25 Sept 2013

'You get angry' - Victor Moses' view on the Suarez-Ivanovic bite 'mistake'. Fair...?

New Liverpool signing Victor Moses was still a Chelsea player when Luis Suarez took a bite out of Branislav Ivanovic, and he watched the incident from the sidelines, before coming on as an 83rd minute substitute. What did Moses make of the incident?

In an interview with Sky Sports today, Moses recalled:

"I was just concentrating on the game, really. After the game, when I saw that he [Suarez] had bitten Ivanovic, he [Suarez] knew that was a mistake, but that is football.

"He definitely apologised to Ivanovic. That is what happens as a footballer. Sometimes you get angry and react in a way you should not. But you move on as a professional footballer."

Moses seemingly has no hard feelings towards Suarez, who he describes as a 'great player' and a 'top goalscorer':

"He [Suarez] is a great lad. I have spoken to him every day. We always say hello to each other in the morning and train together. I have really enjoyed playing alongside him in training."

Will Moses line-up alongside Suarez tonight? I personally hope so, as a front line of Moses-Sturridge-Suarez is full of exciting possibilities, and as his stats show, the Nigerian is playing well for the Reds so far:

* 1 goal in 2 appearances.
* Chances created: 3
* Shooting accuracy: 100% (Squad average = 54%)
* Passing accuracy: 80% (Squad average = 80%)
* Crossing accuracy: 66% (Squad average = 14%)
* Tackling success rate: 100%

Stats: OPTA

Granted, it's only two games, but if Moses can continue this level of performance against Man United tonight, he could have a telling creative impact on the game. The attacker is aware, however, that it will be tough to win at Old Trafford:

"It is not easy to go there and win any game. United have a great record at Old Trafford. If we can go there and beat them, it would be one of the best feelings in any footballer's career."

The 4-1 hammering by City makes it even tougher for Liverpool to win tonight. They'll be wounded after the shame of such an emphatic derby defeat, and desperate to make amends in front of their own fans.

How sweet it will be, however, if Liverpool can add salt to the wound :-)

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  1. ibe suarez moses. and 30 minutes for sterling and aspas as their last chance to impress. no need for sturidge.

  2. After defeat at the weekend, the chances of Sturridge not playing seem slim, though after the 4 central defender debacle, anything is possible with Rodgers in charge.

  3. Just do not see the need to expose him to another hard match with his injurie issues and the fact we have Suarez back, and Moses also eager and able to impress..

  4. We can win tonight if we stop playing so negative in the second half, also some new guy is getting fielded tonight not sure if hes any good but ive got a feeling hes going to score some goals for us

  5. I was saying last match, its not sterling, hes good but Ibe looks much more dangerous to me, sick of seeing Sterling lose the ball think he needs to sort his head back out, seems to have gone since he took to beating women up

    (Dont see many LFC fans backing him on that one just goes to show if we think its wrong and not an over hyped panto the player wont be supported)

  6. People who beat women up don't even have a head.

  7. re sterling-with proper use last season he could have been great. but now it is too much pressure for him. aloan to say blackpool seems as the best option.

  8. I'd like to see Aspas given a chance on top. Maybe not tonight, but soon. He really needs a chance to gain his confidence...

  9. There is an explenation for that incident, no excuse.

  10. The only guaranteed players today are Toure, Enrique, Henderson and Suarez to open.
    I think he would play - just an odd idea i figured:

    Wisdom, Toure, Sakho, Enrique

    Allen, Henderson
    Moses, Sturridge, Suarez.

    I would like :
    Lucas, Henderson
    Suarez, Sturridge, Sterling/Moses

    but i don't know. Midfield is a problem every time

  11. if we score more than half a goal i will be siked

  12. In fairness I'd be gutted if he picks up another two or three week injury because of a league cup match. I'd rather have him sit this one and maybe the Sunderland match out if that benefits his niggle.

  13. I find it funny how a few weeks ago you basically insulted the Capital one cup as pointless and criticized BR for selecting DS and Co (which I agreed with) . Now you want our strongest attackers playing.. LS VM DS ..lol contradictory at the highest level. DS is not fully fit so he should not play regardless that we playing against UTD. If it were up to me I would give LS, Aspas(try to boost his confidence) and sterling/Ibe a go. rest DS and VM as they are clearly our best attacking options with LS and our focus should be fully on the PL. I would not play SG AND Lucas as well. If allen is fit I would try him and hendo in the middle with alberto in front of them .. Risky but our mid has been a joke hole season honestly so I think its worth the risk if it pays off.

  14. It's a tough question to ask Moses. It's obviously a wrong action on Suarez's part, but now that he and Moses are on the same team, Moses can't exactly go full force with a negative response.

    I think Moses handled it well for the most part. Politically correct but not going out of his way to trash or even defend Suarez.

  15. He can get a chance in training and in the reserves.

    First team games should be about playing players that are ready to contribute to wins, not to baby-sit players while they develop some confidence!

  16. off topic : i like the way aspas walk just like pregnant women?? any 1 notice???

  17. My team tonight would be:


    Subs: Jones/Skrtel/Ilori/Lucas/Gerrard/Ibe/Aspas

  18. Then what was the point of acquiring him then??? It's only reasonable to give the lad a chance to play in his natural position. That's how teams get the best out of their players!

  19. - Agger shouldn't have played at the weekend, and I'd leave him completely out of the squad tonight. Skrtel would be hard done by to be dropped, but so too would Toure, and Sakho needs as much games as possible, now that he's been pushed into the team already
    - Kelly is a better RB and a better prospect overall than Wisdom; he needs to get back on the pitch FFS!
    - I don't particularly like Allen or Henderson as DMs, but Lucas is vital as our only natural DM and so should be rested for the Premier League. And I want to see a team without Gerrard in it for once tbh
    - If Alberto can't be trusted to play in his position in a League Cup tie, then that just shows what an absolute waste of money that was. Get him in the team from the start and let's see what he's got
    - Sterling is just not a right winger - he doesn't have the pace and power (imo) to consistently get down the outside of a full-back, so I'd play him on the left, with Moses on the right tonight
    - Suarez would be my first choice LWF, but I'd give Sturridge a rest completely tonight and let Suarez have free reign up front

  20. You shouldn't just be handing out first team opportunities to players just because; they should have to earn it - whether in training or in the reserves.

    Why potentially throw away points/games just to experiment with a player, when you've got two players that are already proven as quality options in that same position?