12 Oct 2012

Realistic target? LFC 'ready to offer €17m' for striker with 60 goals in 82 games...

Fabio Borini's unfortunate foot injury now means that Liverpool have only one first-team striker available at Anfield, and with the Italian likely to be out for a couple of months at least, the need for a new striker is even more acute than ever. With over two months until the January transfer window opens, Liverpool will inevitably be linked with every striker under the sun, and the latest goalscorer linked with the club is Galatasaray attacker Burak Yilmaz.

According to new reports in Italy, Liverpool have reignited their interest in the Turkish international, and are 'ready to offer €17m' to secure his services.

That may sound like a lot of money but Yilmaz is a natural goalscorer, and his stats are excellent:

* 55 goals in 77 appearances in his two years at Trabzonspor.

* Last season: broke Trabzonspor's all time scoring record in the league scoring 51% of their 65 goals.

* 5 goals in 4 games for new club Galatasaray.

In a recent interview, 27-year olf Yilmaz revealed his desire to move to a 'big' European club:

"I dream of a big European club, and my dream is to grow as a player.

Galatasaray is a big club, and given the fact Yilmaz only signed for the Turkish giants in the summer, it seems unlikely that they would allow him to move in January. Indeed, I can't recall too many situations where a successful player joined one club in the summer, and then left for another team 6 months later.

The earliest the Reds could hope to sign him would be next summer, but that would possibly be too late. A striker is needed in January, and I think it's safe to assume that it will not be Yilmaz.

Still, with such a prolific striker-rate, he's definitely worth keeping an eye on for the future. Having said that, at 27 years old, would FSG sanction a big money-bid?

Jaimie Kanwar


  1. We may not get him Jimmie. It's rare for a player to leave just after some months.

  2. Borini will be back in January. We will be told that this is like a new signing and we will sign nobody...

  3. very good option but i doubt he'll be availiable considering he joined recently...now that borini is injured it'll be intresting to c how morgan and yesil step up....

  4. Lol Jimmie :o)

    I like the look of this guy. Not the fact that he scored a lot of goals on You Tube, but it's the type of goalscoring that interests me. Watch his timing; he shoots before the keeper can get set, and before the inevitable challenge can materialise. Some good poacher's goals near post too.

    It's relatively easy to make someone look good in these compilations,(see the now infamous Stuart Downing vid), but as a former striker myself I always look at goalscoring technique, and this guy seems to have a good methodology about him. Should fit in if his attitude is right, we'll see....

  5. i think since kenny spent huge,he wasnt given any funds in jan...i think BR will defnitely be backed in jan..we'll defnitely c 2-3 players coming in...out??downing may be...

  6. you sound like Bill Kenwright at Everton thats what he always says to Evertonians

  7. How do you know the Americans will give him this sort of money, all indications are they are reducing the budget as much as possible like they have done at the Red Sox causing them to finish bottom the league and then they vanish in the background as the absentee owners they are, they will send you an open letter on Feb 1st making further excuses and expect you to buy it.
    I dont buy any of this stuff have had a season ticket since 1984 and I do not get the wool pulled over my eyes with all this rhetoric by people who dont know the difference between a goal and a home run.

  8. Why do people put these stupid filters on goal scoring complilations, it just looks rubbish, and makes me want to stop watching.
    Other than that, he looks good. But if he has only just changed clubs, it probably wont happen.

  9. i think John Henry should try to buy Falcao if he want a very good striker

  10. if it's only for the reason '..he just joined recently...' it's possible to get him because mireiles did smathing to us (he went to chelsea just after he joined lfc)
    however are fsg ready to pay the price of this player , this is the crucial issue to address

  11. kenny who or do you mean comolli the man FSG hired and fired and set the fee's and the carroll deal was done within weeks of kenny taking over the fact is chelsea's owner funded 62m of comolli's and kennys targets and don't forget suarez 23m he is worth 35m/45m and andy carroll 18/20m he cost 35m so thats 70m/80m, FSG got the club cheap and have spent no more than 45m of the own money and have made more than 80m shirt sponsors and 100m of warrior,and 20m of chevi. car deal thats 50m a year but brendan has bought well my arse name 1 player better than suarez

  12. Yeah , then Messi and Ronaldo for the wings, Xavi and Iniesta too. Stick to realistic targets, this isn't Fifa 13