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23 Jul 2015

Finally: Liverpool near transfer agreement for 'outstanding' €18m attacker. Agent confirms transfer is imminent

Fabio Borini continues to be a dead man walking at Anfield, and the arrival of Danny Ings, Divock Origi, and Christian Benteke will surely (and finally) kill-off the Italian's non-existent Liverpool career. Despite his Anfield failure, Borini will not be short of offers, and his agent has now confirmed that an exit from Anfield is imminent.

When asked this week about Borini's future, the Italian's agent, Marco di Marchi, told Radio Blu:

"We have spoken with Fiorentina. There are other offers [and] Borini will choose the most pleasant destination. He wants a major project, its Italy or abroad"

Borini - hailed by Rodgers in October for his 'outstanding' performance against Swansea - is a bona-fide transfer flop, and any striker with a modicum of talent is an upgrade on the Italian. However, as Liverpool discovered last summer, getting him out of the club is easier said that done.

In July 2014, De Marchi confirmed that Sunderland's put in an offer for Borini:

"Sunderland has made ​​an important offer of 18 million Euros, but Fabio wants to stay there [at Anfield]"

Gustavo Poyet - who described the 22-year old as 'perfect' for Sunderland - then confirmed that Sunderland were interested:

"I would love to [sign Borini]. We agreed a price with Liverpool and we flew to America [for Liverpool's pre-season tour] and he didn't come".

To be honest, Borini's reluctance to leave last summer is perfectly understandable.

With the greatest respect, Sunderland would've been a massive step-down from Liverpool, and with the carrot of Champions League football at Anfield, the Italian obviously didn't want to miss out.

Perhaps Borini - in his infinite delusion - genuinely believed he'd get an extended run in the team, but realistically, he must've surely known that his Anfield career ended long ago, and that he'll never be more than a benchwarmer at the club.

It's also fair to say that Brendan Rodgers played a major part in Borini's failure to establish himself at Anfield. Like Balotelli, and Lambert, the striker barely played in his first and third seasons, and when he did, Rodgers invariably played him out of position.

With the influx of new players this season, it'll be madness for Borini to reject the chance of a move away. That said, his current deal expires in 2017, and he could conceivably choose to just run down his contract and collect a fat salary for the next two seasons.

On a related note: why on earth did Liverpool give Borini a 5-year deal back in 2012? Deals of that length should be reserved for experienced players who are likely to have a major impact on the team, not comparatively untested young players who've achieved nothing in the game.

All the signs are looking good, though, and with any luck, Borini will be gone by the end of the transfer window.

Author: Jaimie K


  1. Borini ballo Allen marko and lambert feel sorry for him but if he wants to plays he gotta go

  2. Well this was rogwers first buy of the liverpool revolution and he is the perfect image of how that revolution turned out

  3. He can't leave fast enough for my liking,another one of B.R brilliant transfers.

  4. Agreed regarding the length of contract he was offered. 3 year deal max for players of his age and calibre

  5. Borini`s another product of Rodgers big ego building, lets face it Borini was never good enough for Liverpool Fc, and if i`m totally honest Rodgers himself was and never will be. Maybe Bodgers will get another reprieve this coming season due to the new players that LFC have brought in, I hope Firmino, Bentekers, Origi, Clyne, Ings and Gomez hit the ground running, I don`t think we will be bringing anymore players In in this window, and hopefully we will be seing a few leaving, ie Borini, Lambert, Allen and maybe Balotelli, they would be the ones in my book to go. I hope for the clubs sake we can get into a champions league position, and hopefully win some silverware this coming season.

  6. I think Borini's and Allen's purchase in 2012 was a sign that Rodgers hadn't really understood the difference in level between the club he was leaving, Swansea, and the club he was joining. At Swansea Rodgers' first two Liverpool signings would have been perfectly decent signings because that is their level. Neither should ever have been brought to Liverpool and the fact that Rodgers at the time presented them as if they were signings we should be excited about show clearly that he hadn't understood the magnitude of the task ahead. Some might say his signings since haven't been any good either but I think they have shown that slowly Rodgers is beginning to understand the level required at least some of the time. Obviously hindsight might make this summer's signings look poor but at this stage I am very happy with our transfer business and think we are a lot stronger than last year.

  7. It's only took him 3 years and over 200m while being paid a fortune to work out what fans who are paid nothing knew from the beginning what a sweet number

  8. It makes perfect sense to give a young player a 5-year contract. The alternative would be to give a three year deal and once developed they might think they can do better elsewhere and leave for free!
    The same could've happened to Sterling, if we'd given him a three year contract then we'd have lost him for free instead of getting £49m. The same goes for Borini, if we had given him a three year deal he would be gone for free instead of us recouping £8m-£12m.

  9. I think there have been a few decent Liverpool quality signings along the way to be fair: Sturridge, Coutinho, Can, etc.

  10. I think Villa signed Benteke the summer we signed Borini. For the same fee. No?

  11. See you Borini don't let the door hit you when you leave...

  12. lets hope this is the start of a few leaving the club. hopefully we can sell the likes lambert, allen or lucas, balo ( i wouldn't be annoyed if he stayed) and get our squad a bit more streamlined and ready to go.

    if we do want digne then surely that would be the end of moreno.

    big pressure on ings and origi to make an impact as if one of them is bound to lose to the other for game time- but it makes it good for us having 2 guys gong out all out as they need to ensure they are in the mix to start and play for us

  13. For me there's no competition between Origi and Ings. Ings is far superior, and I see him being a serious impact player when we need goals. The guy has a desire in his eyes and body language and to be fair to him aswell he can finish.

    Origi I don't rate. A flash in the pan which Liverpool jumped to buy. He'll be gone next season.

  14. I feel for his development it was better he started off with Villa, sometimes life just works out like that...all the stepping stones are important.

  15. The one thing about Ings when i see him play is that he almost tries too hard and you can see he knows he has to perform (which could be a bad or good thing depending on how it all starts for him. I do like him as a player

    I don't think origi is that bad- he has all the raw materials and i think his biggest issue is consistency which hopefully he can sort out but again will need game time for that. I think on his day he could be a real handful

  16. It's going to be hard to get Borini out the door as he is demanding 80k p/w and NO club will pay him that amount , so LFC will have to take a reduced fee or pay half his wages for the next to years .

  17. That is why the transfer committee was formed.

    If Rodgers had full control of who joins then we most likely would have ended up with the whole Swansea team.

    So that is why there is a combined decision since the committee (including Brendan) was formed of which players we should be chasing and then Rodgers can make the final call from the selected players of who should join.

    Still not 100% as we have overpaid many times and other than Can, none of last seasons signing had a positive impact. Now we have gone and signed another seven players in this window and overpaid for Benteke too.

    What chance does Markovic have to prove that he is going to make it with the arrivals of Ings, Milner, Firmino and Benteke plus Origi who was on loan? Lallana may struggle to get into the team too as Coutinho and Firmino IMO will be first choice. To pay out £45m for two attacking players who were nowhere worth what they cost and might not even make the bench this coming season shows the gaping holes in our transfer dealings.

    Benteke is going to be make or break for Brendan and everyone involved in the decision making.

  18. Pretty much what I was going to say. A 5 year deal is about safeguarding your investment but sometimes it might mean your left with a white elephant

  19. I think we're also waiting on Lambert to move so Benteke can have the number 9 shirt

  20. The difference between Borini and Sterling was Sterling was brought in as one of our up and coming youth players (apprentices), by a good Premiership Manager, ( BENITEZ ) and Borini was brought in as a first team prodigy by a Championship Manager, we all know this is true, that`s why we will never win the premiership title because great managers attract great players, and the players understand that playing for a team with a great manager means you will be playing with the best money can buy, which in turn means you will be challenging for the top trophies, in Europe and in your own domestic leagues.

  21. Borini cost 10.5m and Sterling cost only 1/2m .

  22. I always feel a bit for Borini. He suffered from BR's odd policy of buying people but not really playing them. We could hardly buy a goal in the second half of last year yet Borini and Lambert hardly got a sniff. They may not be what we want but they are strikers and should have played. We never know one of them could have quite good!