23 Jul 2015

Agent Confirms: 'Liverpool' want 'immense' €20m international who's 'asked to leave'. Anfield-bound?

Liverpool continue to be linked with a move for Paris St. Germain left-back Lucas Digne, and it's looking increasingly likely that the 21-year may end up at Anfield before the end of the transfer window.

In June, French newspaper L'Equipe claimed that Liverpool made an official 'enquiry' about €20m-rated Digne.

There are two new developments to the story, both of which are a big boost for the Reds:

* Last night, Sky Sports Italy journalist Guglielmo Cannavale made the following claim:

"Digne's agent has just confirmed to me that Liverpool are tracking him. Roma are interested too".

* The same night, PSG boss Laurent Blanc confirmed that Digne wants out of the club. He told L'Equipe:

"It is he [Digne] who very clearly asked to leave'. For now, he is with us, he is very professional, he trains very well and has prepared excellently"

In December, Digne's agent, Mikkel Beck, blasted PSG for condemning the youngster to constant bench duty. He told Le 10 Sport:

"I know he is unhappy on the bench, and he wants to play more. However, his anger and frustration give him the strength to try even harder in training, or when he has the chance to be on the field"

Some info about Digne, hailed as an 'immense hope of French football' by PSG president Nasser Al Khelaifi:

* Left-back who can also play left-midfield.

* A measly 44 appearances in 2 seasons for PSG (average of 22 apps per year)

* 8 apps for the France national team.

* 2013: Helped France win the U20 World Cup.

* Recently lost his place in the France team as a result of reduced playing time at PSG.

* Only one significant injury so far (sprained ankle last season)

Liverpool were linked with Digne back in 2013, and when asked in May if he regretted his decision to reject the Reds, he told reporters:

"No. I showed that I was ready to tackle a huge project at age 20, which shows I have the character to succeed at the highest level"

Liverpool's interest in Digne suggests a lack of confidence in Alberto Moreno's ability to be Liverpool's long-term solution at left-back, which, if true, is totally understandable.

One great goal aside, Moreno did little to distinguish himself last season, and like Glen Johnson, he is prone to costly errors that lead directly to opposition goals.

Jose Enrique the only real alternative to Moreno, which basically means Liverpool have no alternatives (!). As such, Digne - for the right price - is an enticing option.

Additionally, Moreno is currently linked with a move to Roma, and whilst many fans have dismissed the story as media rumour-mongering, the Spaniard may decide to go elsewhere if he feels his position under threat.

With the European Championship next year, Moreno will be acutely aware of how Javier Manquillo very quickly slipped into Anfield obscurity, and he probably won't want to risk the same thing happening to him.

Worth pursuing?

Author: Jaimie K


  1. Moreno is way to young to be written off at fullback,he has pace ,which you can't learn and skill.last year he was a new kid playing in a defence which was a shambles from the git go ......everyone raves about flanno but. The reality is he's a crock and wisdom struggled to make the wba team unless we make a profit it would be monumental waste of funds to sell him

  2. I definitely wouldn't sell Moreno (unless he really wants to leave), but we still need a backup LB. My choice would be Adriano simply because he's proven and much more experienced, and he can backup both sides until flano is fit. Digne might not get the time over Moreno imo and for all parties just wouldn't be worth it. I mean, if he's going to be backup, he'd probably rather be backup at the #1 club in his country than 6th place us...

  3. Face it, it will take Moreno 6 years to adapt and stop making mistakes, giving away possession, wasteful crossing all the time and always getting torn up by other Spanish players like bellerin, herrera and mata. They target his weaknesses.

    Were better off playing Gomez or sakho there. Gomez may be inexperienced but he makes our backline look monstery and hes got pace and skill and is solid

  4. original-gideon8:33 pm, July 23, 2015

    What is your problem with my posts? Two removed for no reason. Other than i made someone's point completely redundant. The link I understand but, the other???? I've checked my disqus account and they're removed. I'd love an explanation as to what I'm doing wrong.

  5. Jonathan Capozzola8:35 pm, July 23, 2015

    I just can't believe we are still signing more players. That being said, I'd take him for the right price (definitely not 20 mil)

  6. original-gideon8:37 pm, July 23, 2015

    I think we've bought enough already. We don't need another transitional period. Rodgers won't be in charge next season if we go down that road with another season of bedding in half a new first eleven.

  7. Re your earlier post - none of your comments have been deleted/held back. Clock on your name check your post history and I'm sure you'll find the missing comment.

  8. "Moderation" is not the same as removed. Links automatically go into moderation and JK has to approve them. Sometimes the word filter also catches "something" when there's no offence and requires JK to approve them too. But usually if they are on topic and not offensive, there's no problem.

  9. I must admit our new signings are so impressive I can see benteke grabbing 30goals in all competitions and lifting the title for us in a drogba esque manner.

    Were staying quiet, but benteke is brilliant, out of this world, one of my favorite PL players, and if we grab wins at Stoke away and Bournemouth at home, wen we go to the Emirates with Benteke, firmino, clyne(3 players who have all scored at the Emirates), we will be able to compete and hopefully overcome the formidable sanchez.

    Im optimistic, the europa league and the prem title will be sweet....and brendan rodgers must deliver after his mistakes in losing us the title, 2 of our greatest legends in gerrard and suarez and a poor season last year.

    But even though I demand he deliver, I believe he has the right firepower with Clyne, coutinho, benteke, firmino, milner, can and hendo.

  10. Gomez has played 3 preseason games... Aspas looked good after 3 preseason games... And stop exaggerating with Moreno too. There's no evidence showing he'll take longer than normal to adapt, and he's not that bad in attack either. He's just raw and still improving defensively. If he continues making the same mistakes all season long, then fine, let's demote him or put him on the market. But the preseason's not even over (and he's not made many apps either) and you're already writing him off. VERY premature if you ask me.

  11. I rate Gomez but judging him playing a Paul hogan 11 is nothing like the prem

  12. As it stands web have José , Gomez,and Moreno at full back and thats if we even play with full backs

  13. He's looking solid against thai and austrailan teams, he hasn't ever played in the PL yet, now you say he's better than moreno.

    Moreno made quite a fee mistakes and didn't have a good season but once he's finally adapting to the PL he'll have a lot to offer.
    You say it'll take him 6 years to adapt, based on what?

  14. Not quite right not you ....if jk doesn't like or agree with you he also deletes it .......That seems fair enough to me

  15. I expect Jose to be sold, and Gomez is a CB/RB by trade, much like Wisdom (who had trouble breaking into the Brom squad). The only natural FBs we have are Clyne, Moreno, and Flanno, and the latter is not fit.

  16. That's why it makes no sense too sell him unless he wants to go it weakens the squad

  17. Daniel Sturridge has posted 2 videos today from Boston, he looks very good, doing ball work at Fenway Park and gym work too....not far away.

  18. I thought Moreno was a good signing. Agreed he needs competition for that berth. Gomez is capable and he can provide the competition.

  19. I think Moreno is better than 'not bad' in attack. He managed to create 33 chances last season- which is the most of any player in the league that didn't get an assist.

  20. Is that not what I said in the first post?

  21. I think it would be better to not rush him back from injury. I would rather have Sturridge be recovering for the first month of the campaign and be, mostly, fit for the remainder of the season rather than rush him back and get 5-6 seperate injuries.

  22. Again: none of your posts have been deleted. Links are automatically held back to check for spam. There is a word filter in place, and it's triggered by certain words, which means some posts take a little longer than others to go live.

  23. Reports are just in from fenway park that sturridge will be out 2 Months with an Arm injury through holding a web cam

  24. Probably but I had my mind set on typing anyway

  25. Even then he was skinned once, But he's a v good prospect just not yet the finished article.

  26. Not a loaded question Jamie but curious as to your assessment of our transfer window so far.
    In comparison to the teams around us, not just top four but maybe Everton and Spurs too, do you think we have at least made the fifth spot ours.
    Personally I think we have and now also have a fair to middling chance of top four but am under no illusions of the challenge that displacing one of the others will bring.

  27. May I give my prediction?

    1. Chelsea again sigh
    2. Arsenal
    3. Man United
    4. Liverpool
    5. Man City

    I don't know why but I have this feeling that we'll be battling it out with city this year.

  28. Benteke can score anyhow, Phillipe will just be dancing around the pitch as he does always, hell pass it to benteke, hell turn and shoot. Left or right. What a player.


    We should target having this squad for Arsenal on the 3rd game of the season.

    And something tells me if we give Gomez an extended run hes got some special things in his locker. Im talking 30 yarder screamers, and whos to say he dont become like bale who was a full back come winger. Nothing is impossible, and when flannagan was fiven an extended run he scored an absolute worldie against spurs. Gomez looks big and strong and he could be the perfect PL player. With gomez, skrtel, benteke, firmino and sakho we should score much more of the corners we normally waste.

    And I really want to sell lovren. Markovic I can bear but Lovren I cant. He was so babaric last season and his wasteful header the other day against poor opposition really got me thinking why hes at lfc

  29. Yeah encouraging that he is already working with the ball but last I heard the club are not even bringing him back to train with the team until September. It sound from what I have read that the hip problem they have found was the root cause of the thigh injuries which is encouraging. If there was one underlying problem that just wasn't understood its better than him just being injury prone long term. Hopefully we will have him back fit for good now.

  30. With Yaya's sad decline and Aguero's niggling injuries, Silva doesn't have any proper fast attackers to thread his balls into apart from Sterling. But Aguero playing in the same team as Silva will almost guarentee City a win because it gives them more swagger and confidence on the front foot but Aguero is key to them. If Aguero misses more than half of their games then we have a chance of overtaking City.

  31. Hard to say, but a lot of the posters banging on moreno were, most likely, the same screaminf for his transfer last summer. The kid is young for gash sakes, we'll see this year.

  32. It's there now. It was labelled 'removed' earlier along with the link. Thanks for the reply to clear that up.

  33. Least he's not falling off bar stools. Whatever happened to Carroll?

  34. Apart from the start of his Liverpool career,Moreno has done nothing and actually gone backwards.Maybe B.R might have a big hand in that,who knows?Definitely look into purchasing Digne for left back.

  35. The best thing that happened was Yaya staying now theyv have to play him. Aguero injury prone as ever gives us a chance. Chelsea will have same problem with Costa and his geriatric hamstrings, and on the evidence of last two seasons they have bought a Falcao who is a shadow of his former self as back up. Here's hoping....

  36. On paper I'd still like Digne and Illarramendi but in reality it's probably best to stick with what we've (apart from the obvious sales).

    How come Manquillo, Aspas and Alberto are still on our squad list on the official site? I thought Manquillo's loan was cancelled, Aspas was sold and Alberto loaned out again

  37. I think we should be aiming for 3rd but we will have to punch well above our weight to go any further.

  38. Unless ManU finishes out the transfer window better than they have started then I am convinced they will flail and drop out of the top 4. They haven't recruited well and they have lost some guys too.

  39. We need another good LB. Not because Moreno is bad but because we need two. Gomez is good but he's 18. And we may need him at CB.

  40. Trapped under the bar stool.

  41. Course you can DerBaumMann, much appreciated it is too :)
    I can see that being about right and really think Chelsea are going to be the toughest nut to crack. Although in my mind which admittedly is a bit biased I can make a case fro us beating any of the other three.
    Utd - I'm still not convinced Mr Van Gaal is the Messiah everyone thinks he is and I'm hoping they may be afflicted by this terrible transition ailment we all here about.
    City - Old and decrepit, destructive mercenary's to deal with. Aguero and Silva truly world class but throw in a couple of injuries and who knows.
    Arsenal - Great on paper and regrettably 'probably' great on the pitch, but as with Utd, I feel there's at least a half chance that Wenger will balls it all up with his determination to play like classic Brazil in every game, plus all the injuries their bound to suffer with.
    For me it really boils down to us getting our bit of the equation done, getting a decent points tally and then hopefully we have a one in three chance of one of the above slipping up.

  42. Is that article likely to be a pair of shoes in this equation or am I reading to much into the skinning part :-)

  43. Moreno should be retained. He did make a ton of defensive errors and isn't great in the air. But that speed, if well coached, could be great and screams for the need of a real defensive coach"........