3 Mar 2016

Done Deal Soon? Klopp confirms Liverpool 'talks' with 'incredible' £25k-a-week international

Last night, after a shaky first-half against Man City, Reds defender Jon Flanagan grew into the game and helped Liverpool keep a 4th clean sheet in five games. Jordan Henderson this week claimed that it's imperative that FSG hand Flanagan a new contract, but is that actually on the agenda?

According to Reds boss Jurgen Klopp, a new deal is definitely in the works. In a press conference this week, Liverpool's boss told reporters:

"Of course we are thinking about it [a new deal]. There will be talks and we will see what will happen. Hopefully it’s a positive solution on this side".

Maybe it's just me, but I'm tired of hearing about the allegedly 'incredible' Jon Flanagan.

Ever since he returned from injury, Flanagan's couse supporters in the media (like Aldo, and Carra, for example), have repeatedly hyped him up as some kind of super-player and/or solution to Liverpool's defensive woes.

Meanwhile, the likes of Henderson, Klopp, and certain other ex-Reds continue to bludgeon us over the head with the fact the Flanagan - reportedly on £25k-a-week - is a Liverpudlian, and an LFC fan, which seemingly means he should automatically be handed a long new contract.

Take last night's game, for example. After the game, Carragher showed his predictable Scouse solidarity by claiming Flanagan set Liverpool on the road to victory:

"Great result and performance from LFC. The game was won with Flanno's first tackle on [Sterling]"

Give me a break. The likes of Carra/Aldo are desperate to have a homegrown player in Liverpool's first-team that they'll continually overhype Liverpudlian players, even when it's not warranted (I call it 'obligate hype, i.e. when fans/ex-players feels obliged to lionise homegrown players, irrespective of ability/performance).

The same happens with Jordan Rossiter (just watch the obligate hype when he returns to action), and Cameron Brannagan. Flanno is a decent player (oh, and did I mention, he's Liverpool born and bred), but I just don't get the hype, and the dubious 'Scouse Cafu' comparison is a contradiction in terms.

Reds fans are keen for Liverpool to pony up the cash, though. Poll results this week:

Author: Jaimie K


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