12 Oct 2012

Blessing in disguise? Why Borini's injury could be a good thing for Liverpool FC...

Doom and gloom is back again! The media is having a field day over Fabio Borini's broken metatarsal injury; it's like Christmas has come early for Fleet Street hacks, many of whom are gleefully resurrecting the tired claim that Liverpool are 'crisis' as a result of the current striker shortage. Yes, the club needs strikers, but Borini's injury could end up being a blessing in disguise for Liverpool.

Don't get me wrong, the injury is a personal tragedy for Borini, but the reality is that he's contributed very little in the way of genuine attacking threat so far this season. Indeed, with only one goal to date (in the Europa League), it's not as if Liverpool are going to miss his goals.

The injury does, however, put Brendan Rodgers is a much stronger bargaining position with FSG. Prior to Borini's injury, the Reds boss already had a strong case for demanding funds to buy a striker, but now, he can make an unassailable business case for some significant January transfer activity.

Recovery times for metatarsal injuries range from 6 weeks (Wayne Rooney), to 4 months (Michael Owen), and I doubt Borini will be back in tip-top condition until mid-January at the earliest. Even then, he'll need to regain match-fitness, which could take even longer.

If this injury hadn't happened, FSG may have been less inclined to hand Rodgers funds in January, but now, they basically have no choice, which is why the Italian's injury could turn out to be a blessing in disguise (in that it will force FSG to provide cash for a striker)

Depending on who is signed, the benefits for the club could be immense, but if a new striker comes in and does well, it could be curtains for Borini, who may struggle to fight his way into a regular centre-forward slot.

Borini will be devastated by this injury right at the start of his Liverpool career, but it could lead something positive for the club, so he should take some heart from that.

Hopefully, all's well that ends well.

Jaimie Kanwar


  1. We need at least 2 new PROVEN strikers before Jan window ends. I fancy Demba Ba, Walcott, Llorente, Isco, Leandro Damaio and Soldado. All of them are tough targets, many clubs will join the race to sign them.

    Meanwhile, Jamie Carragher Given Subtitles For US' Being: Liverpool Audience.......LOL

  2. Yesil scored again for Germany lastnight:

    1) 27 goals in 30 games for Germany u16's-u19's
    2) 23 goals in 20 games for Leverkusen youth last season
    3) 57 goals in 71 games in total for Leverkusen

    This lad can score goals, still only 18 years-old but Owen was only 16 and much weaker physically than Yesil!!!!!

  3. I really do hope that young Morgan is now given a chance.
    The great benefit of LFC TV is you can see the kids and there are many stand outs but Morgan reminds me at least in build of Gerd Muller. If he is as 100th as good as him what a star

  4. LFCTV is excellent as we do see every game at all levels, superb.

  5. Gary Hooper is said to be joining Liverpool in January!!!!!

  6. play morgan, the title has gone and we will end up in mid table so why not blood every young player this year, by the end of the year work out who was good, sell the crap, buy in top quality next yr and then go for the title, quite simple really!!!

  7. liverpool4life5653:25 pm, October 12, 2012

    Andy Carroll recall January? :) maybe buy hooper,Walcott,llorente, I go for llorente:)

  8. God, no. Anything but an Andy Carroll recall.

  9. Play Yesil he is definitely worth a run a real star in the making i would also like to see young Sinclair given a decent run soon.

  10. so your saying the man who rodgers spent 12million on is no big loss so why would fsg want to give him anymore money when the second biggest transfer of rodgers carear is no big loss its hardly a ringing endorsement for the man your100% behind god with people like you on his side who needs enemys

  11. Yesil is certainly one for the future of that there is no-doubt. This season means too much for Brendan Rodgers and for Liverpool as a whole for him to depend on the goals for Yesil to spring us to a 4th place finish. Rodgers will want a man with more experience under his belt to lead the line. You can expect Liverpool to actually compete against other clubs for a prolific striker come January

  12. Apparently Gary Hooper has rejected a new deal at Celtic and his agent has an offer from Liverpool, the player can't speak to Liverpool himself but his agent can and is!!!!!.................Anyone hearing the same????

  13. Your right Chib and i see an experienced man signing in January, the football is very good but we need a finisher to help Suarez up front. Yesil, Morgan and Pacheco are good players, no need to worry too much!!!.............cheers!!!

  14. get soldado, pls, we need a proven goal scorer that will fit into the system that we are trying to play, i think he would quickly fit with ease

  15. IMO I think that John Henry will free up the cash in January due the the fact that Liverpool entertains the great ambitions of a fourth place finish and he knows that he will be held accountable if the club fails to get a favorable position come the end of the season due to the fact that Brendan Rodgers wasn't given sufficient funds to purchase a talented striker. This alone will get the Liverpool faithful to call for his head and it will see many fans hoping that some rich Arab sheiks snap up the club.

    Mr Henry is already on shaky ground when it became apparent that he wasn't gonna make any money available to bring Dempsey in on deadline day. He wrote a beautiful letter to the supporters reaffirming his commitment to the club and reassuring supporters that he plans to do everything in his power to move Liverpool forward.

    Well January provides Mr Henry with an opportunity to "move the club forward" by making monies available to Brendan Rodgers for him to go out and purchase a first rate striker. We are now in what I will call "crisis mode."

  16. I am not saying anything; the facts speak for themselves. You should rs and really learn to keep emotion out of things and look at situations objectively:

    * Irrespective of what I think about Borini, the fact is he has one goal so far, no assists, and he's made no real impact on LFC's attacking play.

    * To say LFC won't miss him is not attacking him, it's just stating a probability based on the current facts.

    * That doesn't mean he won't come good in the future. I've argued several times that Rodgers has played Borini out of position, which explains his lack of goals.

    * Just because Borini hasn't set the world on fire after TWO MONTHS does not mean Rodgers was wrong to sign him.

  17. I would like to see "Being FSG",maybe then we could see who we are dealing with.

  18. In as little a time as the next 2 years i predict that Liverpool foot-ball attack will be a one of the most formidable in the league. With a lot of precious gems being scultpted and molded into talented footballers by Brendan Rodgers the future really looks good for Liverpool fc. When the next generation of stars fully come into their own we will be the team to beat in the BPL. Mean while we just have to ride out this storm hold on till January buy a decent striker, and make tiki taka a religion in Anfield then we should finish in a favorable position.

  19. 'Look on the bright side' outlook aside, we should never have had to rely on a player getting injured in order for the club to get off their backsides to bring in a striker, as they should have brought in a striker well before Borini got injured.

  20. Absolutely right

  21. Good angle in this article... hadn't occurred to me about January... although, honestly I was thinking of the immediate impact. This means Suso can keep being a regular starter, and Sterling... furthermore, I'd like to see BR taking chances throwing Yesil, Pacheco and other strikers coming up through the ranks... We have benefited from the youth this season, maybe not through results yet, but performances have been excellent...

    Arguably, you can pick any of the up and coming youth stars and say that they are better performers than borini...

    Bring in the young guns!

  22. I still don't understand why Rogers has played him out of position all season!? surely we would have benefitted more by putting Suarez in the wide role?!?! anyway, he's out the picture now...

  23. Borini is only 21, he's been played out of position and he's at a new team. Get off his back and let the lad recover then develop. As for the shortage of strikers, here's a few who could help out;


    Another option is playing an advanced midfielder behind Suarez;


    Sterling & Asiadi can also play as strikers, so it's not as bleak as the media makes out.

  24. Hooper looks quite good. Movement, positioning and eye for goal. But not sure how he would do in premieship