15 Jul 2014

[Guest Post] Don't Panic: The £30m reason why Liverpool FC will not miss Luis Suarez

[GUEST POST] There is plenty of tension and fear at the moment regarding the departure of Luis Suarez to Barcelona. Many fans felt a similar sense of loss when Fernando Torres left for Chelsea back in 2011, but that didn't last for long after the arrival of Suarez. One thing that cannot be denied is that the Uruguayan will be very difficult to replace, but as the saying goes, no one is bigger than the club and LFC have always had the knack of finding great strikers.

In this article, I’ll take a look at what Suarez contributed last season in terms of goals and assists. Stats are not the be-all-and-end-all as there are many other factors to take into consideration, but the following will provide a good indication of what Suarez brought to the team.

* EPL matches: 33
* Won: 23,
* Drew: 5
* Lost 5.
* Goals: 31
* Assists: 12
* Total Shots: 181
* Shot accuracy: 53%
* Successful dribbles: 93
* Chances created: 87
* Key passes: 75

Focusing on Premier League matches only, here is a game-by-game breakdown of Suarez's contribution. DNSOA = Did not score or assist.

* SUN 1 – 3 LFC (G2)
* LFC 3 – 1 CRY (G1)
* NEW 2 – 2 LFC (A1)
* LFC 4 – 1 WBA (G3)
* ARS 2 – 0 LFC (DNSOA)
* LFC 4 – 0 FUL (G2)
* EVE 3 – 3 LFC (G1)
* Hull 3 – 1 LFC (DNSOA)
* LFC 5 – 1 NOR (G4, A1)

* LFC 4 – 1 WHU (G2)
* Spurs 0 – 5 LFC (G2, A2)
* LFC 3 – 1 CAR (G2, A1)
* City 2 – 1 LFC (DNSOA)
* CHE 2 – 1 LFC (DNSOA)
* LFC 2 – 0 Hull (G1)
* Stoke 3 – 5 LFC (G2)
* LFC 2 – 2 Villa (DNSOA)
* LFC 4 – 0 EVE (G1, A1)

* WBA 1 – 1 LFC (A1)
* LFC 5 – 1 ARS (A1)
* FUL 2 – 3 LFC (DNSOA)
* LFC 4 – 3 SWA (A1)
* Soton 0 – 3 LFC (G1, A1)
* UTD 0 – 3 LFC (G1)
* CAR 3 – 6 LFC (G3, A1)
* LFC 2 – 1 SUN (DNSOA)
* LFC 4 – 0 Spurs (G1)

* WHU 1 – 2 LFC (DNSOA)
* LFC 3 – 2 City (A1)
* NOR 2 – 3 LFC (G1)
* LFC 0 – 2 CHE (DNSOA)
* CRY 3 – 3 LFC (G1)
* LFC 2 – 1 NEW (DNSOA)


- Suarez failed to score in 15 of 33 matches but contributed 5 assists when he did not score.

- In 9 of his 33 matches, Suarez scored 2 or more goals

- On six occasions, he scored and assisted.

- On 16 occasions where Suarez either scored and or assisted, LFC would’ve won or drawn those matches without his goals and or assists (10 wins and 6 draws).

- Suarez failed to score any against Man City, Chelsea or Arsenal, all of whom finished in the top 4.

Suarez's impact when he did not score or assist needs to taken into account but in my view, Liverpool will not fall apart without the Uruguayan this coming season.

Clearly, what LFC need from new attacking signings is to make up the 31 goals and 12 assists Suarez contributed in 2013/2014, and the Reds have already signed two players capable of achieving that.

Last season, Adam Lallana and Rickie Lambert (combined cost: £30m) grabbed 22 goals and 19 assists between them, and if they can replicate that - or even improve upon it - next season, then that will go a long way to filling the Suarez void.

LFC’s current squad minus Suarez is still a very strong unit, and it is likely that Brendan Rodgers will add another two attacking players, one left back and a centre back.

With one of the best players in the world leaving Liverpool for Barcelona, this transfer window will either make or break Rodgers, but I believe that our young manager will continue with the outstanding work he has delivered so far.

Keep the faith, and let's not forget that no one is bigger than the club.

Thanks for the memories Luis. Adios...

Author: Loganlfc


  1. You're right, stats are not everything. The thing is, with Suarez on the pitch, you take out two defenders right away because he needs to be double marked. I don't think anyone will be too worried about Adam Lallana and Lazar Markovic. On top of that, we have yet to strengthen our central midfield and that's where a lot of games are won or lost against stronger opposition. Gerrard is still our only game changer in midfield and if he should get injured, we're still only left with Henderson, Lucas, Allen and now Can (was Alberto last year). That's just pesh poor. When Henderson went out last season we collapsed because all we could throw in there was Allen and Lucas. So it's not just up front that we'll come short in threat, we'll also lose our supply line.

  2. We need some muscles in midfield if you ask me ..

  3. That's what Emre Can was bought for!

  4. Good article! We will surely miss luis, but it's not the end of the world. LFC got a hell of a lot of money, if we invest right I have absolutely no fears

  5. I expect a change of formation this year so i wouldnt read to much into comparing like for like from last year. Henderson also creates alot. Lallana can also drop back to CM and has done so to good effect for Southampton in the past so he is another to add to the midfield mix.

    4-2-3-1 or 4-1-2-2-1 would be my expected formations next season.

  6. Great post Loganlfc

  7. Thanks for posting it Jaimie!

  8. Glad you enjoyed it.

  9. Lallana and Coutinho can play in midfield too.

    We finished 2nd last season with a selection from Gerrard, Lucas, Allen, Coutinho and Henderson.

    Add Can and Lallana (should Rodgers use him in the 2 ahead of Gerrard) then we are already better off than last season.

  10. Lambert and Lallana need to be given similar game-time to what they had at Southampton in order to "replicate" this "22 goals and 19 assists between them" form that you mention. They won't get that game-time at Liverpool.

    In my opinion, we're focusing on the wrong area here. Everyone is trying to replace Suarez's goals. Liverpool won't need to score 101 goals again if they just sort out the defence. Buying Can is a start but we should be throwing big money into proper central defenders and full-backs.

    Yes, we need goals too, but for every 2 goals we scored last season, we conceded 1. If that's not properly addressed, then I can't see how Lallana and Lambert's limited game-time is going to make much of a difference.

  11. Imagine we actually take the next step and buy Reus for 50m , Suarez will be a distant memory . Star players will always move on or retire but as long as I've supported the reds ( about 40 years now) there's always been star players at the club .

  12. against Man City away from home he was excellent although he didnt score, deeply involved in Coutinho's goal. at home against City he assisted Sterling. against Arsenal away from home they were all over us, we lost that game fair and square, Ozil, Ramsey and Carzola was just too much for us. at home, Do u remember the Suarez shot that hit the post? :O omg, this guy is definately the greatest footballer to play for Liverpool, and we must thank him dearly because without him we would have probably never entered the Champions League for a longtime. He was the saviour of LFC clearly, even with all the contreversy. he gave everyone at Liverpool hope, all the players, all the new signings, the managers, the board and the fans. with Suarez in the squad, we always have a chance. i believe we can still continue to succeed but we can never ever forget King Luis. and i think its fair on him to go and chase his Legendary status and win the CL and play for Barcelona. Suarez will get 40 goals and 30 assists at Barcelona if not more. hes a Legend and has already destroyed the Motherland of football England in a World Cup to cement it. Now when he lifts the CL everything will be centred on him. Liverpool Legend. Living Football Legend. All those Free Kicks, Sneaky Headers, Outside the Box Headers, 50 yard shots, left footers and nutmegs, we'll miss you King Luis and thankyou for getting us up our seats in a hard time when we had players like Carrol, Downing and Adam.

  13. True, they will need more or less the same playing time.

    That is why the words 'capable' and 'if' are contained in the article.

  14. Now now. Be nice.

  15. Just saying ;-)

  16. Can't argue with that. Over the years we have had many a great player and there is always someone who will fill those boots. Reckon studge or sterling will kick on this coming season or even one of the new signings might hit the ground running. The good thing is that we are doing our main business early in the window and that gives us a good few weeks for the squad to work together. Plus if we do add a big name player their quality should enable them to slot straight in.

  17. and in terms of Chelsea, to be fair to Suarez, Chelsea beat every1 in the top 4 Home and Away. City, Liverpool and Arsenal. They drew to United once and beat them at home, But we beat United Home and Away ;).... But Eto'o should have conceded a penalty for the foul on Suarez.

  18. So was I mate. If we address the defence, that's more realistic than hoping that Lambert and Lallana make up the goals that Suarez contributed last season. Especially with all probability pointing to Lambert and Lallana being squad players and not regular starters. Granted, the 2 players in question had a good season for Southampton, but it's hard to make such telling contributions when you're more than likely going to be sat on the bench.

  19. Well said. Thst's pretty much what I told a m8 of mine yesterday only with less stars lol. Loved having Suarez from xay 1, he was a breathe of fresh air. Did things that other plsyers couldnt. But we all knew his baggage. Hated all the diving & histrionics. When the pressure was on he'd wind himself to tightly :-(. We are getting a fab squad, thanks to Rodgers & FSG. Need to sort out our leaky defence which cost us the Prem :-(. Rome wasn't buit in a day ,& we've had far to many mediocre players over the last 20,+ years. In Rodgers & FSG we trust, exciting times are here again, playing great attacking football ,:-).

  20. That Reus rumour still doing the rounds despite the clubs denial. Hopefully they are just saying that as cover and may actually be thinking about a bid. Either that or it may be to deflect interest away from another big transfer target. Hard to to do any hush hush deals these days with agents talking,media,internet etc.

  21. I don't think there will be any problem replacing his goals/assists because, as mentioned, two or three incoming players can collectively make up for it.

    The problem I have is that because fans and team mates worshipped Suarez, they will mentally feel they are a lesser team without him, when that isn't necessarily the case. I have no doubt this has an effect on the players, and it's also the reason why some fans are desperate for big name, big money deals to be made.

    Regardless, we look in decent condition for next season. All the top clubs are currently making big moves in the window, so we need to keep pushing on.

  22. Fine job, sir. A stat-tastic post; the kind of data that would give John Motson a semi.

  23. I think Sturridge and Sterling will both have great seasons. More responsibility will be shoved onto them but they have shown they can cope. Sturridge will also have the status of 'main man' which will give him even more of a reason to improve on next season.

    Coutinho is another player who I feel will step up his performance of last season. Luckily we do not need an overhaul of our attack even with Suarez leaving.

  24. Our defence needs to be sorted but Moses and Aspas are gone. We lacked depth when it came to our attack and with CL football brings many more games. You cannot let go of your best striker and then not bring in anyone else to try make up his contributions. It will be a recipe for disaster.

  25. I reckon we feel a lesser team because all of the teams around us singing big players while we're losing one. Arsenal have signed Sanchez, Chelsea have signed Fab and Costa. Khedira will go to either one of them. And then there's the issue of Utd throwing money at everyone they like; money is not an issue for them.

  26. Gives JK a full boner.

  27. Yes and I'm really glad he's here, but he's not a ballwinner-type, something we really lacked last season, for all the positives Gerrard ads to our midfield as the most defensive man, he's not good enough at making interceptions and bullying the opponent players in midfield

  28. Ha ha. Cracker!

  29. Was pretty much going to say the same thing. Suarez carried that fear factor.
    I think we will be ok without him, and actually I don't feel half as bad as I did compared to when Torres left.

  30. Dont agree with anything you have to say very often (never) but... a pat on the back for who ever wrote this for ya.

  31. I heard SkyBet are doing odds on whether JK will agree with Logan's article.
    JK agrees- £20
    JK emphatically disagrees-£1.50

  32. Just think of how boring it would be if everyone agreed with each other!

  33. If Lucas is sold Eder Balanta could do a job. He's centre back by trade, but he's just under 6ft. He's very energetic and tackles like a demon, also very skillful for a centre back. If he's good enough stick him in defence, could be like Cannavaro. Don't know if that Romulo, recovered from his injury, but he's got Fernando Reges/Fernandinho about him, could be a option.

    Has any one watched this kid pass the ball around, Youri Tielemans' (omg). He's 17yrs old and spreads the ball about from deep like Xabi Alonso.
    If Joe Allen doesn't pull his finger out soon, this guy should be considered as his replacement.

  34. I like seeing how stories develop on the newsweb. The story appears first as an exclusive in up to three main newspaper sources , other football specific sites then pick it up and then you get an initial explosion where everyone is running the story. After a day or two things settle down and you just get the odd trickle of stories from the foreign or provincial press.

    Sometimes a week or so later one of the trickle sites embellishes the story or adds it to an earlier rumour to it to give it a different slant and the football press pick it up on the story afresh and it gains new legs. Such fun.

  35. Good article and research . I would though echo those that point out the loss of Suarez's presence on the pitch that perhaps does not get picked up in the statistics.

    I think we still could do with another player to put the opposition on the back foot either in midfield or attack.

  36. Yeah, if I had access to the Opta's database then I would have been able to put in more detail.

    Come to think of it, I should have actually had a look at what times Suarez scored during the matches.

  37. He was our C*UNT11:38 am, July 15, 2014

    The only good thing to come out of Suarez leaving is, I won't keep spilling my drink on someone in the bar. The amount of times he's had me jump out my seat, I may as well be sitting in amongst a wet t-shirt competition.

  38. Agreed. Needs to be CL standard quality though. Lambert is the quintessence of the phrase "an option off the bench". And if we're dependent on Lallana to fire us through even just the group stages on the CL, then God help us.

  39. We have been absent from the CL since we fell out of it in 09/10. That season we signed Aquilani who was supposed to take us to the next level and look what happened.

    I think you need to be more specific about CL standard quality.

  40. I'm not sure that Aquilani was "supposed to take us to the next level" to be honest. We sold Alonso and didn't fully reinvest the cash in a player of similar or better quality. This was mainly due to the climate at the club at the time. At the very best, Aquilani was always going to be "one for the future". As it turned out, he didn't even prove to be that, but I don't think any of us saw him as an improvement on what went before him.

    I think that, with over 75 million now burning a hole in our pockets this time, the 2 situations are entirely different. It's like talking about 2 different clubs.

    But surely you can't be advocating the idea that proven CL standard attacking footballers are not needed based on the fact that we have Adam Lallana and Rickie Lambert at the club? You ask me to be more specific, but I surely players who have actually played in the Champions League is a preferable jumping-off point compared to the 2 former-Southampton men.

  41. Totally agree with your general point. Lallana and Lambert are not going to cut it as LFC's Champions League saviours. Neither has any European experience, and if LFC are relying on those two to fire the Reds into the latter stages of the CL, then it's going to be an embarrassingly early exit.

    LFC's first team has minimal European experience, and Gerrard aside, very little CL experience.

  42. No odds needed. I'm genetically predisposed to disagree with Logan.

  43. Rodgers also has no experience in European competitions either.

    Unfortunately we have to establish ourselves again, it is almost like starting from scratch. I doubt anyone is going to put money on us to progress with ease in this coming CL season.

  44. Was Aquilani not 26 when he joined LFC. One for the future you say?

    Benitez: "He is a player with the quality we are looking for. He can play a little bit higher than Javier Mascherano – maybe between him and Steven Gerrard.

    That spells Alonso's replacement.

    It will be down to Lallana and Lambert to prove whether they are good enough. They have not even kicked a ball yet!

  45. I obviously need to write this again, as it evidently wasn't absorbed properly.
    'At the very best, Aquilani was always going to be "one for the future". As it turned out, he didn't even prove to be that, but I don't think any of us saw him as an improvement on what went before him.'

    And obviously it will be down to Lallana and Lambert to prove whether they are good enough. But I'm not the one writing articles about how good they are, am I?

  46. I have not written articles about how good they are either so not sure what exactly is your point?

  47. I didn't feel to bad when Torres left. I felt a lot worse when we signed Andy Carrol for 35 million though. And seeing as we're doing the same thing now with the Suarez money, doesn't make me too happy either

  48. http://www.liverpool-kop.com/2014/07/30m-reasons-why-liverpool-will-not-miss-luis-suarez.html#comment-1485917774

  49. What's this article then? An ironic exploration of how bad they are?

  50. Can play means nothing. In the Champions League we'll have to compete with guys like Schweinsteiger, Xabi Alonso and Vidal on top of what we face in the EPL. Those are bonafide, top of the line, no makeshift about them midfielders. When you play those guys you need more than "can play" in midfield.

  51. Where have I said anything about their abilities, please quote it from the article please!

    There was a part left out by Jaimie where I stated that I was not keen on the Lallana signing and that his transfer fee is going to be a challenge for him.

    So again, what are you on about?

  52. I think you have misunderstood my comments. I am not criticising your stats which are impressive. What I am saying is that I don't think anyone does or can produce the stats that would show the actual contribution made by Suarez,

    He takes players away from others to create space for them and he unnerves defenders again allowing others to exploit.

    When I saw your response to my post i initially thought it was JK:-)

  53. I know what you meant.

    Just saying that there is info which is not freely available which would have allowed me to go into more detail.

    I did state there are many other factors that need to be taken into consideration :-)

  54. I think we might actually be if not better, atleast as good as we were last season.

    my reasons are following.

    1. Daniel Sturridge - Luis Suarez partnership was never a true partnership for me. so competive, and Danny being in shadow of Luis, a bit unfairly as he is the best english forward, and in any other club wouldve been the best player, IMO. Now he gets to spearhead the attack. i think he will score 25+ (if he stays fit)

    Lambert, a good back up for when Danny gets injured (hope not)

    2. Our fluency at the start of the season was better, we constantly were not trying to rotate our attacking game through Suarez. one of reasons of his amazing goal haul was because he was the main outlet of attacking play.

    3. not as leaky backline since i cant see us playing with 2 strikers. i dont even think that Defensive signings are priority. id rather see how we do without spending big bugs now to defence which might not leak with different formation. we might start with what we have and wait till january to see if we have buy defenders.

    4. Good buys, Lallana i see being a hit. Lambert good backup striker which we havent had in a while. Markovic i am relatively sure will surprise us positively. i cannot say anything about Can, who knows... might be hit might be **it.

    5. we have pretty good 11 already. and how i think we will be lining up is following. + our bench seems to be looking better too.


    ( i think Markovic will be starting early games coming in with big price tag, if he doesnt hit the ground running, i think Lallana will take right side and Coutinho left)

    our bench atm looks like. Reina, Flanno, Can (wingback, midfield), Lucas, Allen, Coutinho, Lambert.

    6. - Crazy Suarez factor. none of our first 11 will miss games due to 2-4 month bans in following seasons.

  55. The title of the article is: 'Don't Panic! The £30m reason why Liverpool FC will not miss Luis Suarez!', with the obvious inference being that we have players who can adequately replace him.

    The whole premise of the article tells us not to worry about the lack of Luis Suarez's goals as we have 2 players who more than matched his tally whilst playing for Southampton.

    Luis Suarez is widely regarded as one of the top 5 footballers currently playing the sport. To write an article telling us that we need not worry about missing his abilities as we have Lallana and Lambert available to carry the load - and then to apparently write this article WITHOUT mentioning "anything about their abilities" - well that's a truly remarkable feat of which you must rightly be rather proud.

    Sadly this pride has evidently managed to blind you to the paragraph you've written about the 2 players' abilities in grabbing 22 goals and 19 assists for Southampton last season.

    As you outlined in a previous missive to me, the word 'capable' is used in the article. Therein lies the rub mate. There's your 'ability' right there.

    Right. I think my work here is done.

  56. Ha, the title was changed too.

    Mine read, "How much will LFC miss Suarez?"

    Now, please quote from the article where I have made mention of Lambert or Lallana's ability.

  57. While I those stats paint a picture, still not a complete
    one. It’s not just 31 goals and 12 assists in 33 games, and 87 chances created,
    there’s also the penalties won, the second assists which basically were the
    reason for the goal, etc. etc. Very hard
    to replace. But as you say, there’s a
    30M(at least) reason to be optimistic, Lambert and Lallana are a few notches above
    Moses and Aspas which will definitely lessen the blow.

    There’s many saying that Liverpool don’t need to replace
    Suarez’s goals, they just need to make the difference in conceding less. While I agree conceding less would be great, I
    still think trying to score 100+ goals a season should be still be a goal – it’s
    what made Liverpool the most entertaining team in the world last year, it’s why
    Liverpool made the most from broadcasting rights.

    Ideally every player on the pitch should have a couple goals
    in them – this is why Johnson and Lucas need to go. Hendo, Coutinho, Allen, etc.
    need to try and get a few more. Sturridge just needs to keep on doing what he’s
    doing. Sterling should be a guaranteed
    starter this year – he should get double digit goals and assists (maybe even
    15+ goals + young player of the year).

    In short, Liverpool’s in pretty decent shape, one more
    striker that brings the fear factor, a couple fullbacks, and the killer
    instinct – you can’t replace Suarez, need someone to become the next Suarez –
    instill the will to win, believe they can do it, for me, the natural incumbent is
    Sterling – he’s grown big time and still has a way to go – he’s been acting
    less like a kid and more like a man, Rodgers should make him the focal point of
    the team – can have something that lasts a few years.

  58. It's not just the goals so much as the attention he drew from defenses with his runs and endless work ethic. I'm worried thst when we face top teams capable of shutting him down we struggled to score goals. Sturridge proved he can be the focal point but this year he will see much more attention and will really need to put together his first healthy season. Not saying it can't be done, it's just going to be difficult to replace one of the best players on the planet.

  59. The main thrust of your argument is Lallana/Lambert replacing Suarez's goals/assists. I just did a standard editing job to streamline the argument, and remove extraneous info that (IMO) detracted from the point.

    There doesn't need to be specific analysis of Lallana/Lambert's ability; you've implied they're good enough with the suggestion that they are capable of replacing Suarez's goals/assists.

    This is obvious, so why are you trying to muddy the waters yet again?

  60. I am not muddying the waters.

    Maybe you should have put down the way I wrote it.

    "What we will need from our new attacking signings is to make up the 31 goals and 12 assists Suarez contributed in 2013/2014. Lallana and Lambert combined had 22 goals and 19 assists between them last season. If our players from last season can replicate their scoring or improve and our new signing such as Lambert and Lallana can do the same as they did last season for Southampton then the departure of Suarez would not really effect Liverpool this coming season. I mentioned upon the arrival of Lallana that I am not fully convinced as Downing was a ‘top’ player at Middlesbrough and Aston Villa until he joined LFC with a heavy transfer fee on his shoulders and never lived up to expectations. Lallana is a very good player, arguably on a different level to Downing but Lallana is 26 and is also yet to show that he has the mentality to cope at a big club such as Liverpool and the transfer fee will make things even more challenging for him. The positives are that Lallana has leadership qualities and has joined from a team that played a similar style compared to what Rodgers has designed at Liverpool. "

    You changed things.

  61. Bring on Benateia and Benzema assure you we willnot miss Suarez

  62. Yes, I changed things (i.e. edited your article) because the stuff about Downing and Lallana is extraneous to overall point.

    The pros/cons of Lallana in comparison to Downing is a different article.

    This is what editors do.

  63. But my opinion as stated above is based on what Lallana did at Southampton.

  64. As ive stated many times it wont be the goals we score which will define our on coming season it will be the goals we concede and how we fair against the so called lesser clubs

  65. Sorry but this is a silly post, how on earth we wont miss suarez are you insane? Go and find a striker who gets you more than 30 goals in a season then come here and say we wont miss him, come on, Im seeing a terrible season ahead unless we get someone like neymar falcao etc.

  66. for me last year when Suarez didn't play we still performed as a team and did well ...i personally thought we missed hendo more when he didn't play ,and regardless of goals sterling for me was our best player in the second half of the season and i am sterlings biggest critic

  67. Well this was an interesting argument, turned debate, argument again. Never seen a guest post on this site, both raised and highlighted good points. However, if you act like that when someone comments on your work, you're probably in the wrong job.
    Good job on the editing, JK!

  68. thats the bottom line. last season the teams new they had to occupy suarez. this meant chances for sturridge and sterling. He will be very difficult to replace - because that aura that he had is an expensive commodity. I honestly think Barca got a bargain. His will to win is worth 75 million on its own! We as of yet have not been linked with anyone who comes close to replacing him. What we might get is an allround better team - which perhaps was the problem during suarez's first couple of years he was surrounded by poor players like downing and carol.

  69. I love you Jaimie.