12 Oct 2012

'He's fantastic' - Man Utd serial diver hails 'inspirational' Steven Gerrard.

Manchester United thug and serial diver striker Wayne Rooney gets another chance to shame himself in an England shirt tonight, but after a history of letting his country down in vital games, the 26-year old is determined to do England proud, and follow in the footsteps of Steven Gerrard, a player he describes as an 'inspiration'.

Rooney has proved time and time again that he has no concept of sportsmanship, class, humility or fair play, but as England's captain for tonight's World Cup qualifier against San Marino, he'll have no choice but to be on his best behaviour.

Like Rooney, Gerrard has consistently failed to inspire England to great heights over the years, but the Liverpool captain's temperament, professionalism and passion are always channeled in the right way, and this is something Rooney respects. He told Sky Sports:

"Steven Gerrard has certainly been an inspiration in my career.

"I saw his determination as a player, growing up. I saw his passion and desire to play for Liverpool and England, and that's fantastic".

If you believe the gross exaggeration and hyperbole of the British Press, players like Rooney are World Class superstars, capable of amazing feats of footballing genius at the highest levels of the game. Well, Euro 2012 emphatically debunked that laughable assertion once again, and in the process of defending Rooney's England failure , Steven Gerrard inadvertently explained just why the Manchester United striker is NOT World Class. He told the Press:

"At this level one of the biggest things is playing without expectation or fear. Since he's been around, there's been pressure because of his performances, and it is only normal if Wayne is weighed down with that feeling of expectation because everyone expects him to do well"

Gerrard's view perfectly captures the reasons why Rooney is not World Class:

* World Class footballers (WCFs) are not weighed down by the pressure of performing at the highest level. They thrive on the pressure, and have the mental strength to rise above the intense expectation.

* The ability to perform, influence and dominate games at international tournaments is what separates WFCs from every other footballer.

* The fact that Gerrard believes it's 'normal' for alleged World Class players to repeatedly buckle under the pressure is illuminating in and of itself. That just doesn't happen to the true greats of football, which is why they are worthy of being labelled World Class.

International tournament football is the highest level of football because it requires the strongest mentality. Players carry the hopes of an entire nation on their shoulders, which inevitably means the pressure and expectation is inarguably greater than that associated with domestic/European football.

As such, to truly be one of the best in the world, a World Class mentality is required, and Rooney just doesn't have that, and neither does any other England player.

No doubt, if Rooney scores a couple of goals against the mighty San Marino tonight, the Press will be shouting about his 'World Class' ability once again...

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Jaimie Kanwar


  1. AndWithSuchSimplicity4:27 pm, October 12, 2012

    Who really cares about En-ger-lund anyway?
    Might watch Eddie Stobart on Channel 5........

    Rooney is a terrific player.
    Gerrard is a terrific player.
    SUAREZ is a terrific player.
    Can we not just leave it at that?

  2. all true but give a dog a bone..
    he was excellent in shrek 2..

  3. No, I won't have that.

    Shrek Forever After was clearly his finest Hour.

  4. I dont really think International performance matters in judging WCP...
    Hardly 10% of all the matches are international matches for a year...i.e. if they are fit enough. Not the best way to judge a player.

    But I agree Rooney is what we call in cricket "flat track bully"...he is shit.

  5. I think youre over harsh on Gerrard, he's been Englands man of the tournament more than once.
    Rooney on the other hand is the most over rated player in football. He reminds me of the emperors new clothes. I cant think of another player who has played so badly for his country so many times (nearly a decade) (every tournament) and yet still is considered by experts to be a great player.

  6. No concept of sportsmanship, class, humility or fair play?

    He's at the right club then.

  7. They both have been utter rubbish like with most England players in international tournaments but of course, Gerrard players for LFC so understandable why you view it like that.

  8. Could be talking about either player!

  9. Does this mean that based on world cup performances Messi is not world class?