11 Jul 2014

Game Over: LFC to sell 'perfect' £20m attacking duo after Anfield fail. £8m offer received; Moreno swap?

Despite Brendan Rodgers' recent hint that Fabio Borini will stay at Anfield, it seems that the Italian is actually surplus to requirements, and reports today suggest that he - and Spanish striker Iago Aspas (combined cost: £20m), will be scrapped by Liverpool this summer.

Earlier this month, Rodgers described Borini as 'excellent', and suggested he has a future at LFC:

"He [Borini] needed to to prove his worth and get experience. He’s done that...and he is going to add to the quality that we already have"

Liverpool are allegedly willing to sell Borini, and according to the Daily Mail:

"Fabio Borini is the subject of an £8million bid from Sunderland. Borini has become a top target for [Gustavo] Poyet, [who] wants the 23-year-old to spearhead [Sunderland's] attack".

The Liverpool Echo further reports:

"[Aspas] is surplus to requirements at Anfield and the Reds are ready to offer him as a makeweight in the [Alberto Moreno] deal".

If true, it's absolutely no surprise that both Borini and Aspas are seemingly on the transfer list. Neither player will move LFC forward, and with Rickie Lambert signed, and the Reds aggressively pursuing Divock Origi, their places in the squad are in the process of being filled.

The key question is this: will selling Borini and Assaidi make any difference to LFC's forward progress? The answer is arguably no, and last season proved that. As such, selling both is the right decision, and will bring in extra cash to go towards players capable of making a impact.

When it comes to transfer fees, though, I suspect Liverpool will struggle to get £12m for both players combined. Sunderland have allegedly offered £8m, and if Aspas goes in a cash deal, I doubt the Reds will recoup more than £5m (and that's being optimistic).

It all points to Liverpool making yet another financial loss on transfers (possibly in the region of £7m-£8m), which will once again underline the club's continually ineffective performance in the transfer market.

On a related note, I don't see why Borini - recently described by Poyet as the 'perfect professional - would want to stay at Anfield anyway.

Irrespective of his public comments, Rodgers clearly has no confidence in the Italian, as evidenced by the fact he farmed him out on loan; signed a 32-year old striker to basically replace him, and is now trying to sign an comparatively inexperienced 19-year old.

If Rodgers genuinely believes in Borini, and is willing to give him a chance next season, why is bringing the likes of Lambert and Origi into the squad?



  1. Rodgers has already replaced Borini with Lambert. Plus, if the manager rated Borini so much, he wouldn't have sent him on loan.

  2. I think we still need him unless we can sign another Striker.

    Assuming we play one up top

    Sturridge - main man
    Lambert - 2nd choice and option of the bench
    Borini - 3rd choice, cups, cover for injuries.

    I'd like to see us go for Remy and have all 4.

  3. Ok, so is Rodgers only going to have Lambert and Sturridge with no back up?

  4. Given the money in the PL this season I think you can almost double standard pricing from last year. Ross Mcormack from Leeds has gone to Fulham for £11m, Borini is a young Italian international who a decent season. If we were trying to buy him the price would be £15m plus. Sunderland signed Fletcher for £12m. What other strikers can they buy for £8m, none is the answer.

  5. and that is why I do not see why Rodgers wanting to sell Borni as he will pay double or even more to replace him...

  6. Or because he had 2 amazing strikers, 1 backup in Aspas who is older and no CL football.

  7. Can you two agree for ONCE!!?? :D

  8. If he does sell Borini you can almost guarantee that unlike others we will sell him after much huffing-n-blowing for a give-away rock bottom price!

  9. Are the the exact same player? If they offer different things that renders your argument moot at best.

  10. James Pearce said that Rodgers wants four strikers. Ho true that is I am not sure but he tends to be on the more reliable end of the spectrum. If so and we were to sell both these players (Aspas is gone for sure) then that means signing two more strikers. Would it mean that Origi is not going back on loan and we will use some Suarez money to get a striker? Or two?

    If Aspas is used as a makeweight I can see some contentious discussions about his valuation. i doubt we will get the real figures.

  11. I think that he took a chance , not being in many comps and sent him on loan, to get game time, he wasn't going to oust Sturridge n' Suarez, who were both on fire... I say a chance because we had no back up really.( aspas only)
    I hope he gets his chance to prove himself... ???
    If he don't make the grade, sell him next window !!!

  12. Perhaps Borini may go as Bony is looking more likely.

  13. No two strikers are exactly the same player, so it's *your* argument that is moot, not mine. Plus, I didn't suggest they're both the same, so perhaps you should give your pedantry a rest for 5 seconds, eh?

  14. God, what are you on about? How exactly do you reach this utterly ridiculous conclusion? Are you ever capable of conducting a logical discussion about LFC without veering off into pointless tangents?

  15. I still think Borini will be at the club next season. Aspas will definitely leave. Origi is likely to go back to Lille on loan.

    I think it will be Sturridge, Lambert, Borini and a new addtion as the strikers next year, I see Origi to be take over from Lambert the season after next.

  16. You said Borini was replaced with Lambert. I am saying that that is yet to be seen and therefore moot. They have different qualities and can play in different positions. So I can't see it as a straight swap. But with the Bony thing heating up the argument may become less moot.

  17. They just need to kiss. The sexual tension is almost too much to take.

  18. Pointless argument? It is a valid question as we would need to replace Borini.

    If we get rid of Aspas he needs to be replaced. If we get of Borini he will need to be replaced to. It is that simple.

  19. No, it's an illogical conclusion which has nothing to do with the thread of the argument I presented.

    Seriously, from now on, do not ever respond to my posts, and I will not respond to yours.

  20. Didn't you reply to him?

  21. I hear his corners are worth 10 million alone

  22. Selling Borini and Aspas doesn't mean there won't be strikers coming in does it? JK has a point here, if these players have no added value and I also believe they don't, there is no point in keeping them at the club just to make up the numbers. And we play one up front supported by three attackers behind him so we don't need that many strikers to begin with.

  23. Lambert was to give us another option up front, and would be a replacement for Aspas if anyone. Borini went out on loan to get regular prem football, helping him adjust to the league etc. I dont see how origi is related; hes getting loaned back out and clubs sign young players all the time for the future

  24. By implication if you do reply to his post he WILL continue to respond to yours. So PLEASE carry on as normal.

  25. This still all depends on who we sign. We need 4 quality strikers. Lambert and Sturridge are up to standard. We'll surely sign a Suarez replacement leaving one spot open. It still seems like Origi will stay another season at Lille so I actually expect one of Borini and Aspas to stay. Which one will depend on the kind of striker we get in and who would make the most appropriate back-up. They are quite different players so I don't think it's at all clear what will happen. We've surely already had at least an expression of interest in Borini but he's still a Liverpool player so I don't think Rodger's words are totally disingenuous. It could come down to a number factors. I'd be happy to have either player in the squad.

  26. I just pray we do better than Tottenham did with their loot. Lets hope we don't end up being Tottenham version 2.0. Our strategy needs to focus on impact players not just 19 yr old reputed phenoms who haven't proven much yet.......

  27. I agree, they are quite different players. I don't see in what capacity Lambert has "replaced" Borini. I think both players can have a role in the squad.

  28. Charley Adams V 2.0

  29. Muhammad Ibrahim7:10 pm, July 11, 2014

    The tangent Mr K. is referring to Borini was never first choice, and Lmabert is not signed as first choice player - Lambert is our plan B. Every player can't a back up. Thus the back up option of Borini was replaced by Lambert and should we get a decent offer in for Borini, I have no doubt he will leave. Aspas has been disappointing and in my opinion is not a capable back up; he essentially wants guaranteed first team football but hasn't shown from his performances on the pitch that he deserves it. All in all, this logically means we have a first choice striker Mr Studge' and a back up (Lambert our plant B) and two back options (Borini & Aspas) that are essentially up for sale - thus logic dictates 1 striking position that will really challenge the first choice striker is yet to be filled and we will expect movement in the transfer market with that regard and the likes that are already linked i.e Origi will be back ups and rotated around the depending on the fixtures. Or it could mean BR decides to buy a whole host of players in hope the entire squad will improve - I hope he goes down the route of buying a few couple real young players and 1 experienced player that can still play to a very high standard.

  30. The situation re: Borini is different this year to last. The main difference is that we're playing in the Champions League and can't afford to have only a 'plan B' we need multiple plans and options to counter different opposition and to keep players fresh and fit.

    I think there is a good chance Borini will leave, but if he does we will have to replace him, as Logan initially said.

  31. (Typed this in response to your initial deleted comment)

    In fairness to Logan, it isn't an unfair conclusion based on your post.

    I've had a few run-ins with Logan myself and have found him frustrating, but what he has said here is pretty reasonable.

    Borini "could've taken [Lambert's] place in the squad" then our options
    would be: Sturridge and Borini. I think his point is that we will have
    at least 3 strikers next season. This is evidenced by him saying "Cannot
    see Rodgers wanting to part ways with Borini as we would then need to
    replace Borini". Sturridge, Lambert and one more. Until we replace
    Borini with someone, Borini is needed to be that 3rd option.

    I think we probably will replace Borini with a new striker (like the touted move for Bony), but Logan's point is fair.

  32. "It all points to Liverpool making yet another financial loss on transfers"

    Hmmm made a big loss on Suarez! Besides Liverpool will regularly have to pay a premium for players because of our reputation, same as the other big clubs have to. And we don't usually sell our best players, Suarez, Mash & Alonoso notable exceptions.

  33. I agree with Logan here. We need four strikers at least. Sturridge is one. Lambert is three. Borini is four. We're missing our second striker. In my opinion we'll need to bring in two strikers for this season if the decision is to sell borini.

    One area l agree with you is that I think if the right offer came in, Rodgers would sell Fabio.

  34. It is an illogical conclusion, and I believe you have, for whatever reason, slightly missed the thread of the exchange.

    * I stated that Rodgers had already replaced Borini with Lambert.

    * I also said that if Rodgers rated Borini, he wouldn't have sent him on loan.

    * Logan then said: "So is Rodgers only going to have Lambert and Sturridge with no back up?"

    * This comment presupposes that I suggested, hinted, or implied that LFC will make do with Lambert and Sturridge as the club's only senior strikers next season, which I didn't.

    It is an utterly ridiculous conclusion to draw from my initial comment, and has absolutely nothing to do with what I stated. As usual, it's simply another example of ignoring the actual point of what's said, and going off on a pointless tangent, which is, once again, framed as a question.

    It's also another example of why it's a futile waste of time engaging in discussion with Logan.

  35. I'm not saying we won't sell Borini this summer however I automatically assume everything that is reported in the Daily Mail to be absolute bollocks as they fabricate stories on a daily basis. Aspas included in the Moreno deal is ideal for all parties as far as I can see

  36. Borini was supposed to get us of our seats and excited as he was an "outstanding talent" so to say he was always a back up is not correct as we bought him in before Sturridge only realised he was useless so signed DS .

    Same phrase used often by BR also recall the "Welsh Xavi " and the next Steven Gerrard AKA Nuhri Sahin!!.

    Borini and Aspas, Alberto , Assaidi ,Illori, now Origi useless to first team squad as they are never going to play and if or when we sell any of them we will probably lose money on them as always seems to be the case.

    Big worry is that we sign this endless stream of shi..and there are no repercussions.

    Concerned we will blow another load on Adam Lallana type players who have no European experience and limited PL experience.

    We over pay for them. Too many buys who may not improve the first team at all next season and one who we wont see at all next season. DS a worry as he needs to change his attitude and workrate if he aspires to be anything like a top striker. Needs to be more hungry for more than one goal in a game and score when the team needs one which he did not in the last six games apart from one .

    Money ball coming into play again. I know my points will not sit well in the I'm a believer BR camp. But we need to win something this year and challenge in the PL as well as at least reach the knockout stages of CL . That is what LFC is about , winning , challenging and not being happy with mediocrity. !!

  37. Torres £50m , Sissoko £16m . Kuyt and Maxi gone and both better than Aspas (not hard I know) and Borini. Both keep the ball and played at the world cup. Both score goals also . Unfortunately it would appear that we have become a selling club as that is part of the business plan at Anfield.