25 Sept 2013

LFC chase €8m star who scored Alonso-esque 70-yard wondergoal. Ilori under threat...?

Despite signing THREE centre-backs over the summer, Liverpool are reportedly tracking yet another central defender: Red Bull Saltzburg's Martin Hinteregger.

According to the Liverpool Echo today:

"Liverpool are reportedly battling to sign Austria Under-21 ace Martin Hinteregger.

"Liverpool and Arsenal both have a long-standing interest in him".

€8m-rated Hinteregger - an Austria U21 international - is also wanted by Juventus, and Manchester United scouts have also watched the young defender.

Why on earth would Liverpool be interested in yet another central defender? Even if Martin Skrtel leaves in January, the club still has Tiago Ilori waiting in the wings, and I doubt he'd be impressed to see another central defender in the same age-range (Hinteregger is 21) brought to the club so soon after signing-in at Anfield.

Another central defender would mean Ilori - who is younger than Hinteregger - would potentially have to compete against FIVE players, which would be a tough ask for any young player.

In a July pre-season friendly against Schalke, Hinteregger scored an amazing 70-yard goal:

After scoring, Hinteregger made his way to the sidelines to hug sub keeper Alexander Walke, for very good reason, as he explained after the game:

“Alex said he knows the goalie – he knows that he is often very far out. After that, I kept it simple.”

Amazing goal, but the point remains: do Liverpool need to spend more money on yet another central defender?

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  1. hahahaa b4 ilori featured any match edi come under threat ????

  2. I think we always need take these reports with a pinch of salt, Liverpool being linked with a player and actually wanting to sign them are two entirety different things...

  3. 4cbs in the weekend
    10 cbs next season
    has rodgers been brainwashed by tony pulis

  4. spend 40m on juan mata
    12m on hughes
    and one more striker , demba ba maybe

  5. Considering he doesn't play (meaning Chelsea don't value him highly enough), we shouldn't offer anything over 30m for Mata.

    Hughes should really be in the 8-10m range but the price will probably go up because of the market for him

    No thanks to Ba though. But definitely a striker or winger.

  6. Compete with 5, make that 6 on the evidence of Rafa Perez performance for the u21s on monday, he looks a great prospect IMO.

  7. Stop regurgitating rumour! Your site is becoming tabloid rubbish.

  8. Simply no. Really it's getting ridiculous. We need quality attacking threats now. Jaimie you've also been saying this throughout the summer. But what do we go and do? Get three centre backs to add to our existing three...with so many, we then field a 'Berlin Wall' of four centre backs last weekend, get beaten on a weak set piece then blame Enrique's knee. Sigh...

  9. we need complete team transformation just like T
    ottenham.......No depth in Mid field,No cover for left back and right back positions,No Proper Wingers,No Goal Poachers.......Total Team Transformation

  10. come on Rodger, Liverpool don't need defender..we need quality of midfielder and high rated that can control the game..not just only buy potential midfielder, but can contribute the team most of the game..and also midfielder always lost header against rival though

  11. If we sell Skrtel and Agger, another CB would be needed and it wouldn't surprise me if both were gone by the end of the season.

  12. you really are dumb kannwar ,

    how can Ilori be under threat if he has just being signed and not even played a game yet

    can you please release some audio of your opinion's to let people see how dumb you really are ? - never goney happen because your a coward

  13. A better DM would be extremely handy never been a fan of Lucas struggles against good oppositions gives away to many silly free kicks to close to goal and shits himself under pressure .another who I feel has to be replaced in the starting 11 is Henderson. Ye I get it he chases hard works hard but Serously if he was available to be sold how many of the big clubs would want to sign him?My opinion non of them..Liverpools owners need to dig deep and spend big on a quality player who can take on players and score goals.