29 Mar 2015

Transfer Boost: Liverpool close to signing 'wonderful' £15m maestro. Done deal if Derby miss promotion

During the 2013-14 season, Liverpool were constantly linked with Derby County star Will Hughes, with reports claiming that the Reds had a first-look option to sign the young midfielder. At the time, Reds boss Brendan Rodgers specifically ruled out a transfer, but it appears that Hughes is once again on LFC's radar.

According to reports today:

* Liverpool 'will' sign Hughes if Derby fail to win promotion to the Premier League.

* Hughes is available for a transfer fee of £15m.

Liverpool were definitely interested in Hughes, and Rodgers confirmed this last season, when he told reporters:

"I read that we’d put in an offer [for Hughes], but there’s nothing further from the truth. He’s a wonderful talent. We’re always looking for talent, and he along with many others is one that we’ve looked at".

Liverpool legend Jamie Carragher is a fan of Hughes, and last season, he raved:

"His [Hughes'] reputation is growing by the week. The way he carries himself and the way he passes the ball suggest he has got a big future".

Derby County youth team coach Darren Wassall is also convinced Hughes is destined for greatness, and during an interview in May, he raved:

“Will is a great example and a great inspiration. He hit the ground running from the very first training session and he just got better and better as the weeks and months went on"

In my view, the ideal scenario is to buy Hughes and then loan him back to Derby for next season. He is only 19 and still developing, and there is absolutely no point in signing the youngster and and then letting him fester on the bench, or languish in the reserves.

With Jordan Henderson, Lucas, Joe Allen, and (almost certainly) another central midfielder coming in during the summer, there's very little chance that Hughes will get regular playing time.

In all probability, he'll get the odd 10-minute cameo appearance every now and then, which is a world away from his current situation at Derby, where he plays practically every game.

Plus, £15m for a 19-year old? That's way over the odds, but being fleeced on transfers is seemingly par for the course when it comes to Liverpool.



  1. Absolutely, confidence and self belief are integral to success in any sport. Mistakes will always be made by someone so young but it's a long time since we've had a player of Sterling's ability be promoted from our academy and I really don't get why the general feeling seems to be one of antipathy towards him rather than excitement.

  2. Did you see Balotelli's screamer for Carra's team just now? :D

  3. Wooo! What a hit :D wish he could do that next week!

  4. Aaaaaand now he made a glorious assist for the old nemesis, Drogba ;)

  5. Brilliant game so far, great goal from Balotteli.

  6. well, he's made for soft games like those. we all know he can do that stuff, but no defender in the BPL would have allowed him to shoot from there

  7. BR out if we don't get 3 points from this ;)

  8. Of course... But the finish is still there. We've seen him get plenty of space before, but lack the finish.

  9. MAESTRO??? There seems to be a lot of them about these days. Get a grip

  10. I still don't understand this youth policy..we don't need young players..we got enough youth players already...why on earth we need him..we need big players now to show some fukin(Srry Fr swearing) ambition tht we are ready to fight for Premiere League..

  11. Makes classic FSG and Rodgers sense to spend another fortune ( fees and wages ) on once again a unproven young attackng mid/ winger. How is this Hughes kid going to make more of an impact than Markovic has or do we have yo wait a few more years ?

  12. Haha yeah and for cup-tying Ibe again ;)

  13. Not watching the game mate. No doubt he he can show off some skills in a tactics free game. Pity he never does it when it counts

  14. Hey hey there was a tactic in this game mate; that last kick-off was clearly well planned.

  15. If Ibe doesn't play in the FA Cup final I'm buying an Everton scarf haha!!

  16. Will Hughes has been fairly consistent this season and he manages to stand head and shoulders above a lot of players at his level.
    No doubt if he's managed properly he'll turn into a class player and I'd like to see him at LFC, but I agree with you JK that now isn't the right time for him to sit on the bench.
    I wouldn't be too unhappy if we did buy and loan him back, but not for 15m.

  17. I've seen Henry do that dummy shot/pass in a pre-match, but amazing to see it in a game. If only Ryan could've finished it - not first time I've said that.

    I'm still a little bitter towards Torres, but great to see the faithful sing his song. Moreso seeing how much much respect/gratitude he has towards Gerrard and the club, he was truly emotional.

    Pleased to see Flanno come on and Lucas get a good spell too. Appreciate they're only playing at 60% pace, but neither can be far away from a competitive game.

  18. Redboondocksaint5:39 pm, March 29, 2015

    I rate we buy him and loan back for a season because we have first option to buy but he could become more expensive than 15m. I rate sell Bolatelli(15m),Borini(15m),Enrique(5m),Aspas(5m),lllori(5m), Sterling(40m)=90m and 40 from FSG = 130m. We buy Lacazette(20m),Milner(free),Konoplyanka(free),Romero(free),Luiz Adriano(5m or get him free in Jan). Pjanic (35m), Montoya(20m),Will Huges(15m but loan back) , Papadopoulos(8m) total of 98m leaving us with 32m for positions we want to fill. Moving Texeria to the first team.

  19. Other mints are available ;-)

  20. What are Illori's weaknesses? Why would we sell him?

  21. Redboondocksaint5:45 pm, March 29, 2015

    He has already stated a few times he is homesick and would love to return to the Portuguese league.

  22. I didn't know about that, but that must have been in the past. Maybe he struggled when he first moved?

    Check out his twitter, talking about 'The future' with him and Ibe in LFC kits, posted just over a week ago.

  23. Nevergonnacrackthecode6:14 pm, March 29, 2015

    That charity game was the best game of the season,made my day.
    Torres,Saurez what a partnership it could have been , also nice to see Gerrard and Alonso together again in midfield.
    Always nice to see Kuyt and Reina

    then all the unsung heroes
    Garcia,Bellamy,Risse,Arbeloa. As well as the likable players like Babel,Shelvey and Kelly.

    Those players make me proud to be lfc fan.

  24. Nevergonnacrackthecode6:16 pm, March 29, 2015

    Apart from Coutinhos wonder goals.
    Seeing Torres and Suarez come out together was so awesome.
    then lfc fans singing "cant get enough" and "his armband proved he was a red"

    wish tehy played together

  25. Nevergonnacrackthecode6:18 pm, March 29, 2015

    Imagine this team at its peak:


    bench: Kuyt, Coutinho,Sissoko ,Agger,Skrtel,Lucas

    we would ahve won the cl

  26. Just makes you wonder why the need to spend a crap load on Markovic when we already had Ibe, Teixeira and the likes of Jerome Sinclair?

    We have many players in the academy that can be made use of. All I am hoping for next season whoever may be in charge that the focus is on adding players who can come in and make a difference straight away. With our current Rodgers/transfer committee I do not see that happening.

    No thank you to Will Hughes.

  27. Redboondocksaint8:50 pm, March 29, 2015

    Yes it was in the beginning, he agent came out and said he struggling with homesickness and then went on loan. But you right if he is happy in England rather keep the player. What do you reckon in my other transfers?

  28. Redboondocksaint9:07 pm, March 29, 2015

    I would sign will Hughes as he has the passing range of Gerrard and the trickery of Henderson, but would loan him back as he is too young. I totally agree with you on our youth squad as we got some world class stars. Jerome Sinclair needs to be loaned to a middle order team in la liga or Serie A for match time experience against different types of defenders. Ryan-Mclaughlin to a newly promoted EPL team to get game time and feel for the league. Brannigan and Rossiter need to be loaned out for a season to Scottish teams team work on their physicality and come back to lfc and into the first team. Texeria deserves to return into the first team.

  29. I'll never let that happen to you. Campaign to untie Ibe starts now!

  30. The other players out, agree with. Wouldn't force Sterling out, but club may not have a choice on that.

    Players in: don't have any issues with those either on price or on ability except Montoya and Hughes. Montoya I'm not sure is worth £20m; for that sort of money I'd prefer Clyne (probably £22-25m), proven PL which carries a lot of weight for me. Hughes I think will be worth it, but in the long term. Not sure the club is in a position to (still) speculate with £15m. If we're looking top 4 for next season then need players in who will make a quick impact, not on loan - the squads around us are generally stronger 1st team and much deeper in quality/experience on the bench already (and they'll strengthen again this summer). If you're taking a 3yr+ view then Hughes is a good bet.

    Pjanic looks the real deal, but always the fear he'll take time to settle. The sheer pace and intensity of the big games in the PL is simply not done in Italy. Even Roma-Lazio the tackles don't come until you're on the halfway.

    Ochoa might be available for a minimal fee. Is 2nd choice behind Kameni, not sure if he's played this season.

  31. Redboondocksaint10:56 pm, March 29, 2015

    Who do you rate Liverpool should sign? Will Hughes not a next season player , maybe the season after. Montoya could be good at Liverpool as we have a great record with Spanish players and very scarce Barcelona breed bad players. Barcelona do rate him as they have tried to keep him but Dani Alves will always come ahead as skilled and experienced. Think Moreno and Montoya as wing backs will be great(future Spain regulars). Pjanic may take a season but thankfully we will have Henderson,Allen,Milner and Lucas to protect him and Can can be extra cover. Benzema or Cavani proven goal scorers. Cavani has a habit of scoring against Chelsea , would be awesome to get 3 points from Chelsea on a constant basis. Lacazette is the real deal and we need to snap him up soon before other clubs come knocking. Konoplyanka I rate would be a game changer as he is exciting and as a free agent with low wage demands worth the risk. Romero is Argentinas first team Goalkeeper and will create great competition with Mignolet. Free transfer and low wage demands only 15 k more than Brad Jones and they not at all in the same league.i do agree though Ocha not a bad alternative. Sterling wants nearly the same wage as Gerrard and believes he deserves double Coutinhos wage. He will also slow down Ibe and Markovic progression.

  32. You're dreaming of you think we'll get 30 mil for Balotelli and Borini, we'll be lucky to get 20

  33. Redboondocksaint11:07 pm, March 29, 2015

    We could line-up as follows next year depending on formation : Goalkeeper Mignolet Defenders Montoya Skrtle Papadopoulos Sakho Moreno Midfield Henderson Pjanic Can Milner Wings Ibe Coutinho Konoplyanka or if playing am Texeria(start to show great talent) or Coutino Strikers Sturridge Cavani and Lacazette on the Bench Romero , Flanagan , Lovren , Lucas, Lallana, Markovic and Origi(few bench will be only in squad as too many players for the first team. I reckon that squad could match most teams in the world

  34. dont sell sterling and adjust the remaining 32 with 40 and spend extra 8

  35. Pieter Engelbrecht4:42 pm, March 30, 2015

    for what reason would you want to sell illori? The ladd has not even had a game for us and now you want to sell him,What is the logic behind your thinking?

  36. Pieter Engelbrecht4:45 pm, March 30, 2015

    we dont need another promising youngster. We need a proven player who can fill sg boots immediately.