3 Mar 2016

You're Out: 'Magnificent' £75k-a-week Liverpool star definitely leaving this summer

In a few short months, Jurgen Klopp will preside over his first summer transfer window, and if the last two years have proven anything, it's this: some big changes are needed, and a whole host of players should be hustled toward the exit door. Who will leave, though?

In his first year at Dortmund, Klopp scrapped 17 players (including perpetual sicknote Philippe Degen, who he palmed off on Liverpool, and according to the Daily Mail:

"Those who will definitely leaving the summer include Kolo Toure, Jose Enrique and Joao Teixeira, all of whom are out of contract".

It remains to be seen whether this is inside info, or simply an obvious guess, but to be honest, it's not hard to predict that these three players might be on the exit list.


The Ivorian is now 35, and his contract expires at the end of the season. With the arrival of Joel Matip, 'magnificent' Toure - reportedly on £65k-a-week - is arguably surplus to requirements, but his experiences is valuable, and he's (arguably) done enough this season to warrant a new deal.


There's no way Enrique will receive a new contract, and the sooner his £75k-a-week salary of off the wage bill, the better. Use Enrique's ridiculously undeserved salary to fund another year for Toure.


Reports this week claim that 'excellent' Tex has agreed terms with Fiorentina, and in my view, he's right to quit Anfield. Teixeira is wasting his career at Liverpool, and he's woefully unappreciated (as evidenced by his £5k-a-week salary, which is grossly lower than any other senior player at the club).

As for Liverpool having a massive clearout of dead wood this summer - don't hold your breath. Klopp may have scrapped 17 players in his first year at BVB, but the majority who left were bit-parters who barely played.

I confidently predict that the likes of Lallana, Mignolet, Can, Origi, Moreno etc will still be at the club next season (as regular first-team starters), and that the majority of players who actually leave the club will be academy players and/or older pros (i.e. Toure).

Author: Jaimie K


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