26 Apr 2014

Carra raves: 'Brilliant' £6m star LFC want to sign has 'world class' ability. Agree...?

For many people, the jury is still out on Liverpool goalkeeper Simon Mignolet, who displayed his weaknesses once again during last week's 3-2 victory over Norwich. The Reds appear to be on the lookout for a quality 'keeper to put the pressure on Mignolet, and to that end, Brendan Rodgers is reportedly considering a summer bid for Cardiff City stopper David Marshall.

According to Wales Online this week:

"Liverpool are set to stun Cardiff City with a £6m bid for in-form goalkeeper David Marshall"

Anfield legend Jamie Carragher is a big fan of Marshall, and he recently named 29-year old in his Premier League team of the year. Explaining his inclusion, Carra enthused:

"He [Marshall] has made four or five world-class saves this season and hardly put a glove out of place when I have seen him. Without him, Cardiff may have been relegated long ago".

With 143 saves, Marshall is Premier League's top shot-stopper, but he's also conceded 64 goals this season, which is more than any other goalkeeper in the league. Even with Cardiff's poor form, he's conceding 1.8 goals per game, which is not the greatest. How does Marshall compare to Mignolet in the league this season?

* Goals Conceded: SM 44/DM 64
* Minutes Per goal: SM 71/DM 47

* Clean Sheets: SM 10/DM 7
* Saves: SM 100/DM 143
* Saves Per Game: 2.9 44/DM 4.2

* Catches: SM 29/DM 54
* Punches: SM 27/DM 7

Stats: OPTA

England legend Peter Shilton is impressed with Marshall, and in an interview with the BBC last week, he enthused:

"[David] Marshall's had a great season. When you're at the bottom of the league it's a lot harder for a keeper. When the side's not playing well, the defence loses confidence and you've got to be there to pick up the pieces".

Cardiff team-mate David Naughton is also impressed with Marshall, and believes the stopper is 'beginning to hit his peak' right now. He BBC Radio Wales Sport.

"He [Marshall] done a great job and I think he's probably one of the best in the league if not the best. I can't really see anybody else who's produced the sort of saves he does. Every time he's asked to make a save he's been brilliant"

Making saves is not the problem with Mignolet; he's one of the best shop-stoppers in the league, but his distribution; command of the penalty area, and catching (as seen against Norwich) are the main areas of contention, so any new goalkeeper should ideally be an upgrade in those areas.

Why would Marshall move to Liverpool, anyway? He is an everpresent for for Cardiff, and if Rodgers' plan is to sign a new 'keeper to simply motivate Mignolet to perform better, then Marshall will spend most of his time warming the bench.

Just look at Brad Jones - he hasn't made a single league appearance this season, and playing regularly in the Championship is infinitely preferable to sitting on the bench for an entire season. Unless, of course, Rodgers is looking to replace Mignolet, which is (IMO) the only way another top quality goalkeeper will sign for LFC.

It's rare for top-teams to regularly rotate two quality goalkeepers throughout the season, and at Anfield, it's almost unheard-of, so Marshall should think carefully about making the move.



  1. Carra rates him but who claims LFC is interested in him. Yes it's the fabrication media writers yet again who haven't git a clue who BR is interested in

  2. Caballero is a good backup keeper for this reason
    Just see his long string of saves vs. Madrid if you don't agree with me

  3. goalkeepers who play for crap teams always look good because they are always busy.put me in the nets for a bum team and ill make a couple of good saves.The knack is finding a keeper who does nothing for 30mins and then has to claim a cross .The knack with finding a good goalie is watch what he does when his own team have the ball or when the opposing team has it with out him under pressure how he positions himself and organizes his back 4.

  4. As far as keepers go, it's hard to really break it down. Stats wise, Mignolet and Reina aren't far apart. Reina has played less games and has made 4 errors leading to goal, has 64% passing, Mignolet has 68% and roughly the same percantage as Reina on long balls. As far as claims/punches - think this is something Mignolet has been working on, as well as being more vocal. Marshall? Well, again his distribution doesn't seem much better than Mignolet, stopping about equal.

    Point is, you look at stats they tell one story, then there is the qualitative stuff, Reina looks more comfortable on the ball, and can more stylishly pass it out - stats wise, he's about the same as Mignloet. Kinda like Sakho,people have a problem with his passing because of the esthetics of it, not the actual passing.

    Is there an upgrade out there on Mignolet, sure probalby, but is it such an area of priority - no. He's still bedding in, and has done quite well for his first year, goals are also a product of defense in general, given that the team has not been very stable at the back, this is a huge influence - would Czech have the same stats on less defensive team or with worse defenders?.

    He's young and has time to adjust, and will improve. Marshall can make stops, but nothing to suggest he would be an improvement on Simon. Nothing to suggest Reina would be doing any better either.

  5. Agree with you that changing the keeper is not the #1 priority. Hence there is no need to spend any money - just bring Reina back. Since I still believe for the type of football BR is wanting to play, Reina is a better fit. FULL STOP.

    I am just tired of Migs kicking the ball out to touch, missing countless crosses and generally undermining the defence by not dominating the 6-yard box, let alone the penalty area.

    However, my fear is BR has turned a page, and Reina is no longer welcome.

  6. Before anyone replies by sayings Migs is a great shot stopper. Yes he is.

    But then listen to what Carra has to say on this - that's the Goal Keepers job to save shots together with distribution, catching the ball and dominating the box.

  7. That's the thing though, Reina isn't a better stopper, and his distribution is about as accurate. I'll agree he looks like he has more vision, has 3 key passes and an assist this year, but there's downfalls in other areas. Mignolet isn't so bad, he's got a whole career ahead of him, and is fairly reliable - we can tolerate a couple of hiccups.

    Reina's not coming back, that bridge has been burned.

  8. i think you forget about reina first 3season he was the best in the league. with 3 golden glove. yeah maybe he quite down. he dont get back to his best after rafa benitez sacking. but reina is world class stopper.

  9. Marshall is MUCH better than brad jones

  10. I personally think that a shrewd keeper signing would be Begovich. On current form I do rate him higher than both Mignolet and Reina because the way he organizes that stoke defense is sublime. If we are looking to improve on mignolet in the summer we should look to him, but honestly why improve our goalie when we should be looking to add depth in key forward and midfield positions? We need a large and capable squad be successful next season....

  11. but why come to be a backup keeper at liverpool when he could start for every team in the lower half of the table?

  12. Getting a top left back will be priority! Signing another goalkeeper should be the least of worries.

  13. Cafu is at left back. What's the problem? :)

  14. Mr. Point Of View9:18 am, April 27, 2014

    Reina !!!!!!!!!!!!

  15. ...is not coming back.

  16. I don't think in a league like the Premiership, you can ever expect to win it. Even if we do win it this year and even if we invest well, there is no guarantee we'll win it again. As Rodgers said though, you would expect us to be in the race and not be out of it by January as it has been for the majority of the last two decades. That's the great thing about this season. It's nerve wrecking and it will be huge disappointment if we still end up empty handed but at least, when the 38 games are played, we will have had a full season of excitement out of it and not the feeling of total complacency for the last ten games as we've grown accustomed to.

  17. Not sure that video is the best example. If Mings didn't do all the things the same as Marshal there I would be quite disappointed. One good save and coming off his line well was about it. The rest should be a keepers bread and butter.

    I have been critical of some aspects of Mings game but generally thought him a good keeper (which I stand by) but he has not done as well as I had previously thought when I looked at his stats and did some comparisons. I suppose some of his shot stopping has been really top draw that it slightly blinded me to the less good moments. Truth is I think he needs more time and a definite CB pairing in front of him before we can judge. He has time on his side and has natural ability.

  18. I'm sorry, but you're wrong. Rodgers responded to a a specific question about whether not winning the league would represent 'failure' for LFC. This is not open to debate - it's a fact. Additionally, the question followed a totally unrelated question about LFC from another journo. I have watched the interview, and the 'theme' to which you refer to something projected by you.

    In this case, it's simple: You stated that Rodgers responded to a question about pressure. He didn't. He responded to a question about failure.

  19. Well, look at the list of all refs that have officiated in the Prem over the last year. Evidence suggests that you are correct.

    Howard Webb - South Yorkshire

    Mark Clattenburg - County Durham

    Phil Dowd - Staffordshire

    Neil Swarbrick - Lancashire

    Michael Oliver - Northumberland

    Mike Dean - Wirral

    Jonathan Moss - West Yorkshire

    Chris Foy - Merseyside

    Mike Jones - Chester

    Anthony Taylor - Cheshire

    Kevin Friend - Leicestershire

    Lee Probert - Wiltshire

    Craig Pawson - South Yorkshire

    Martin Atkinson - West Yorkshire

    Andre Marriner - West Midlands

    Lee Mason - Lancashire

    Roger East - Wiltshire

    Robert Madley - West Yorkshire

    Incidentally, the breakdown of what divisions these guys have officiated in recently is interesting. Top Dog is Howard Webb, who has only been used for Premiership and FA Cup matches, no Championship, L1 or L2

    The next three, Clattenburg, Dowd and Swarbrick appear to be the next most trusted - some Championship games but no L1 or L2.

    The next 9 have done L1 as well .

    The last 2 Madely and East, have done Prem, Championship, L1 and L2, as well as the FA Cup

    There is also a small group of Refs who may have been "Sin BInned" - - They have covered Prem, Championship FA Cup and L4, but no L3 - they are the cluster on the list that comprises Atkinson, Mariner, Mason.

    With respect to Southern / London based referees, they do exist in the lower divisions, but do not feature in the Prem.

    Quite interesting, isn't it.

  20. What was his response? Is that open to debate? No. He himself talks about pressure. Irregardless of the question if he is talking about pressure and then talks about other teams in that response then he is talking about pressure of those teams too and perceived failure. Theme, context whatever you want to call it is not something I projected but something Rodgers is talking about. The word pressure was the hint of that. So perhaps that particular question was not about pressure but Rodgers response was. Now I understand that this has become a semantic debate (as far too many do) but the question is if it will be perceived as failure, that not being specifically about pressure I concede but Rodgers clearly takes it as a question about the pressures of finishing or not finishing first. Which he deflects. Can we at least agree about that?

  21. Refs haven't changed much since Jose's last time in the league has it? So how do you explain Drogba getting away with all his diving? How can you talk about Webb who didn't send Eto off or give a pen against him when we met at the bridge? You can see conspiracies wherever you look if you try to. Be careful with that.

  22. Exactly. Mourinho won't talk about how well Atletico have done fighting (better than his team) on two fronts. Perhaps that was part of his 19th century tactics in Madrid, to tire them out. Either way he is a hypocritical cretin.

  23. Stop generalising and look at the facts. I'm talking about the appointment by Riley of basically Liverpool based Referees for two critical matches where Liverpools rival team dropped 6 points in contentious (dare I say suspect) circumstances. That is what Mourinho is talking about. That is what I'm referring to, and that is what you would like to think hadn't happened. But it did.

    We will see what further analysis reveals with respect to the way PGMOL deploy their referees. I'd also like to know more about their current (and quite new) sponsorship deal (with a North American company, BTW)

    Have a look at the Wiki entry for Riley. He has been cited as controversial in the past, as have PGMOL, as disputed by another group of referees.

    Its all looking a bit Darren!

  24. I won't say I know Reina from 3+ seasons ago, the past 2 he hasn't been great. His form took a dip, and might be a motivational or concentration thing, but what he is now vs. what he was before are not the same thing.

  25. Might fancy his chances of making the no1 jersey his own. Migs is far from imperious

  26. Are you the dressing room Mole? Spot On!

  27. We already knowed that David Marshall one of best golkeeper in the world but he is more older than Simon Mignolet.I think LFC must try to get Asmir Begovic this summer.

  28. well this looks awkward now