9 Oct 2012

Get off his back! Angry LFC Hero blasts Brendan Rodgers 'doom merchants'...

In the wake of Liverpool's 0-0 home draw with Stoke City, Liverpool legend Dietmar Hamann has criticised negative fans for jumping on the doom and gloom bandwagon.

Liverpool's problems in front of goal were obvious again at Anfield on Sunday, with various players wasting cast-iron goalscoring chances.

Hamann - who won every trophy but the Premier League title in his time at Anfield - admitted that it was a disappointing afternoon' for the Reds, but rounded on negative fans for being overly critical of the team. He barked:

"I Won't have people talking LFC down; that was a solid performance against a very awkward side, with some very good performances again.

"To all the doom merchants who think Stoke are no-hopers a quick reminder that they had City on the ropes a few weeks ago.

"Big improvement defensively, just a bit short up front. Great to see the young kids doing so well"

I totally agree with 'The Kaiser' here; regular readers will know that I have been 100% supportive of Brendan Rodgers since he arrived, and I still feel the same. Progress is definitely being made on the field, and although the results don't reflect this at the moment, I am confident things will change sooner rather than later.

It's only the 9th October! The season is not even two months old yet, and two weeks of the season have already been lost to an international break. In reality, Rodgers has only worked with the players in a competitive environment for 7.5 weeks (!) In that time, we've seen giant strides forward on the pitch:

* Massively improved - and more attractive - style of football.
* Impressive performances against the so-called best teams in the league.
* Exciting emergence of young players like Suso, Sterling and Wisdom.

There is absolutely no reason to panic; the Stoke result is galling, but as Hamann states, Tony Pulis' team has also done well against other big teams this season:

* 0-0 draw with Arsenal
* 1-1 draw with Manchester City
* It took Chelsea 85 minutes to score in their 1-0 victory over Stoke.

The main positive from the Stoke draw is the clean sheet; after conceding 11 goals in the previous 6 games, it was important for the Reds to show some defensive solidity, and hopefully the players can build on this after the international break.

It's embarrassing to hear some Liverpool fans calling for Rodgers' head this early in the campaign, but it's to be expected. Some people just can't see past the end of their own noses, and are pathologically incapable of taking the long-view.

Liverpool's goalscoring issues are, admittedly, a worry, and FSG must give Rodgers transfer funds to sign a PROVEN goalscorer in January. If that doesn't happen then FSG will - I'm sure - feel the full force of the fanbase's displeasure, and mark my words, I will be at the forefront of the criticism towards them.

Jaimie Kanwar


  1. agreed with everyword

  2. Well said Jamie! I fully respect the views of this anfield hero! I have to say also that where I never used to enjoy your articles and wrote them off as ridiculous I have completely change my mind and now love reading your views.. :)

  3. Thanks, Aaron, much appreciated, though I think you may be suffering from a form of temporary insanity. I'm sure you'll return to a sane state soon enough ;-)

  4. I have seen improvements so far, but I am not expecting much from this season.

  5. Agreed. I see this season as the archetypal transition year; I'm not really that bothered about trophies/where we finish in the league just as long as there is manifest progress on the field.

  6. No problem :) Haha hope not!
    Keep 'em coming Jamie :D

  7. Ha. I have to agree with the above comments during dalglishs reign I disagreed with pretty much everything you said but I am 100 percent behind everything so far you've wrote since Rodgers came on board. He definitely needs to be given at least a couple of seasons. If we have a clinical finisher the results will improve dramatically.

  8. Every club has that "kind" of fans, so nothing to worry about !!!!

    It's best to just ignore them ...

  9. but i havent seen any progress on the field last year we were unlucky in a lot of games this year we cannot defend or attack you keep going on about kennys record well forget about the last part of the season we had won a cup whitch ensured the europa league we had no chance of champions league so kenny concentrated on the fa cup? its only the 9th of oct but this year champions league as gone and rodgers is just not cutting it its nothing personal but he has the worst record of any manager of lfc in over 60years he makes hodgeson seem like a success i can already read fsgs excuses in the coming transfer windows we tried to sign players but they wanted european football so we had to buy players that were cheaper because other clubs didnt want them rodgers could not even persuad his ex swansea player to come when spurs came sniffing

  10. there not lfc fans these are the so called fans that phone talk sports and radio 5 live on a saturday night to moan about the reds, we dont need them

  11. kd will prove to be a bigger success last season than rodgers ever will believe me rodgers will not succeed at anfield not in a million years and if he dose you can say so then until then i suggest your go back to eutopia were everything is fine

  12. No, we don't believe you.

  13. I am with you all the way on this one. FSG beware the wrath of the LFC fans if funds are not available come january.

  14. Exactly Jamie, at least we can see progress, be it a change in playing style, with proper tactics in place, good young players coming through or money being spent wisely on players.
    We don't look weak or lost(like under KD) and the players are enjoying playing. All we need now is for the defence to click(like last season) and to find a goal scorer or two.

  15. Totally agree with you Jamie , fans need to understand what Brendan is trying to do , we can see from his team selection that if given proper funds at least he will bring quality players and not the players whom Manager has to criticize in Public to get a decent game in 50 odd games.
    Cheers waiting for your Suarez diving article ;);).

  16. I'm fully behind Brendan Rodger's .. I think most genuine and half intelligent LFC fans recognise that we can't keep changing managers if we want any degree of stability at the club.

    Two things though .. I don't see a massive difference in style between the start of this season and last.. Some people would have yopu believe he's reinvented the wheel ! We played good attractive passing football for the first half of last season under KD. Anyone who cares to remember will recall us dominitaing games and possesion for large parts of the game without capitalising in front of goal .. sounds farmiliar !!

    With much of the same personnel at his disposal in defence we've actually gone backwards.. We had one of the best defences in the league up til x mas last year and now we have one of the worst !! Needs to sort that out quick sharp...

    The other thing is for any of you watching the car crash that is being liverpool.. what did people make of his 3 ENVELOPE TRICK !!!

    I was stunned that on the eve of the start of a new season a new manager would plant a seed of doubt like that in the players heads .. I understand what he may try to be doing but I think it was an embarrasing and foolish thing to do .. Anybody any thoughts on the incident !!

  17. Superb article Jaimie one of the best yet, BR gets a free go at it this season. He cut the wage bill as FSG wanted, getting rid of fringe players on a fortune. He has integrated many youngsters already which we all wanted, so what is the problem?

    The football is very good and that has to be positive, with a structure to the football. If we get a proven poacher in January it will transform the season, things are pretty good in my opinion. The players seem very happy in training and there are smiles on faces, what's so bad about that?

  18. You are a moron. Please stop posting

  19. Moronic comment alert

  20. Still behind BR not forever tho. Jamie u say that FSG needs to give him money for proven goalscorer. Just who exactly decided to spend 11 mill on Borini.You don't know for sure that he will succeed. I really hope he does. But what happens if these young players decide to go to the other clubs which offers CHL football. 3-4 years ago everyone was saying that Arsenal will dominate for years to come with the great kids they had. Same thing can happen with lfc kids. Behind BR, yes. But I still think that the biggest mistake in lfc history was made by Purslow boy and the Chelsea fan Broughton to sack the legendary Rafa Benitez. YNWA.

  21. We have been great this year. With kids!!!

    The match going fans sing his name.

    "Fans" like Jason Carr are pathetic. Jaimie, please ban him

  22. lol Jason,

    Kenny aint coming back and Rogers is not going to get sacked.
    However fear not I'll make a note of what you've been saying and we'll have a in depth discussion at the end of the season to see.

  23. GiveTime spot on mate!
    I'm glad that BR is/has dismantled KD's regime of over hyped mediocrity, the thing that gives me hope is that if BR is backed with cash he'll buy value for money & the extent of scouting will extend beyond the British Isles! I think he deserves credit for being brave enough to play the kids, who knows if the likes of Suso would still be here or disillusioned due to the lack of opportunities & the feeling that he could do a better job!

    Those who are still pining for KD (the bulk of BR's critics) need to accept that he aint coming back, his ideas were antiquated & a complete PR disaster. It's ironic that BR was criticised for doing the documentary but KD was congratulated for endorsing racist behaviour!!?

  24. You cannot be for real ! The turgid performances under
    the Dalglish regime justly earned him a red card. The footbal so far this season has been exciting and entertaining. Young blood has been brought in and has proved to be a very positive move. Nobody is saying that 'everything is fine'. We are not in utopia, which is what I assume you meant ! We have made some bad mistakes, we have been on the receiving end of some very dubious decisions, but, all in all, the situation is a damm site better than last season. There is no easy fix to the problems that Brendan inherited, but he is definitley moving in the right direction and in terms of steadying the ship and offering decent performances, he is already streets ahead of Dalglish.

  25. If we keep progressing at this rate we should be back at the level we were with Benitez in less than 20-25 years.

  26. The impatient nature of the football world has got even worse due to oil rich billionaires who pay for instant success.Judging managers who haven't even had half a season is proof of that.We did play some good stuff under KENNY but he's guilty of wasting big money on average players.
    BR has introduced STERLING and SUSO the best kids we have.They need time to fully integrate into the team.If ANFIELD regulars got on the backs of these players do you think it would help or hinder their performances?
    We're starting to play a continental style of playing through the back (progress) there have been mistakes but our defenders especially have got to get used to the extra responsibility it puts on them as footballers.The new football style will fully flow and be effective in terms of getting results but we should stand by our team while we go through teething problems.It's to early to judge.

  27. The man needs at least two seasons. He is doing some good stuff so far, in relation to the team's style but it does have its problems, which is expect this early with such a high pressing system. So there is bound to be deserved criticism in that regard as it takes time for it be near top gear. I don't think one game against defensive-minded Stoke has banished away our defensive worries, not even close, lets see what happens with a side that knows how to counter attack but its a step forward. There doesn't seem to be much of a middle ground between the criticism and the praise. Its annoyingly one or the other.

    With such a small squad and owners being less flash with their money this time round, whatever manager came in was going to use the youngsters end of, so I don't agree with the 'oh he is brave for playing the kids' line. But Rodgers does get credit for the manner of how he has got the kids playing, which is no easy feat. What I like about this is that they seem to be enjoying expressing their game within his system, such as the likes of Suso and Wisdom.

    It is a promising start, a start in the right direction. There will be bumps in the journey that he will get criticism for and like it or not, deservedly so to an extent but that doesn't mean he can't and won't be a success. Too early to start hyping him up as the next messigh as some have been doing but too early to be so fatal and brutal about him. Early days.

  28. Yes but irony is lost on most of these m***** f*******!
    Einstein I think it was that said "if you do the same thing again and again and expect a different result, it is the sign of insanity"
    How long have we been trying to compete by buying expensive players to fill gaps trying to compete with the richest men in the universe?
    35 million, 20 million etc.
    It's impossible we've tried and failed. Now a guy has come with a brave philosophy and he's being berated; unbelievable!
    Those having the gall to mention borini, he's 21, in the full national squad and not up to speed yet, bought for £11 million as a striker. Please can you not see it's worth a punt; there is a very strong chance he will be worth alot more money in the future if not at least what we paid for him.
    You only have to look at what was bought buy the previous manager to compare.
    Give the man time and support we have to change and it's going to need it on a drastic level if we are ever going to have sustained success
    Stop with the now/now everything now attituted
    We can all see the change happening if you care to look close enough!

  29. I cant believe all the bootlicking and grovelling comments in favour of BR here. What rubbish from the Kaizer and from you too Jaimie. I find it disturbing the level of blind loyalty to BR. Why is it, that other new managers like Di Matteo, and of late AVB have been able to come into the league and get their teams firing in no time as compared to BR who has only 1 result in 7 starts? Keeping a clean sheet against Stoke is nothing short of embarassing for a team with the pedigree of LFC (never mind that we have been thrashed by the likes of W/Brom), but perhaps it shows just how far the club has fallen and the low expectations of the BR fans. All the top 6 clubs distinguish themselves week in and week out by grinding out a result even when they play awful. This is why Utd, Arsenal could play shite against us and still do a smash and grab. BR for all the hype has simply been unable to get the club firing on this level and we will be lucky to finish n the top ten this season. He is NOT the man for the job. Right now you cant even compare teams like Everton, Newcastle, Spurs they are light years ahead of us, in style, confidence and results. Even BR's results in the Europa against no-name brand teams like Young Boys, Gomel show BR's LFC huffing and puffing and leaking 3 goals regular. To be honest I do not recognize this LFC!! Lest we forget BR has been responsible for LFC's worst start in 100 years! Stop making excuses for the blighter and it is time real fans lit a candle under his ars* and demanded results or he ships out chop chop!!

  30. Yeah Zed, I'm sure another change of manager would fix everything.... Who do you suggest? I hear Pep is still available....

    Absolute nonsense kneejerk fair weathered supporting. The season is only 7 games old! Do you really think the way we played against Man City and Utd shows us to be incapable of comparing to Spurs and Newcastle? Even with their celebrated front two Newcastle were murdered by Utd 3-0 with 11 men on the pitch. WQe definitely need a finisher but the way the young kids have been integrated into the 1st team setup is most heartening, we need fans who will get behind the team, not moaners who always think the grass is greener.

    rodgers is not making a few tactical changes here, he's trying to make a fully cohesive club which will prosper for years to come. Whether it actually happens will be the acid test, but even if it doesn't this has needed doing for years and has to be undertaken in the absece of a billionaire sugar daddy. In fact, with FFP coming in , even that wouldn't necessarily work, Man City took a little while to get it right even with no restrictions and the PL's richest owner

    sort yourself out. Most of us can see where BR wants to take us and agree

  31. Zev Love blind loyalty is what happened last season with KD fans, salivating over a scarppy win in the league cup final whilst accepting a lacklustre league performance. In all honesty if you can't see that Comoli/KD legacy still hovers over us compared to what Redknapp left for AVB, it's chalk & cheese. AVB needn't change the team drastically but if he wants it's just a few tweaks here & there. LFC need serious surgery to fix our problems. In other words Tottenham was in a far better state when AVB took over, I'm sure you'll agree that Spurs have leap frogged us in the past 2 seasons. Are we even sure Di Matteo has a say in the choice of players bought? Plus Chelski have a sugar daddy who to his credit seems to be sticking it out much to LFC's misfortune.
    Either way those two examples you've mentioned are not like for like situations!

  32. Zev, I'm not a big fan of BR. I think the team took a major step backwards with his hiring. And I'm really upset with the slow start to the season, and the lackluster performances of Steven Gerrard and Pepe R. I'd even go so far as to say that he isn't the right man for the job, if that job is winning us the Premeir League Title. I was then and still am of the mind that Pep G. would have been the best fit for our team. But that ship has sailed. The only way BR is cut loose now is if the team starts rebelling against him like it did with Roy H, or if we are in the relegation zone at the end of December. BR's here, we need to support him.

    I tend to agree with Jamie in that they are showing signs of improvement. And I like the style of play that is more attacking, and less passing the ball back in your own half of the field that KK used last season. I even agree with Jamie on the fact that there are some amazing young players that have really looked impressive and give me hope for the future. The season is young, and we are in 14th place. Considering we were in 19th, I'll call that progress. It's still possible to pick up the points we need to finish in the top 4. It's a really tough road now, and losses and draws aren't going to help. But it's possible. And until it isn't, I'm not giving up hope.

    That said, Jamie, you seem to be a bit blind in your support of BR. Pepe Reina has no fight in him right now. Steven Gerrard isn't playing like he normally does, that may be age, but that big of a drop off from last season doesn't seem probable. To me, that's coaching. If those two veteren players aren't doing their jobs, it's up to the coach to make sure they do. BR hasn't done that. You have to admit it. He hasn't called them out for slacking, or benched them in favor of a player who wants it more. Who did he sit them against? Young Boys, a team they expected to beat, and whom they played second teamers against.

    Speaking of Young Boys, when they adapted to our defensive strategy and when they were up, decided to sit back and play a tougher defense, who's job was it to come up with a way of compensating for that? I believe that would be Brendan Rodgers. Did he do his job there? Nope. He didn't.

    Admittedly FSG hired him really really late, they took their sweet time about it, and they didn't give him the staff he needed (According to him) to do scouting. (Already making excuses.) But who's job is it to know that his team needs a scorrer, or needs a defensive upgrade? I believe that would be the coach. Did Brendan Rodgers do any of that? Nope, he didn't. Hell, most of the people on here knew last season the defense was weak, we needed someone who could score goals since Andy Carroll wasn't working out. And who did he bring in? Borini, a lesser Luis Suarez. Both of them played up top, and Borini isn't comfortable in his role as setting up Suarez from just below. Why not get someone who's played that role, knows how to do it and is comfortable in it? That would take knowledge of the team he already has, and knowledge of players he doesn't have. That's all on the coach. Who does he bring in? With a few exceptions, mostly people he's already coached at places like Swansea. And look how they won the Premier League in the past.

    Come on Jamie, I support my team, and with it this coach. But the blind following of someone without acknowledging their faults, that's a path to doom. It may be early in the campaign, but how long did Roy Hodgeson last? And you have to admit, things got better when he departed.

  33. Fellas, the idea that you build a club over 10 years went was discarded a decade ago. Aitcheson you need to pull urself out of the blinkin 80s mate. These days its about having a smart eye to buy talent, a few talismanic players i.e. a top striker or two, key defenders, a mid-field maestro and you are top 4 material. BR can groom all the players he wants, the moment they show promise he will simply lose them to bigger clubs that are offering better pay and Champions League glory. Just look at how the Arsenal get raided at the start of every season by Barca, Citeh etc and are now a virtual feeder club. You watch...if Suso, Sterling etc continue to shine, and Jose, SAF or Mancini come knocking they will be gone. One of King Kenny's problems - which BR has perpertuated has been a "buy-and-play-british-players" mentality, instead of grasping that the game is global. All top 6 clubs today in the BPL are built around a core of international players. Compare this to some of the local dross you find a LFC...England's failure to impress at the international stage, is evidence enough that there are not many top quality local players. To me this is why Newcastle scout Graham Carr is an absolute genius...the same goes for Arsene Wenger...these fellas know to scour the French and other obscure leagues...unearth talents like Cisse, Ba for a song... while we have paid top dollar in fees and wages for local lads like Downing, Carroll, Joe Cole...its absolute nonsense. Start bringing in top quality international players, not out-patients like Aquilani in the past...already the likes of Borini are already showing signs of being a flop...clearly not the star class of players who will give us top 4... i rest my case.

  34. Hey Jason, you sounded like those hugely crazy money spent by KD and Comolli on mediocre players are well-worth. How good are those players, or should I say soon-to-be-ex-players, are for all to see. Those are players that won't even get a look from Chelski and Mansour City. But KD and Comolli broke FSG's bank for them. With this ultra reckless spending, coupled with results on the pitch, they got the sacked, which is fully justifiable, imo.

    BR may not be as successful as what we fans expect him to be, but please do not put him as a comparison to KD as it is totally irrelevant. BR is instilled to do damage control and repair work, not bring instant results to LFC. Actually KD was instill to do the same as BR, but rather unfortunately, he and Comolli forgot the name of our home ground is Anfield, they thought is 'Oilfield', and the rest is history, as we all know. I thought BR is brave in giving those young kids a run in games, though we still face the same problem in converting chances into goals.

    It's just a few games into the season. Let's get behind the back of BR and the team! We will go back to where we should be, given ample time.


  35. Assuming 'Pep G' would wanted to have come (which is unlikely, very), even 'Pep G' would have a hard time winning the PL with this lot and the current average financial backing from FSG (though its not as if 'Pep G' was that reliable in the transfer market at Barca). The team should be doing better than they are at the moment but my god, this team is light-years away from the 'Premeir League Title', with or without 'Pep G', Mourinho, Van Gaal, etc.

    Most of the people on here last season weren't going about the 'defense' being weak, they were too busy banging about how good it was instead and to a certain extent, it was a solid defensive record as it was 3rd best in the league. So I don't know what you are on about there as it wasn't a big problem last season, the defending. Although it hasn't been good this season, which is something Rodgers needs to sort out as some of the defensive problems is down to the teething problems of this new attacking system.

    Yep, the team needed another striker and still does. Maybe should have juggled the Carroll situation better. But is the Dempsey debacle Rodgers' fault mostly? I don't know about that.

    Its one thing lecturing against blind supporting, but its another to blindly lecture.

  36. That is some case.....

    Yikes, you make it sound so easy to get in the top 4, yet that is why it is the usual 6/7 same teams always fighting for the 4 spots (with 2 of those always being Arsenal and Man United in the last decade) in the last decade or so. You mock Arsenal as a feeder club, yet they have been ever-present in the top 4 during this time.

    You mock the building approach point raised by others so you use Arsenal to mock that point yet you also praise Wenger for his talent spotting. Well a lot of the players bought by Wenger weren't exactly polished diamonds, which takes time to polish, ergo, your feeder club jibe at them but still contradictory use, as its basically two sides of the same coin that you are spinning here.

    You moan that Rodgers has continued the buy-British mentality by KK, instead of grasping the game is global. Yet he only has brought in one player who is British, the other 4/5 players being foreign. Hardly conclusive. He has benched KK's British buys of Downing, Hendo & Cole, as well as shipping out Carroll on loan and selling Adam. You seem to want to sell this line of Rodgers' falling for the buy-mostly-British mentality, yet it is not the case. I have criticised the club for spending a little too much on Allen and would have preferred Bilbao's Herrera but beyond that, not much else.

    Start bringing in 'top quality international players'? Yeh, good luck doing that without CL football and moderate financial backing. We were finding hard enough to find a million or two extra for bloody Dempsey and had to offload Carroll's wages to stand give ourselves some sort of fighting chance financially to bring in another striker, even then we flopped. We have gone on for far too long without CL money to justify the wages this squad has been on in the last few seasons. We were too high up the wages table for a side without CL money. The frugality was bound to happen sooner or later. Arsenal spend plenty on wages, even on mediocre players like Denilson and Bendtner (who they can't sell because clubs don't want to have to spend a transfer fee on them as well as the big wages they are on, so they loan them out instead) but they have got CL money to back it up.

    Two of the most successful teams in PL in the last 10 years have been Chelsea and United. They have had a great mix of foreign AND British players. Your Ashley Coles, Giggs, Terrys, Ferdinands, Scholes, Rooneys, Ferdinands, Lampards, etc, have been just important to those teams as the likes of Drogbas, Van Der Sars, Ronaldos, Cechs, Carvalhos, etc. It is about getting a good bunch of players with the right mentality, irrespective of nationality. I am not saying that our current bunch of British players are good enough but generally, nationality doesn't matter, as long as you are good enough.

  37. I am hoping that this season , is the reversal of last under Kenny .

    He started like a house on fire , but as the season progressed ,

    the team did not . This season as started poorly , but hopefully

    will improve .

  38. OriginalChan can you be serious...can you count the likes of Giggs, Rio and Scholes as serious players today? These players are well and truly past it, giving SAF serious headaches at the moment. Nearly 3/4 of the local lads we have at LFC are dross... Johnson, Downing, Carroll (still our player), Hendo, Steven....and these are England XI players. I praised Wenger's eye for talent and I encouraged BR to adopt the same eye for talent. All the youngsters Wenger has groomed have been nicked from him when they peaked. What is the result? Arsenal have no silverware in nearly a decade. One of BR's major weaknesses is his inaptitude in the transfer market. He always seems to put his foot in it, and lacks the savvy of more experienced managers when targeting acquisitions and also when attempting to off-load players for top dollar. The handling of Caroll is a case in pointing, and Downing looks headed the same way. Nay-sayers like Aitcheson ask "who would we bring if we got rid of BR?" Options are plenty! I simply point to the example of Chelsea sinking under AVB last season, and the immediate turn-around under Di Matteo. For goodness sake, even Swansea is doing better than LFC right now without BR!!

  39. I think Borini needs to play the central forward role and be given every chance there before everyone starts screaming out for a big money striker to sign in January.
    It has been stated by Henry last year that January is not a good time to buy value wise so i wouldnt be holding my breath for an expensive transfer to happen.

  40. BR is doing great under the circumstances but we definitely and urgently need 2 PROVEN PROLIFIC STRIKERS.All efforts must be geared towards acquiring those strikers during the transfer windows.Everything else is secondary.Huntelaar,Lloriente,Lewandowski et al come to mind.Falcao is ideal but remotely possible.

  41. Top article. Well said indeed.

  42. but rodgers did not buy sterling or suso is singings have hardly improved the squad

  43. I'm aware BR didn't buy SUSO or STERLING that's why I said introduced which is not the same thing.
    The point was more about you getting on the back of management while he's trying to give young kids experience in the first team.
    JOE ALLEN and NURI SAHIN look good to me and is a improvement on the squad or would you prefer HENDO, ADAM or SPEARING still playing in midfield?

  44. I said in the PAST TEN YEARS, in relation to the those players Giggs, Scholes, Ferdinand, etc. 2002-2012. You know the last past ten years where they have reached 3 CL finals and won many PL titles. I wasn't talking about TODAY, capisce? So that point of yours is absolute nonsense. READ.

    So can you be 'serious' and please bloody read properly. Oh my word. It is like you read my points and reply without getting the point of them.

    You go on about Hendo, Downing & Carroll, but I haven't said they are good. Secondly, what have those players got to do with your criticism of Rodgers in relation to them? If anything, he isn't a fan of them as he has benched those players, loaned them out or sold them. So his treatment of those players does nothing to back up your point over him. Odd. Secondly, I have many a time criticized Johnson, so I don't rate him and have been worried about Stevies's dwindling powers for quite a while now. But to put them in the same group as that lot, I don't know about that.

    Wenger brings in, most of the time, RAW AND UNPOLISHED talent that NEED to be groomed, yet you are saying Rodgers needs to have the SAME EYE for talent but he shouldn't bother polishing them. That is simply bemusing.

    The one big money buy Rodgers has made, Allen, has been solid and one of our better players. Rightly so, there is criticism over Borini. Beyond those two, there isn't much to criticise or praise in his signings considering their costs. So not sure you can be conclusively damning about his transfers as you have been been, as there isn't much to go on to date.

    Without intending to be insulting, I hope you have grasped the points before replying, instead of simply replying for the sake of replying and disagreeing.

  45. Although i think ouw owners are clueless. I still think br is the right man. People forget he wont show what hes about till next season. Aslong as we dont get relegated ill be happy. Our form since december is dreadfull. Fate has drawn us the hand we have so as fans have to suck it up.

  46. joe allen has created zero chances sahin is not a lfc player and if he carrys on playing well he will be out of our price range loan deals are for lesser clubs we loan players out who was the last player we had on loan

  47. i grasp that Monsieur Wenger is polishing the raw talent of Podolski, Carzola and Gervinho according to your strange reasoning, yet from where i am sat, these chaps came in firing. When BR arrived at LFC the only player he was clearly anti was Andy. He was willing to give Downing, Hendo et al plenty playing time in spite of their disperformance just like Kenny. The result was the worst start in a 100 yrs. An astute manager would have come in already aware (as we fans had complained from last season), that Downing et al including other senior players like Pepe should NOT be automatic starters but should be fighting for a jersey. Same goes for stevie, who at best should now be used as a super sub like Scholesy. It is fortuitous that the kids are playing well. Otherwise fact is BR failed to bring with him a critical mass of talismanic / game changing players, and instead came with very ordinary players in Borini, Allen. Compare this with signings other teams have made in the likes of Hazard, Oscar, Podolski,Carzola, Papisse Cisse, RvP...who have hit the ground running!

  48. look forward to it shame we cannot bet on it cause iam sure we will end up with less than last year

  49. hes had another 40 million to do it the results have been dire

  50. davee i would never slag lfc of to none lfc fans its just the shear frustration that i think under rodgers and more so fsg the club is looking at years in the wilderness

  51. In which universe Zev, do you think that LFC could have competed for the likes of Carzola, Hazard, Oscar and RVP? You have to ask yourself how much credibility you have by mentioning such ridiculous targets, both from a fee point of view ie, where does the £20m + fee come from, and a wage point of view. And please don't say it should be from selling the likes of Downing, Henderson etc because that ship has sailed; they wouldn't fetch the fee for Hazard between them right now, plus we would have to pay them out of part of their only 1 year old contracts

    We are not in the Champions League. That is probably the biggest single factor when bidding for top talent. We cannot charge the astronomical amounts that London clubs including Arsenal can for season tickets and corporate hospitality and swell the coffers that way. We finished some distance behind the top 4. Tell me how exactly that would allow us to compete head to head with Chelsea, Man City/Utd etc? Granted Cisse was a steal, but nobody else in the PL was in for him either, it was just the kind of high value for money buy I referred to earlier which you rubbished. Same with Jelavic.

    Given our circumstances, I believe our best way forward is to blend our up and coming young players with smart buys, aided by experienced older players like SG etc. Gerrad is out of form for me right now, and ditto Reina, but they are to be important in the transition period whilst our younger players bed in, and can have the type of effect players like Gary Mac had on the side as they are phased out. Once progress is made, and we are once again competing near the top areas of the table, we can then try to lure bigger names with the promise of CL, together with our overall wordwide appeal. To try this now without unlimited funds to buy is unrealistic.

    Carzola and Podolski are hardly rough diamonds, by the way. Both are experienced internationals, Gervinho is hardly RVP, had a good start but hardly world beating. Allen has been probably our best player this year, you fail to give BR any credit for allowing our kids to push aside £20m recent buys purely on their merits. Your idea is to bench Hendo, Downing, SG and Reina. The first two have been benched largely, as for Reina, we need a better backup than Jones as a first choice, and SG scored two in two odf the last 3 games plus at least one assist. Best kick him out then!

    You seem to like pouring scorn on others for opposing your views, better look closer to home...

    Nobody is saying we need to wait 10 years. It took the richest club in the PL , City, time to get it right even with billions behind them. And pep was NOT going to join us after saying he was taking at least a year out, even if he wanted to manage us which I doubt. Would love, but doubt.

    And by the way, building a club philososophy and ethos and developing kids is exactly how Barca and Spain have become no 1 over the last 5 or so years. Outdated?


  52. Can guarantee u will see none of those in January nice to dream though.

  53. Jaimie and many here will agree with me that this write-up is very tactical and controversial.Whenever he(Jaimie) castigate Liverpool or the manager or a player and notices the displeasure of the majority who have time to read it,his next article will be worth reading and motivating and tries to convince ;some; that he is of Liverpool.Jaimie's last article condemning Rodgers on Suarez and writing just a small paragraph on Huth stamping on Suarez;s chest while the rest of say 10 paragraphs of the same article were based on labelling and condemning Suarez showed all of us here that he is bias.I as well as many here were expecting Mr. Jaimie to dedicate one of his particular article writing only on Robert Huth;s stamping on Suarez;s chest and condemning it in totality and equally asking the FA for sanctions and also asking Pulis to talk to Huth,castigating Huth as a disgrace to football,but as obvious as Jaimie has been,he has written more than 8 articles on Suarez dive and only a paragraph on Huth stamping on Suarez.
    According to Jaimie diving is life threatening to a player health than stamping on someone;s chest or I see no reason for him forcusing on DIVES than STAMPINGS.
    Jaimie is just playing games with us here.This article is just trying to buy fans eyes here and for blind eyes to think he is a REAL Liverpool fan.I can categorise Liverpool and ManU fans here in two distinct categories and ask if Jaimie belongs to or not to any.
    1)All ManU fans do not like to hear anything good of Liverpool and will condemn any slightest wrongdoing from any person having link with them.Jaimie is good in this.
    2)Likewise any Liverpool fan do not want to hear anything good of ManU and will condemn in greatest terms any form of cheating by ManU or Fergie or any person linking with them.Jaimie hardly criticise ManU or criticise Fergie;s cheating of the game or hardly talk about Webb;s officiating many ManU matches or criticise Welbeck dives,Young dives van Persie's elbowing etc. but can write many articles on Suarez;s dive
    Jaimie over!!!!

  54. Jaimie and many here will agree with me that this write-up is very tactical and controversial.Whenever he(Jaimie) castigate Liverpool or the manager or a player and notices the displeasure of the majority who have time to read it,his next article will be worth reading and motivating and tries to convince ;some; that he is of Liverpool.Jaimie's last article condemning Rodgers on Suarez and writing just a small paragraph on Huth stamping on Suarez;s chest while the rest of say 10 paragraphs of the same article were based on labelling and condemning Suarez showed all of us here that he is bias.I as well as many here were expecting Mr. Jaimie to dedicate one of his particular article writing only on Robert Huth;s stamping on Suarez;s chest and condemning it in totality and equally asking the FA for sanctions and also asking Pulis to talk to Huth,castigating Huth as a disgrace to football,but as obvious as Jaimie has been,he has written more than 8 articles on Suarez dive and only a paragraph on Huth stamping on Suarez.
    According to Jaimie diving is life threatening to a player health than stamping on someone;s chest or I see no reason for him forcusing on DIVES than STAMPINGS.
    Jaimie is just playing games with us here.This article is just trying to buy fans eyes here and for blind eyes to think he is a REAL Liverpool fan.I can categorise Liverpool and ManU fans here in two distinct categories and ask if Jaimie belongs to or not to any.
    1)All ManU fans do not like to hear anything good of Liverpool and will condemn any slightest wrongdoing from any person having link with them.Jaimie is good in this.
    2)Likewise any Liverpool fan do not want to hear anything good of ManU and will condemn in greatest terms any form of cheating by ManU or Fergie or any person linking with them.Jaimie hardly criticise ManU or criticise Fergie;s cheating of the game or hardly talk about Webb;s officiating many ManU matches or criticise Welbeck dives,Young dives van Persie's elbowing etc. but can write many articles on Suarez;s dive
    Jaimie over!!!!

  55. JOE ALLEN is covering for a defensive midfielder (so he's not exactly gonna be creative is he).Do you watch LFC matches?
    AC MILAN and JUVENTUS have both used the loan system to bring AQUILANI from us in recent years are they the lesser clubs you were talking about?
    Who was the last player we had on loan before SAHIN (who cares) why is that relevant.
    Even though I put question marks don't bother to respond because this is getting more stupid with every reply.

  56. I said 'most' of his players are unpolished, not all of them. Again, READ. Secondly, Wenger has changed his youngster approach in the last twos seasons, which reflects in him bringing more mature players in like Cazorla, Poldi, Kos, etc. His talent spotting of the likes of Denilson, Bendtner, etc, has failed, yet you want Rodgers to have this eye for talent. That does nothing for your contradictory points. Gervinho has hardly been a success, for all his running, he has little end product to date. Cazorla is a fantastic buy, but most people who have watched him prior to Arsenal, would have known that. Poldi? He has been alright so far but nothing special. Reyes was great for his first half season and after that, what happened? He was cack. So don't get too excited mate. Cisse? He had a great first half season but to date in this season, he has scored no goals. You list players who have barely been in PL, who could easily flop in the long term, despite being good in the short term. So nothing to brag about, your examples in relation to your point (including Hazard as that is a stupid example to give as highlighted below, as he is bloody big talent that every man and his dog knew about but would cost big money) (although I am confident Cazorla will be a huge success, as I said at the beginning of the season.)

    Hendo has only started...erm...ZERO PL games. Downing has started a mammoth...erm...ONE PL game. That is some faith in those two players by Rodgers(!) Plenty playing time(!) Don't be silly, he has shown very little faith in these two. The guy rarely criticises his players in public and the one player to date that has suffered this fate, is Downing. Add to that lack of faith, he has shipped out Adam and put Carroll out on loan. Some faith in these players eh(!)

    Yes, Reina hasn't been great and hasn't been great for probably at least two seasons prior to Rodgers' arrival. I have acknowledged many times and have asked for the average Jones or Doni to be given a proper chance. Alas, like Rafa, like Hodgson, like KK, Del Bosque (in terms of squad selection), Rodgers seems reluctant to drop him. For that, he deserves criticism.

    Gerrard? He has been dying a slow death for ages but as with Reina, managers have been reluctant to dilute his influence. For that, Rodgers need to have look at.

    Hazard? Nice '£32m + £6m agent fees + £big wages + bring in his brother to sweeten the deal' example(!) Hilarious, absolutely hilarious.

    You say Rodgers should have done this and that and the other in the transfer market but with what financial backing eh? huh? The guy had to shift out AC on loan to make room for wages to be spent on another striker, yet the club still couldn't give him Dempsey. But hey, you keep on overlooking the troubles/frugality of FSG at the moment in the transfer market in general. READ. This is the second time I have made this point to you but you conveniently do not acknowledge the validity of it. Surprise, surprise(!)

    Yes, maybe Borini buy was questionable but its early days.

    You mock Borini, so why not mock Wenger for Giroud? Oh I forget, it all depends on your contradictory moods/points. as to whether Wenger gets criticism for his buys.

    Anyway, I am done going around in circles with someone who clearly doesn't understand what they are replying to, secondly, someone who makes contradictory points and thirdly, someone who comes out with some of biggest waffle I have seen to date on this website. Sorry to be harsh but boy oh boy, your posts are odd to say the least. Cheerio.

  57. waffle? Gervinho is currently perched as top goal scorer at Arsenal and you say he runs around with no end product...Podolski is 2nd top goal scorer at Arsenal yet you describe him as "nothing special"...sorry cant discuss serious football with a clueless fanatic like you.

  58. Gervinho has scored 7 PL goals in his Arsenal career, out of 21 starts and 9 sub appearances. Not even in 1-in-3 ratio but hey, what a success(!)

    Podolski has scored 2 goals in his PL career. Wow(!) He has barely been at the club, yet you are making out he is some success already. Jesus.

    Yet you got the nerve to call others clueless. That gave me a giggle. You got taught a lesson repeatedly, get over it and move on.

  59. My stats have Gerv and Poldi on 5 and 4 goals respectively this season. You can laugh all you want, but its that sort of return that enabled them to mug us, and also stay in close contention for 4th. You need to learn a lesson in checkin facts and basic arithmetic mate!

  60. First thing OC, go back and actually read what I said this time. I never said Pep would win the title this season. I said I think he's a better fit. And I do think that. I think the style of play and type of players he brought in at Barcellona is more the type of style Liverpool should be playing. It's proven success, wheras we have the guy from Swansea, who's done what again exactly? Oh yeah, nothing. I love that you're putting words in my mouth.

    If you want to take a personal jab at me about "blindly lecturing" it helps to read the bloody comment I wrote beforehand.

    Yeah, go back and look at the "Cara's getting old" and "Agger's always injured" or "what the hell is Johnson doing" talk from last season. Of course people were talking about it. The issues were known. When you look at the style of play that BR wants as opposed to KK, Kenny had everybody but Suarez back in the zone to defend. BR wants more people up. If all you do is play D, with almost your whole team, of course your stats will look great. When you're trying to score and pressure up top, you'd better have the right defense for that, and the writing was on the wall for that last season.

    Ok, the Dempsey matter, if not the coach, who? Does the coach have no say over the players he gets? Of course not, you're pulling stuff out of your ars* if you think otherwise. The Carroll situation, would the coach not say "I need a replacement for him before you ship him off somewhere?" That's simple team management. People complain about Rafa mouthing off about the owners in the press. If BR had just said, "the budget isn't there, don't get your hopes up," I'd have at least appreciated the honesty.

  61. I never said that YOU said Pep would win the title. It was a general remarky. Take your own advice and 'read the bloody comment I wrote beforehand'. Again, don't blindly preach. That was a funny and easy own goal by you there.

    Loads of people were boasting about how the team defended last season. Yes, there might have been a few people that were moaning about the issues but generally, I don't think it was bad as you make out. But I'll leave it at that, as its subjective on both sides I admit

    AC-Dempsey situation. BR is not solely in charge of the budget, there is Ayre and FSG to take into consideration for that as well as Rodgers, as well as other circumstances. Unless you know what goes on behind closed doors, you are simply pulling stuff out of your backside and it is simply, at best, theories. You would have to know what is going on behind closed doors to make the kind of conclusive assumptions you are making. I doubt you know what is going on behind doors. So I'll leave it at that, as its simply guesswork as to how the club goes about its transfers and budgeting, as well as the specific circumstances regarding Dempsey & Carroll. So I simply disregard that last paragraph as simply guesswork from your rear end. Well done.

  62. My stats are from ESPN website and I was only referring to the PL goals as I clearly stated. Feel free to check their site, if you can understand it that is. So you should check your understanding of stats as well as what people say and have the honesty to realise that it is simply shiiit, like a lot of the stuff you say but I doubt you have such awareness or honesty to realise the depth of errors. You was hyping up Gervinho and Podolsk, defending their end product. So I gave reliable stats to illustrate that is not the case and at least, it is early days. Stop moving the boundaries, I don't care about that 4th place point, as I am concentrating on your rubbish messiah-like hype about Gervinho and Podolski.

  63. I don't think you can say one way or the other, his support is his business. I confess to pondering the question myself but nobody will ever know for sure, and to be honest, what's the difference? I do know that more has to be done to make general reporting that bit fairer, Suarez is too easy a target, branded a racist when the panel, and even Evra have explicitly said they didn't think he was, branded a serial diver, when there were no more episodes of diving per tackle than many others, esp Utd players, but also the likes of Bale who apparently is far more at risk of tackles because he's 'fast', and therefore is allowed to go airborne whenever he feels threatened under the guise of avoiding injury. Utd have, as you have pointed out, 3 or 4 players guilty of similar exageration or dives.

    If anybody doubts my point, ask yourself how many column inches were devoted to this Rooney dive which is startlingly similar to Suarez' dive on Sat:

    Exactly the same situation. same catching of the player, the same extra step. the same dive.

    Bet very few people even recall it, let alone papers getting quotes from Fifa top brass.

    Rooney's not Johnny Foreigner, and plays for You Know Who.

    God forbid Fergie bans the press for highlighting it the way they have with Suarez, better keep it quiet...

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