16 May 2013

Scouted: BR spotted at Arsenal watching £15m attacking duo. Double transfer...?

With the summer transfer window fast approaching, Reds boss Brendan Rodgers stepped up his preparations with a midweek vist to the Emirates to watch a couple of Liverpool transfer targets in action against Arsenal.

According to a report in The Times yesterday:

"Brendan Rodgers, Liverpool manager, [visited] the Emirates [on Tuesday] to run the rule over James McCarthy and Callum McManaman"

McCarthy is a long-standing Liverpool target, and the club has kept tabs on him ever since the Rafa Benitez era.

McManaman - a cousin of Reds legend Steve McManaman - is, however, a new target, but as I wrote yesterday, it's inevitable that he'll be linked to the Reds over the summer.

Liverpool tried to sign McCarthy three times in the past:

* 2007: Rejected an offer from Rafa Benitez. His Agent, Bill McMurdo, told the BBC

"They [LFC] agreed to meet Hamilton's asking price, but he has decided that he wants to stay for another year. I can't fault his judgement. He has only just left school and is from a close family"

* 2010: McCarthy chose Wigan over the Reds. Roberto Martinez, who enthused:

"I was delighted when he made that rather strange decision not to go to a top, top club like Liverpool. I think that decision is being proved right now.”

* 2011: Liverpool entered talks to sign McCarthy in 2011, and a source close to the talks said:

"It [the transfer deal] is 90 per cent done, all sides now seem to accept it is going to happen and it's a matter of everyone trying to get the best deal"

Speculation over the £15m-rated midfielder arose again during the January 2013 transfer window, and again in April 2013, and in a recent interview, former Wigan star Kevin confirmed that the Reds are still following the 22-year old. He told the Daily Mail

"His [McCarthy's] excellent performances at the heart of Wigan’s midfield, and comfortable step-up to international football, have caught the attention of Manchester United, Arsenal, Everton and Liverpool for the last two windows".

With Wigan now relegated, it's probable that players like McCarthy and McManaman will seek moves away, the questions is where will they end up? Would they be good additions to the Liverpool squad...?

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  1. McCarthy yes, but not McManaman...Poor delivery me thinks.

    Jamie, what do you think of the possible proposed bonus based scheme for players? I must admit it is rather interesting.

  2. allen and downing will have to vacate space and money for these two

  3. we really are scrapping the barrel now if these are the kind of signings we are looking at,i,ve said before we are no longer looking to compete with the big boys when it comes to transfers ,but i did not realise we were not even going to compete with the second tier either,what happened to fsg,s boast that they could compete for any player financially ,it,s time for them to put up or shut up (and before the fsg are our saviores brigade come on ,actions speak louder than words and i have not seen much action so send your posts to someone who gives a dam not me ,fed up with the b"llshit)fsg need to know the bought lfc,not aston villa

  4. i will tell you what i think of it world class players will look at it ,then look at our squad and say sod off,just another way of down grading expectations give it a few years under fsg and we will be doing cartwheels about getting anywhere near the europa league

  5. Save the money for better prospect,no more british player.

  6. jackiethemagic1:04 pm, May 16, 2013

    Its pretty embarassing huh? I know theyre trying to rebuild anfield which isnt going to be cheap, but when we're linked with Eriksen and probably end up buying McCarthy... whilst other clubs are lining up 100million billion trillion warchests - it inspires no confidence whatsoever. Numerous papers have said we'll get 20million to basically buy half a
    squad of first team players whilst. City will buy Isco for double
    that. Chelsea will probably buy numerous players for 20million+.

    I know theres talent out there thats cheap and we may find some more Coutinhos who will sign for us. But thats exactly why we shouldnt be looking in our own backdoor for players. How many supporters do you reckon would be jumping if we signed any Wigan player? None.

  7. So BR goes to a football match and the guys from the Times fill in the blanks. Why on earth would Rodgers have to go to a Wigan match to scout players he's seen play his own teams for two seasons now? Going to Holland to watch a few players I can accept but to London to watch Wigan? Nah...

  8. Chelsea and city are owned by billionaires that can splash the cash... We had a spell a few years back when we tried to spend big and we nearly went bust. Would you rather fsg done a hicks and gillett ?

  9. its not pessimistic it imo is the truth we are going nowhere under fsg sooner they sell the better:-)

  10. lol dream on we are a mid table team under fsg with mid table transfer budget

  11. James McCarthy isn't a British player.......

  12. agree m8 prepared to be shot down by the fsg are mint squad,they swallow all the sh!t and expect you to two,if they have not got the money they can do one

  13. liverpool4life5651:41 pm, May 16, 2013

    Heard from a Monaco scout that we are signing kyriakos papadopoulous for 15 million?

  14. well lets face it he probably would not be there looking at arsenal players ,wigan have just been relagated ,so will have to sell players ,they will go cheap ,so it fits fsgs agenda young cheap players a bit of experience buy these sell the big earning stars for big bucks everyones happy if your interested in making money screw the fans ,we don,t give a toss about them ,we can milk it for a few years then sell for a big fat profit ,fsg will make there money the club will fall further behind ,but at least were not in debt don,t make me laugh

  15. liverpool4life5651:45 pm, May 16, 2013

    That mcmanaman is a good little player, pace, he turned clichy inside out and gave Gibbs a good go too, be a good off the bench player or even starting.

  16. liverpool4life5651:50 pm, May 16, 2013

    Would love to know what FSG have done wrong in your eyes?:)

  17. liverpool4life5651:55 pm, May 16, 2013

    50 million we've spent this season, which table club has done that? :) NONE, we've spent more than spurs,united and arsenal.

  18. I can't even be mad at you haha!

  19. And look where it has gotten you...

  20. they did not have new owners who said they could compete with anyone in the transfer market ,they came came and talked the talk but thats it whats happening about the stadium we might put a few thousand more seats in in the next ten years ,i bet this summer we do not sign one player who gets the fans excited(and by that i mean a marque signing)

  21. Mr. Point Of View2:15 pm, May 16, 2013

    if we sign Mcmanaman BR will bring in new grobbelaar as well

  22. well.. thats awkward

  23. off topic did you hear those classless cockney t"ats after the final .talkin about rafa what a bunch of wa"kers they all are . that club has got no soul .good luck rafa in ur next job. f"ck them there just a bunch of c"nts like the mancs

  24. jackiethemagic2:21 pm, May 16, 2013

    no but as far as I'm concerned FSG must have set there goals pretty low; because how can we compete against that? By buying the backbone of Wigan thats how. Pretty thrilling isnt it? As for Hicks and Gillete thats like you and me going to the bank and asking to buy liverpool - make a quick buck - and run.

    FSG have said they can match any price for the right player and if theyre worth it - but what proof is there? Sell Carroll, Downing and Assaidi (I've not given up on Borini and Allen just yet lol), spend it all on Eriksen. or someone of that quality. Because if we signed someone like that it gives everyone a boost; am i wrong?

    Again there has to be talent out there; not all the names we're linked with are out of the question and look like theyd walk into our team. But to go poach players from a side thats just been relegated... Ah well, what do i know eh? If they came and shot us into the top four; I will eat all of the humble pie. all of it.

  25. I hope BR was there just to take in a good football match because these two are no better than what we already have.We signed COUTINHO and that is the standard of player that will move us forward.

  26. liverpool4life5652:23 pm, May 16, 2013

    Stadium?there buying houses around anfield. It takes time because you have to go down different routes for planning permission. Also how do you know they won't? Also they don't have to be marque signings to make a impact look at Sturridge and coutinho.

  27. liverpool4life5652:24 pm, May 16, 2013

    I agree, but under Rodgers you can see improvement.

  28. Mike Aitcheson2:25 pm, May 16, 2013

    You need to go and live with Jason, the two of you can then congratulate each other all day about how you see the truth about LFC and how we are going nowhere..

    Trouble is, the facts themselves don't back up your pronouncements

    For once and for all, you and Jason Carr, in fact , anybody who agree with them.. Either:

    Prove me wrong, and SHOW YOUR FIGURES, and I'll shut up and join your FSG are CRAP gang,


    ACCEPT that whilst your opinion is as valid as anybody else's, and no-one can MAKE you like FSG - that you need to STOP posting UNTRUE "facts" about FSG's lack of spending/ambition.

    NOW..... THE FACTS:

    Since their takeover, FSG have spent a NET AVERAGE of £31.5m per season with total spent of £163.6m

    The ONLY clubs to beat that are Man City and Chelsea, at £55m and £59m net averages.

    Apart from them, we have a net spend of over DOUBLE the nearest rival including Man Utd
    Source: transferleague.co.uk
    Now, as Jason put it earlier in the thread, PUT UP OR SHUT UP .....
    Have whatever opinion floats your boat. But stop playing to the crowd with things you now know aren't true.

  29. liverpool4life5652:26 pm, May 16, 2013

    What's awkward aha?

  30. me too i would eat two pies gladly

  31. Mike Aitcheson2:30 pm, May 16, 2013

    Don't see what he brings more than Sterling will. Flavour of the month. Spend the money on Papadpoulous. Monster of a player , my new favourite to replace Carra.
    Him and Alderweireld would take some spelling and pronouncing, but would be just the ticket.

  32. So you how much you know about football then.. Some of the best players in world and some of our best ex players all started in what you would call lesser clubs.

    I suppose you think anybody who is not playing for the likes of Barc, Real, Juv, Milan etc are shit

  33. No No.. wrong completely wrong, according to Jason you can only sign players from the likes of barc, real, milan etc for mega money.

  34. liverpool4life5652:38 pm, May 16, 2013

    Well said, couldn't of put it better! You've shown facts Jason doesn't :)

  35. Yep.. hmm what about signing players from the likes of Chester, Vancouver Whitecaps, Bournemouth, crewe, Brondby etc..

  36. I second that.

  37. liverpool4life5652:44 pm, May 16, 2013

    True point, and I agree on the two centre backs would be very good signings!:)

  38. not at all m8 but one world class player would be nice ,and how long do you think coutinho will stick round if were not getting any closer to champions league,

  39. Mike Aitcheson2:50 pm, May 16, 2013

    HAha doubt they'll see the significance of the teams you chose... should have mentioned Scunthorpe

  40. it takes time yes i know it dose fsg will still be buying houses in ten years time there stalling

  41. You are getting pretty excited about a couple of rumours. So far we haven't signed anyone, but we have been linked with about 20 centre halves. Under another article someone complains about us being linked with Barcelona B players, you complain about Wigan players. Elsewhere someone surely isn't happy with us being linked to players from so called lesser leagues like France and the Netherlands. After all, you may (or may not!) be well advised if you saved your energy for complaining about the players we actually sign, which might be two percent of all the players we are linked with.

    Werner said that we could compete with everyone when it comes to transfers, and I personally think that he rues having made these remarks.

    We have spent way over 20m for Suarez, before we earned 50m by selling Torres. I think spending 24m or so on a single player shows at least some intend from the owners. We don't earn CL money and should therefore not spend as if we did. Otherwise we might just end up like Leeds.

    Now you suggest that we sell three players to buy one. Is our squad really that crowded? Can we afford to do that with squad depth in mind? And another question for you. Dortmund have just earned 38m Euros by selling Götze, whom they probably need to replace. Do you think we should get into a bidding war with them over Eriksen. And who is the guy more likely to join? One of the CL finalists or us?
    My point is, we should look at realistic targets, and as long as we don't earn that extra money from CL qualification and a bigger stadium, we should try to do shrewd business and not buy alleged big names to please the fans. Those fans won't be too pleased, if we have to spend half of our transfer kitty in the future to service our debt.

    By the way, I think the signing of Coutinho and Sturridge have given everyone a boost, too (not every fan, though, but our results have improved a lot since they came in). It is not necessarily the most expensive transfer target that will give the team the required boost or strengthening. We need to sign players who fit into our system, consistent players, not fancy signings.

  42. This...was...perfect

  43. If the Greek does come he definitely needs a nickname.

  44. liverpool4life5652:58 pm, May 16, 2013

    Got any proof of that? Oh guess not.

  45. an mike why dont you and liverpoolalife565 go and get a civil service and have fsg as best men then you could all get your heads up each others ar$e even more if thats possible the way you go on i swear your not a fan just a pr man for fsg who monitors fans web sites just to lavish praise on them

  46. look m8 i know more about football than you could ever cram into your tiny mind dude

  47. yes cause you did we believe you lol

  48. agree m8 but what do you expect from cockneys the english version of the yanks all mouth no action

  49. Well yeah but that's why Citeh and Chelski won the leag...oh hang on...

  50. liverpool4life5653:14 pm, May 16, 2013

    Jason seriously if your goner write a comment at least put a intelligent one. Fact is FSG DO back us. That's why you don't like what we are saying because we are right and your wrong.

  51. I'm not sure about calling another guy Papa Bear but whatever floats your boat!

  52. Couldn't agree more ! Spot on mate :)

  53. liverpool4life5653:42 pm, May 16, 2013

    What are you on about?

  54. lets just put your fsg myth to bed once and for all,
    our net spend for the summer and january transfer window was 40,2 million
    southamptons was 33million
    our wages lets say 60million
    southampton lets say 17million
    now lets look who as the most money coming in shirtsales us by a mile
    matchday revenue us by a mile
    sponsership us by miles and mile
    tv money us by a mile merchandise us by a mile
    and that all adds up to more than the 60 million difference between southamptons spend and ours so were as all our money gone,if were led to believe we are to get apoultry 20million budget of fsg
    or do southampton have owners that will back there club and we have owners who want us to make them money

  55. You seem to believe every negative transfer rumor out there JC so I got a bridge that am selling are you interested??

  56. mike don,t kid yourself lol,and as for the bournemouth one he was not that good

  57. yet again i did and yet again it was stopped lol

  58. super by name boring by nature i,am glad you replied it made my day(not)and if its young cheap and got potential for a sell on profit get in touch with the commitee they mite be interested,

  59. sterling is overhyped another english player getting geared up to be something hes not

  60. liverpool4life5654:04 pm, May 16, 2013

    No you never? You said they don't spend money when FACTS show they do only city and Chelsea better our owners. So you have no FACTS to say FSG are doing nothing.

  61. jackiethemagic4:13 pm, May 16, 2013

    Man... I never once said then that I thought we were going nowhere did i? Trust me when I say this - I really like Brendan Rodgers. As far as I'm concerned he got rid of shit loads of deadweight and high spenders. And I think we are considerably better than we were last season - financially and on the field. Some of the football we've played this season has been the most enjoyable I've watched us play for years. Hell I never even said FSG out did i? They saved the club in my eyes. And are rightly prioritizing Anfield over the squad. No problems with that.

    But what happened last year with Dempsey then? he signed for Spurs because we wouldnt pay an extra million or something. I mean come on. Is that Rodgers fault for not picking more alternatives or FSG for not paying the extra? who knows. He hasnt done anything of merit at Spurs - I know - so maybe FSG knew something we didnt.

    Like I said if they transform the team and push us into the top 4; I will eat humble pie. the humbliest pies. but in my opinion, if we've 20million to spend and 15million is going to be spent on these guys, not much left. Christian Tello has a buyout claus of 8.5million - why dont we go try and sign him instead? Compared to Mcmanaman; Same age, roughly the same price - but plays for Barcelona.

    And McCarthy will play midfield in a squad that has already got plenty of midfielders - I'd rather see Gerrard and Lucas with Coutinho/Hendo in front than see Rodgers spend more money on McCarthy.

  62. You don't like the owners. You don't like the manager.

    Who do you like that is currently at LFC?

  63. Partick Thistle, too. Or how about Ayr United.

  64. pepe agger enrique,wisdom kelly,henderson coutinho,sturridge,suarez,lucas,skertal,johnson,and thats about it and even some of these need to improve,or should only be squad players,as for the rest they are not good enough for lfc,and should be sold as they do not justify a place on the bench

  65. we have spent 40.2 net southampton spent 33net,i suppose we do not earn much more as a club than them even after wages

  66. lets see how much longer they drag it out for at least another 3 years imo god forbid there still here

  67. I would love to remind you it was KD, plus Comolli, that spent ultra stupid money on those 1 or half season wonders, 35 mil pounds on AC, 20 mil pounds on SD, 16 mil pounds on JH, 8 mil pounds on errr..what's his name? Mind you, LFC wasn't a newly promoted team when KD took over. He already had a squad full of internationals at his disposal, plus his new recruits. But where were we in the league at the end of last season? BR is not doing very much better in the transfer market, 15 mil pounds for JA, 11.5 mil pounds for Borini plus some other failed signings along the way. Neither are we going to see a big jump in the league standings at the end of this season. What I'm trying to say here is be fair to FSG in this aspect of the game. They are not stingy but they failed to get the right people to spend their money wisely.

    You can stay forever negative and moan about having the worst owner possible for our beloved club at every chance you get. But it's not going to change the fortune of the club. Why not just try to be a little more positive and get behind the club, owners and the manager, starting from now? At least BR is making the squad a little more competitive with the addition of Coutinho and DS. More importantly, FSG never say that they are closing the tap now. Who knows, maybe, we can get another 2-3 impact signings similar to Coutinho and DS this summer?

    I'm not sure if I'm right but shouldn't we evaluate outcome after actions being taken and not procrastinate before anything happens, Should we?

  68. why do you not ask jaimie why my post was stopped

  69. south liverpool oxford utd and skem

  70. allen and borrini are a waste of money hendo and downing came good carroll was not given a chance,and brendon as worked wonders one place higher in the league after another 40 odd million ut no european football which is a blessing according to him one day the next he says its not,and we were really competative against oldham ansd swansea in the cups not to mention our fiasco in the europa league

  71. liverpool4life5654:56 pm, May 16, 2013

    Our wages are bigger than there also they get money for coming up the the premierleague,I think it's about 100 million for promotion. For a club out of CL we've done quiet well competing in the windows.

  72. liverpool4life5654:57 pm, May 16, 2013

    Because you insult people in your posts and can't have a logical debate.

  73. 1 player who gets the fans excited??
    What about Coutinho and Sturridge from Xmas?

    They are exciting, very exciting players. You don't have to spend crazy money for quality.

    Honda - Free
    Douglas - Free

  74. liverpool4life5655:00 pm, May 16, 2013

    Waste of money? It's the first season at the club both got two goals each. Matter of fact is Allen had no pre season with us, he came from the Olympics straight into Swansea then went to us started brightly He also had no break. And borini has shown he can cut it in the prem. he has good movement just needs to stay away from Injuries.

  75. WTF are poeple getting this impression that the owners wont spend big money on players??? Suarez, Carroll, Downing, Hendo, are all over 20 million??? Wtf do you want????Then a few in around 10 million..... Jeez no pleasing some people/

    Some serious cardboard fans on here.

  76. Considering that's about half the team, does that mean you don't rate highly:



  77. Mike Aitcheson5:40 pm, May 16, 2013

    Seriously? I show the fact that LFC spent 3rd highest average since FSG took over, real facts, not my opinion of them- which I didn't offer by the way, and you reply with that?

    I'm a PR man for FSG ? Brilliant.

    Are you going to stop quotes like 'we're a mid table team with mid table budget' Now you know we're not or not?

    Please, go ahead and find a post from me that 'lavishes praise on FSG'

    You can't even admit it when you're wrong can you? I said that I have no problem with your view being different to mine, just with you saying things which are misleading and actually completely untrue as facts.

    You reply with that (plagiarised) excuse for an insult......

  78. You can't see it, but I'm giving you a standing ovation! Well said

  79. I taught you were part of the committee, you seem to know all the in and out of LFC. Am sure BR wants to keep his job otherwise he will do you a favor and do the same mistakes KK did! Season is over this weekend and after that SILLY season. So if you know something we all don't know then let us know, I mean you are part of the committee!

  80. Mike Aitcheson6:06 pm, May 16, 2013

    It was nothing personal, aimed more at Jason I guess . You did describe it as embarrassing though, I don't see what was embarrassing about it.

    They decided, rightly or wrongly, against increasing it for a guy of that age and limited ability.

    It's £20m plus sales. I reckon we can get 3-4 quality players for that. No need ,as someone said, to change 70% of the squad.

    Not bothered about McCarthy, or McManaman.

    Get Alderweireld, 14m Papadopoulous, 15m Diame, 5m Tello, 8m or Erickson 18m plus Doulglas for free. Maybe Honda too on a free. £42m total, £52m with Erickson

    Lose Carroll, Spearing, Coates Assaidi- about £28m there (16+4+6+2) with £20m from FSG =£48m

    We have others, like Wilson, and Pacheco who can get another couple of million too.
    I'll say it again- we're not as far away as some people think. ...

  81. Case, Aldridge/Houghton and, erm, can you help me on the last one, please.

    And we even got a manager from Huddersfield once.

  82. When one Ian Rush first played for us, many people thought, and said, that he was crap. Now, the funny thing about life is that we (human beings in general) never seem to learn anything from the past.

  83. liverpool4life5656:16 pm, May 16, 2013

    Southamton got 100 million to for getting into the prem, also your guessing on our wages so how can that be a FACT, "lets say...." Let's say...." Is not a fact.

  84. sorry m8 you are clutching at straws they get the money we get every season

  85. That's probably the best response one can get from making a comment online. Thanks a lot! If I could, I would throw my shirt into your direction :-)

  86. Mike Aitcheson6:23 pm, May 16, 2013

    wtf? Southampton?

    Let's say their wages are £17m?

    Are you saying FSG are draining money out of the club in secret?

    The £20m is TRANSFER SPEND

    What part of £30m per year NET transfer spend did you not understand?
    Enlighten us all....

  87. liverpool4life5656:25 pm, May 16, 2013

    We don't get 100 million every season? Why you making things up for haha.

  88. Mike Aitcheson6:33 pm, May 16, 2013

    Redknapp? was a good player, just a sicknote

  89. southampton did not get 100 million if that was the case a club would get relagated one season and promoted the next all the time 20 years time they would have a billion

  90. so were was the insult there when it went live

  91. mike mine was personal i think your a pr!ck

  92. he was average he would fit in perfectly now

  93. sorry forgot gerrard,and yes your right i rate them about 2 bob the lot

  94. Hey, don't argue with Jason.. he has years of experience of managing and running Premiership Football Clubs..

  95. We could go out and spend 1 billion and people would still find a way to blame the owners if we didn't win the league.

    We could go out and win the league, and the FA Cup, and people would still find a way to blame the manager for not winning the league cup.

    There's no pleasing people who don't want the owners here and don't want the manager here.

  96. Mike Aitcheson6:57 pm, May 16, 2013

    Sorry, I can't let this go.

    So NOW you're saying that it's Rodgers who blew the money ? So FSG are backing us then? Make your mind up, I thought you said they were cheapskates ...

    As for saying one place higher in the league- you do know it gets harder the higher up the table you go right? Let's compare this season to somebody you did actually like, Kenny Dalglish's last year.

    I'll assume we'll beat a demoralised QPR who are already down.

    League :

    We will have won 16 games vs 14 -2 games more

    we will have drawn 13 vs 10 -3 games more

    We will have lost 9 vs 14 5 games less

    We will be 11/12 points away from 4th place vs 17

    We will be 10 pts away from our nearest rival, vs 0

    We will be 15 points away from MID TABLE, vs 5

    We will have scored 71 goals (min) vs 47

    We will have conceded 43 goals vs 40 (assuming 1-0 win), 3 more
    THIS IS NOT just a bit better, as the 1 place suggests. The ONLY place we have done worse is goals conceded, just 3 more.
    You really think the Carling Cup win, on penalties against a Championship side, makes up for all this?

  97. liverpool4life5657:03 pm, May 16, 2013

    Fact is they DO get 100 million getting Into the premierleague. And when you get relegated you get parachute payments ver a certain number of years because of the loss of revenue because they got relegated.

  98. I don't argue with Jason. He and I have friendly, carefree conversations!

  99. liverpool4life5657:10 pm, May 16, 2013

    Okay I found it was 90 million, that's still alot of money. And when they get relegated they lose out on TV revenue that's why the FA give parachute payments to clubs who get relegated.

  100. Mike Aitcheson7:11 pm, May 16, 2013

    No no, they're the realists. They see the real situation, they know exactly what's going on. It's us that are being taken in by those fiendish Americans, and smooth talked by that sly manager and who are brainwashed by their propaganda.
    Didn't you know? We're all just sheep. We're all doomed. Doomed I say!

  101. Next time you're in New York, I want to buy you a beer, my friend. You deserve it.

  102. i do not understand we are actually talking about buying players from a relagated team , why are we linked with inferior players like theese guys ince and more bad players from unfashionable clubs , here is my question jamie.

    How many players from a bottom ten tesam in the prem has ever een a sucsess?

    well , i think of allen,adam,koncheskey,henderson (who initially struggled) and pennant.

    honestley theese players get you nowhere , i understand if it is a top class palyer such as benteke .
    But it is not , what has mc mannaman proved apart from a fluke performance againts city , or mccarthy whoose goal tally is woeful and can't tackle for his life and he will never be anywhere near as good as eriksen,kagawa or even henderson an insult to playmakers.

  103. an honestley jamie i am getting scred , you want suarez to leave and mc carthy nd mcmannan to join ? ,
    jamies front 6 : sturridge,mcmannaman,mccarthy,coutinho,gerrard,lucas
    that is good enough to get relegated seriously, and if brodgers wants this i want him sacked. hopefully , the former man city scouts team stops him.
    i hope with all my heart rodgers has not gone to spot theese mediorcore players and has gone to see maybe aaron ramsey or vermaelan or even shezney but not mc mannaman and mccarthy the definition of just average.

  104. Ha haYou're on! some people ignore the facts in favour of their prejudices...

  105. You think I'm a P***K?
    Thank God for that.
    No answer to any of the points though, just another insult.
    Well, you've been shown up for what you are. No need for any insults, your posts and TOTAL inability to post a coherent argument, or back ANY of your opinions with anything resembling a fact, are a big enough insult in themselves.
    I said it was nothing personal. Not a difficult concept for 99% of people to grasp.
    Check my posts to you. I respected your view, but disagreed with it and stated my ARGUMENT against it, not you, and didn't simply state my opposition, as you invariably do. You replied with an expletive...
    NO , I don't have any need to insult you.
    You're doing JUST fine on your own.

  106. You're banned for 24 hours. I've given you countless warnings about insulting other posters and you just ignore them all.

  107. liverpool4life565 - Please do not belittle other posters by citing anything to do with 'intellligence'. Just stick to the point. Thanks.

  108. get mcmanaman I reckon-he is aggressive, lots of effort, bit of talent.
    would be a good addition

  109. How can we compete? Ask Man United how they can compete with the budget of city and Chelsea. Ask Barcelona how they compete with Real or how Marseille push PSG to the limit. How Dortmund beat Bayern to the title two years in a row. No one denies having a lot of money to spend can make things easier but it is not necessary to do so to win titles.

  110. If the club are going to waste money on 2 players who will struggle to make the first eleven like these 2 god help em next season.
    They need to look at quality players or young players with huge promise i dont see either ticking these boxes.

  111. both average, and not as good as we already have!