3 Mar 2016

Anfield Truth: Klopp admits 'brilliant' £65k-a-week Liverpool star is 'not satisfied with his scoring record'

For the first time this season, Adam Lallana is actually doing his job for Liverpool (in the league), and contribution against Man City makes it 3 goals/2 assists in the last 4 Premier League games. Overall, though, Lallana's goals/assists ratio remains sub-par, and to improve this, Klopp has urged the England midfielder to focus on one particular aspect of his game.

In his post-City press conference, Klopp revealed that 'brilliant' Lallana is 'not satisfied with his scoring record', and confessed:

"It [Lallana's goal] was a surprise, to be honest. Usually he passes in that situation. He should try and shoot more often".

A few points:

* 5 goals/assists in 4 league games is a great return, and that's exactly the kind of impact Lallana should be having on a regular basis.

* When Lallana is fulfilling his primary role (i.e. scoring/creating goals), then I have no issue with his inclusion in the team, and based on current form, he should definitely remain in the starting XI.

* Lallana should be dissatisfied with his goal record for Liverpool. It's pitiful, especially in the league, where's contributed 8 goals in 49 games (One every 419 minutes). If Lallana continues scoring/creating goals on a regular basis, then I will be the first to champion his inclusion in the team (as I have here).

* Conversely, if Lallana reverts to type and goes missing again (attack-wise), then I will highlight it again, just as I do with every player who fails to consistently deliver. The fact remains that prior to January 23rd, Lallana had scored just one league goal in 13 months (which undoubtedly contributed to BR's early termination) and a brief flurry of good form doesn't suddenly mean he's Yoda.

* For his fabled pressing and alleged talent, Liverpool - with Lallana in the team - have regressed in the league this season, and Lallana's lack of regular goals/assists has contributed to Klopp achieving a worse win percentage than Roy Hodgson. Additionally, as a result of his consistent failure to step-up (along with LFC's other attackers), Liverpool finished 6th last season, and are currently 8th in the table.

As usual, fans are getting carried away after one good result, and the Lallana hype-machine is in full swing. The truth, however, is that his game-changing contributions to the cause are the *exception*, not the rule. Like the rest of the team, Lallana needs to keep his head down, stop massaging egos in the press, and focus on trying to salvage this trainwreck of a season.

Then, at the end of the season, Lallana^ - like Mignolet - needs to be replaced. If Liverpool's goal is to finish 6th-8th every year, then Lallana and Mignolet are the go-to guys, but if the Reds have serious designs of winning trophies; maintaining a top-four place, or actually winning the league at some point, then significant upgrades are required.

* Reportedly on £65k-a-week

Author: Jaimie K


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