29 Mar 2015

Exciting News? 'Spectacular' £65m superstar confirms he 'will play for Liverpool' if he returns to England

During the first few months of the season, the loss of Luis Suarez had a major negative impact on Liverpool, and that - combined with the absence of Daniel Sturridge - played a huge part in the Reds' terrible start to current season. As expected, 'spectacular' Suarez is showing his worth at Barcelona, but he still has a soft-spot for LFC, and he's revealed some new that will warm the hearts of Reds fans everywhere (except me, of course).

When asked today about a possible return to the Premier League, Suarez - who cost Barcelona £65m last summer - told reporters:

“You never know in football what the future holds, but if I ever play in England again I will play for Liverpool and not another team".

I'm sure this will come as a huge shock to regular visitors, but my response to this is: thanks but no thanks! Suarez is an amazing footballer, and, like everyone else, I loved watching him play. However, he constantly dragged Liverpool's name through mud, and caused more problems than any other player in the club's history.

Five months before the transfer, I warned against signing Suarez. At the time, I wrote:

"Suarez is the complete opposite of everything Liverpool stands for, and I have no doubt that he will cause problems for the club somewhere down the line, and those problems won't necessarily be cheating-related".

That prediction unfortunately came true in spades. The club ignored the giant red flags, sold its soul (by sealing the deal), and then suffered the hugely negative consequences.

The idea of a Suarez return to Liverpool will excite lots of LFC fans, and I don't begrudge them that feeling, but I still feel the same: bringing him back to Anfield would be a mistake, and I doubt the club will make the same mistake twice.

That said, I have no doubt that the majority of fans will continue to prioritise the individual over the club, even if that individual causes major damage to the club's reputation. The following poll will prove that, I'm sure ;-)

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  1. I say keep Sterling and put all efforts in to develop him into one of the best players for years to come. Suarez is 28 now so by the time he is done in Spain he will not be the same player he is now.

  2. Exciting news? - no. 'spectacular' - yes. "hugely negative consequences" - very nearly winning the league? - pretty positive in my opinion.
    Have him back in heart beat.

  3. Exactly... for him to come back here to make an impact means he'd have to come back within 18 months, which he almost assuredly would not do.

    I still wish we could have held onto him. But I can't find fault with the club for selling at the value we received.

  4. "I have no doubt that the majority of fans will continue to prioritise the individual over the club" How are supporters putting a player before Liverpool, if that player helps elevate the club to the next level.
    Nice try at making every fan who wouldn't mind seeing a future Suarez return seem like they care more about a player than the club, but it's NOT true.
    "The club ignored the giant red flags and sold it's sole by sealing a deal." Stop being a drama queen! You let personal feelings get in the way of making Liverpool a better team.

  5. Redboondocksaint10:05 pm, March 29, 2015

    If Sterling does not want to sign a new extension sell him for 50m. If Man City are considering a 50m for Ross Barkley they will be more than happy to pay 50m for Sterling. Also sell Bolatelli, Enrique,Sterling,Borini,Aspas,Coates,Lambert. Release Johnson and Brad Jones. Money received from sales 100m and wage opened 600k. Bring in Konoplyanka(free), Romero(free),Milner(free), Pjanic(35m),Will Hughes(15m but loan back), Lacazette(25m),Montoya (20m), Papadopoulos(5m) totaling 100m. The FSG will also give atleast 40m for transfers which should be used to try land Cavani or Benzema. Texeria and Wisdom should return to the first team when back from loan. Send Ryan McLaughlin on loan to a Newly promoted EPL team. Brannigan and Rossiter loaned to Scotish teams to gain physicality and Jerome Scott loaned to a mid table La Liga team for experience. When they return all should be in the first team squad.

  6. We are not going to sell Sterling for £50m. Who would pay that and why? It's not happening. Best thing for everyone is if he stays.

  7. He wouldn't come back to England because of the press and media.

  8. Redboondocksaint10:38 pm, March 29, 2015

    As I said if City are thinking of paying 50m for Barkley, they would be ecstatic to get Sterling for 50m as he will help with their home grown players status. Barkley in England U21 Sterling England first team,Same age, Sterling plays for Liverpool while Barkley plays for Everton, Sterling has more assists ,goals and appearances. Worst case I rate we could sell him for 40m. I thought the same about keeping Sterling but he is being ridiculous and he will slow down IBE growth as they will compete for the same spot.

  9. City are not thinking of spending that much on Barkley either. That is just more nonsense.

    I think anything under £40m for us doesn't make sense but doubt anyone will pay that either. I doubt Sterling will slow down Ibe's growth. Thy are both versatile and have their individual styles and one way or another we should have European football next season so there re plenty of games to play. Ibe would still be playing this season had he not gotten injured. He will get games next season too but hopefully we will not be so in need of Sterling. I personally don't want to heap the pressure Sterling has had on Ibe so soon. Having the two is better for both.

  10. Redboondocksaint12:16 am, March 30, 2015

    This is what it comes down to in the bigger picture Sterling or Cavani will cost nearly the same amount in transfer window. Cavani earns 10k more on wages than what Sterling is asking for. Sterling is asking for a bigger wage than Sanchez and Ozil , kompany and the same as Di Maria. He wants double what Coutinho earns , double what Ramsey earns and Nearly triple what Coutrious earns. Who would you like lfc to sign?