16 May 2013

Anfield legend raves: 'Class' €10m LFC star has the 'same vision as Jan Molby'.

The praise for Brazilian maestro Philippe Coutinho just keeps on coming, and according to former Liverpool manager Roy Evans, the youngster is in the same class as one of the Reds all-time legends.

Speaking to the official Liverpool FC website this week, Evans - who came close to winning the Premier League title in 1996 and 1997 - enthused:

"He's got the same type of vision as Jan [Molby].

"Coutinho has got that little bit of cuteness about him that means if you make the run, you've got a 90 per cent chance he's going to stick it in the right place for you.

"This guy knows how to pass it. I'm not trying to say or put too much on him just yet because he's still a young lad of 20, but he's got class"

High praise indeed. Anyone who watched Molby play regularly will know that when it came to passing ability, the Dane is almost unrivalled at LFC in the modern era.

When it comes to playing style, Xabi Alonso is (IMO) bears more comparison to Molby than Coutinho, who cost Liverpool €10m in January.

For me, Coutinho is more like Peter Beardsley, another genius on the ball who had superb vision, and regularly made amazing goal-creating passes.

Like with Beardsley, whenever Coutinho gets the ball, there's electricity in the air, and the excitement over what happens next is palpable.

Coutinho's contribution since arriving at Anfield in January is superb:

* 2 goals/6 assists in 11 starts
* Goal/assist every 106 mins.
* Goal/assist every 1.3 games.

Daniel Sturridge has benefited big-time from Coutinho's vision, and in an interview this week, the striker told the Liverpool Echo:

"Philippe is such a quality player. He has created goals for me four or five times already since he has been here. It’s fantastic to be playing with someone of his calibre. I can’t praise him highly enough for what he’s shown.

“I want to say thanks to Philippe because he has made my job very easy. He has been very unselfish. He has put me in on goal many times and it’s just fantastic to work with him.”

Can't wait to see him in action next season :-)

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  1. coutinho one of the few bright moments on quite simply a complete failure of a sseason


  3. liverpool4life5655:04 pm, May 16, 2013

    Class act, next season, him,sturridge,Suarez will be good to watch! Pace,power,skill, and goals!

  4. The lad is pure class. Look at the videos of him playing Futsal as a youngster and you'll see just how good he is. It's funny how certain people put all the blame on Rodgers for our summer signings and give no credit for the acquisition of Sturridge and Coutinho!! You know who you are :-)

  5. Agree with you here that it's rather Beardsley than Molby we can compare Coutinho with, if we have to compare him to anyone. Lets compare the Coutinho of next season with the Coutinho of this season and see whether he still improves, or how much. He seems to be a great talent, and a real bargain.

  6. So we have the "Horse of the year" on our books for the second season running. Last year it was Carroll. Or do I mix it up with "Donkey of the year"?

  7. Brazilian players have flair in their blood and Coutinho is no exception, Benfica played beautifully last night for the 30 minutes i watched and they have really got some eye catching young south american talent in midfield.I wonder why such talent are not associated with Liverpool .

  8. cuz Liverpool always buy's heavy priced & an over-rated player.

  9. its often an overused reply :) lol yet on a serious note i'm still wondering

  10. I can tell you why "some eye-catching young South American talent" isn't linked with us. Work permit.

  11. another cheap did if every manager was only judged on his success ,in the transfer market nobody would get sacked every dog as its day rodgers as a 50 /50 success in the transfer market and thats being kind if he buys more dross like he did last summer it will be 20/80 against lets all cherry pick our favourites best bits lol

  12. Mike Aitcheson7:18 pm, May 16, 2013

    Absolutely spot on Jamie. Beardsley played just the same way, obviously he was better, but I wonder if he really was better at 20?
    Coutinho has that vision all sides need in the attacking third.
    Nobody is talking about who will do that if Coutinho's injured though. Which is why we need an Erickson or Tello type as well. Then we can do it from both sides, or at least have one player capable of the WOW moment apart from Suarez

  13. Peeps also forget that Sturridge and Coutinho were being pursued for a couple of seasons previously by us, so not exactly spotted by the manager in charge at the time of signing. Bit like Suarez - Hodgson did all the spadework... or going back a long way Dalglish, who was actually earmarked by Shankly. A change of manager can often scupper a deal - eg Walcott and Diame - but a lot of times, the early signings are people who have been 'on the radar' fpr some time.

  14. comment deleted hmm must have offended some tories

  15. What were your expectations coming into the season?

  16. is there a way around it

  17. I'd hope that Suso and Sterling evolve and have already evolved a bit. Suso has the vision required. Whether any of them will be at Coutinho's level any time soon, I don't know.

    And I actually think the we don't stand a chance of signing Eriksen at the moment, if rumours about Dortmund's interest in him are true.

  18. There is this "exceptional talent" rule, but I don't know how it works. So far I've got the impression that the player in question must be on the verge of signing for ManU, though Arsenal, too, have at least one player on their books who fell under that rule.

    The other way to work around it is to find some grandparent in Europe, thus making the player eligible for an EU passport.

    We have that American lad, Bijev, on our books. He's been loaned to Düsseldorf and Start for the past two years, with us waiting for his Bulgarian passport to become an EU passport, or something like that.