Mane's Agent will move him on to a club that he feels can give him an even bigger push towards achieving the 'best player in Africa' goal.

Metz >> Salzburg >> Soton > LFC >> ?

* Mane: Described by Danny Murphy as a superstar'. €60m-rated (CIES)


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