29 Mar 2015

Shock Transfer: Barcelona want £120k-a-week Liverpool star to replace €21m superstar

Is it April Fool's Day already? It surely must be as outgoing Liverpool right-back Glen Johnson is being linked with a move to Barcelona as a replacement for Dani Alves, who was recently offered a €21m salary package by Manchester United.

On Saturday, the Liverpool Echo reported:

"Glen Johnson is being linked with a move to Barcelona. The Catalan giants have been offered the Liverpool right-back, who is out of contract at the end of the season".

Johnson recently confirmed that there are currently 'no talks' ongoing with Liverpool, and revealed that he's currently in contact with overseas clubs. He told The Guardian:

"There are talks. It would be great for the kids to go abroad but I am not thinking about yet as we have two months left here and I’ll think about it after that. We will have to wait and see.”

Perhaps the 'talks' to which Johnson refers are with Barcelona? It's doubtful, but anything is possible.

Reacting to Johnson's comments, Liverpool legend John Aldridge insisted that a transfer is 'probably best for all parties', and offered several reason why it's a good idea to let him leave. He told the Liverpool Echo:

"Johnson is one of Liverpool’s highest earners and...that is a problem. Liverpool won’t want to keep paying him [£120k-a-week/£6m-a-year], and Johnson won’t want to take a pay cut, especially knowing his game time could be limited".

It's possible that Johnson's agent is leaking stories to the press in a bid to pressure Liverpool into offering him a new deal (or to entice other clubs to make a bid) but if you're going to pursue that strategy, then at least make the stories slightly credible (!)

What next: Borini to Bayern Munch? Brad Jones to Real Madrid?



  1. We were linked with Delph before he got a new contract. We are linked with all sorts of players who will never come and people get in a tizzy about it. This is , like Jaimie says, his agent. The reason they use a team like Barca is probably as he fancies going to Spain and they are name big enough to get in the papers in that country. It is just another expample of rumours being nonsense 99 times out of 100.

  2. A bullet to the chest?

  3. Lambert to PSG to replace Zlatan!
    Talks are ongoing but hes holding out for triple the initial salary of 100 K per week he is offered.

  4. Liverpool fans wouldn't want to keep GJ even if he offered to pay for free.

    He is so lazy it's unreal. Check out his dissertion of duties for Costa's goal in Chelsea game. Shameful.

    The Barca story is pathetic

  5. Personal? Complete and utter nonsense. Suarez had a history of biting (at Ajax) and cheating (at the World Cup), yet LFC still signed him, after which, he proceeded to cheat and bite his way to endless bans.

    Prioritising the individual over the club is being happy to have someone like Suarez despite the fact he drags the club's name through the mud.

    I am anti-cheating; my feelings on the issue are not personal in the slightest. I don't care who it is; if Zidane bit someone and cheated at a world-cup, I'd react the same way if he was linked with LFC.

    I don't care how good a player is - if he is a cheat and regularly brings the game into disrepute, I'd rather LFC steer clear. Successful as a result of cheating/gamesmanship is a pyrrhic victory, and by extension, worthless.

  6. Borini to Sunderland ? Wants 80 p/w ??

  7. Liverpool would have no players if we strictly followed your commendable but very naive anti-cheat stance.The chances of us targeting players this summer who have never dived or cheated more than a handful of times is minute.
    Having only trouble-free players representing Liverpool is living in a dreamworld.You can't import our everyday behaviour standards and put it directly into sport.Morality in football will let down 1000+ times a season.Some players make mistakes and the competitive nature of a few can lead them to twist, bend or crack rules.
    Your tolerance level for any wrongdoing is very low.It links to your feelings about Suarez.You have a lock up the player and throw away the key attitude.
    "Success as a result of cheating/gamesmanship is a pyrrhic victory and by extension, worthless" That statement is garbage and highlights the fact you can't separate watching football without linking moral conduct.
    When Man City beat Liverpool to the title do you really think they did it playing complete dive or cheat-free football... No team in world football is perfect!

  8. Yes so true even amateur teams all cheat it is all a part of the game now.

  9. Greg, to my knowledge no team has played perfect conduct football this season or ever.If I'm wrong and someone can point out the team that trains by walking/playing on water, please name the club.
    Anti-cheat football is laudable.I do agree with JK's sentiments but I live in the real world not some fantasy land.
    Even if the new FIFA president or UEFA made a big effort to rid the game of rule breakers, it wouldn't change the mentality of some players.

  10. Hehe, not another club in England. Maybe Arsenal, but mainly Liverpool..

  11. I am quite sure Di Maria is earning more and probably Cavan too. But I want Sterling and HE WILL NOT BE KEAVING GOR FIFTY MILLION. Just let it all get sorted and calm down.

  12. I agree with JK generally on this one. Though I accept from the poll that any meeting of like minded supporters could easily be held in a telephone box.

    I am realistic enough to realise that they are grey areas of sportsmanship/cheating and that people do things under pressure in all walks of life that are not be fair or morally acceptable.

    There are though some lines that should not be crossed without penalty and I would like to think that my team would have higher standards than some other teams but clearly they do not - money talks.

    I know that 10 or even 5 years ago if you described Suarez's behaviour to me I would have said that Liverpool would never tolerate such behaviour from a player and that no player was bigger than the club etc. Sad to say nothing would surprise me now

  13. My team just down the road cheat all the bloody time even the kids and so do the others and they play for nothing i would really like to find a league anywhere where cheatings not rife.

  14. I'm with Jaimie and Stuart C on this.

  15. No, let him go. Im flying form Cape Town to pack his bags and ensure he boards the plane at Heathrow to Madrid or Barca to whichever team his agent gets him