30 Aug 2012

Line-up vs. Hearts: Suarez starts; Another exciting starlet gets a chance!

Liverpool manager Brendan Rodgers has named a very strong side for tonight's Europa League qualifying game with Hearts.

Several players are rested, including Daniel Agger, Jose Enrique, Raheem Sterling and Glen Johnson, and it looks like Stewart Downing will be playing at left back, something that Rodgers hinted at in his press conference yesterday.


Reina, Kelly, Carra, Skrtel, Downing, Henderson, Allen, Shelvey, Gerrard, Morgan, Suarez

SUBS: Jones, Johnson, Enrique, Agger, Coates, Borini, Sterling.


------------------------- Reina

Kelly ------------- Carra ----- Skrtel ---------- Downing

-------- Henderson ------- Allen ------ Shelvey

---------- Gerrard ------- Morgan ----- Suarez

It's great to see Adam Morgan get a start; hope he scores and forces his way into first team contention more regularly. Commenting on the line-up, Liverpool legend Robbie Fowler enthused:

"It's fantastic for Morgan. He did well in preseason, and I'm delighted for him. Let's hope he comes in and doe a good job. That position is his to play for, so maybe he can give the manager a headache if he does well"

Jaimie Kanwar


  1. If Adam Morgan scored it'd be brilliant!

  2. eyes on downing, but exciting to see morgan to start

  3. lets give morgan a go sell caroll and earn some bucks for the yanks jaimie ask you again what do you think about fsg making profit on justice 96 shirts nearly 10 pound dearer that gerrard 8 hope to god this story is not true but if it is then the partys over 

  4. Why isn't Suso getting a chance??

  5. I would like to see Gerrard play in the front 3 as he may be needed in that position given Carroll leaving and Sahin coming in. It may well be Jonjo or Henderson in the front 3 instead. Henderson being the player least able to play their.

    I would have liked to see another youngster on the bench ahead of two full backs. Suso or Pacheo or any of the other prospects to give them a opportunity to play in a game that we should be winning comfortably.

  6. Be interesting to see how downing does, and henderson for that matter, and if they fail to deliver in this match (against opponents no better then a decent league 1 team) can we please just sell them for whatever we can get!

    And anyone seen the CL Groups? i see Man Ure got the cushtiest group as per usual... But just like every year in every tournament it will be down to luck and nothing more...

  7. Glad to see Carroll go, good riddance! 

  8. i worry that suso is the next pacheco, really really promising but never really get the chance to shine

  9. I dont see why Henderson should be playing ahead of either Suso or Pacheco, he has had his chance and was abysmal let one of them have theirs

  10. This looks like a good selection but would have loved to see more youngsters in the team( suso or pacheco) and pls what time is the game...Nigerian time pls. Anybody?

  11. Tenner says he does, twice

  12. Whittakersheldon7:35 pm, August 30, 2012

    Hopping for Suso to get a chance

  13. Neiljamiesonhall8:01 pm, August 30, 2012

    I would expect Henderson to take up the wide right poition in the front three and Suarez to possibly remain central

  14. Like the way that BR brings youngsters into strong sides, always felt for years that it harmed youngsters when the only games they got were amongst other reserve players against lower league teams in the league cup.. The likes of Pacheco etc have been wasted doing this in the past

  15. Agreed - It means we can see the best of them. Would just have liked to see another youngster on the bench.

  16. Downing at left back - discuss

    Masterstroke by Brendan Rodgers or step on the path to exit for Downing. 

    It certainly seems an option at home as cover for Enrique where he can attack. Whether he can cut it defensively against the best is to be seen. 

  17. Looks as lethargic there as he does on the wing

  18. Can't really get into this game, the departure of Carroll has left something of a bitter taste for me, didn't think he got a proper run of games, not sure about the deal with West Ham, hope he proves all his critics wrong tbh, as for this game Morgan looks lucky to have not got himself booked in the first half, some decent attacking moves albeit without the finishing touch, Hearts so far are making a good game of it.

    I reckon we'll qualify nonetheless.

  19. Awful from Reina, awful.

  20. Can't believe Carroll's gone. We got only one striker now, Suarez. Borini is not a finished product...we are doomed. I hate BR for doing this, Carroll never got to prove himself to BR. Too arrogant tbh.

  21. Suarez You are so frustrating, want to slap you most of the time but you find a way for me to kiss you,

    2 home games and two draws......and anfield is meant to be a fortress. i am seeing trends of  last season.

    i do hope rogers proves me wrong , ill be the happiest fan ever

  22. I saw earlier comment, of people doubting Reina. Unfortunately, I am as well

  23. ha ha ha all u so called people who are brain washed about reina need to have a serious word with yourselves he is the worst keeper i have ever seen in the reds goal .i have been postin on this site how crap he is for months. tonite he should be at speke airpost with a one way ticket to spain we would be lucky to get 2 million for him.get rid asap

  24. I don't know what people are on about Reina is a fcuking legend, love the guy, and Suarez is what i call a proper Liverpool role model, sooo happy that they're still at the Club.....

    Yes i am. Over the freaking moon!!!!

    Really love this Club, brought me so much happiness in recent years...

    Disclaimer - 

    For those posters not acquainted with my post's please be aware that i am being TOTALLY and UTTERLY sarcastic!!!

  25. were is doni ?????????

  26. Rodgers is looking guilty of the same mistakes as King Kenny...fielding certain "blue-eyed boys" in every game despite their shoddy performances...Downing cannot put in a decent cross, cannot pass or control, it is time to bench him. Carra, Jonjo, Kelly, Henderson [as usual] all piss poor tonight. Carra is simply past it. Stevie G likewise...he no longer has the legs...the long range shot and the silky pass that we knew him for...there is no way Gerrard should play 90mins...when the new players come i hope he and the aforementioned dross are benched full time and restricted to cameo roles. Happy to hear BR is looking at possible competition for Reina...we have been complaining for years about the rubbish reina... 4th choice in Spain says it all.... compare him to the ever improving De Gea. As usual Suarez gave 110%... 

  27. I said yesterday that he had cost us point's and game's and yet again he nearly cost us this one (Reina I am referring to), time for him to pack his bag's! Absolute disgrace that goal he let in, hope BR agree's and sign's a replacement along with Sturridge ASAP, Reina just not good enough!

  28. Lol "as usual Suarez gave 110%"....love that bit, agree that Gerrrard should be benched, useless nowadays isn't he....

    Suarez = Legend

    Gerrard = Past it.

    Brilliant asessment, just brilliant!!

  29. Reina AND Suarez should of been fcuked off in this window in the same manner that we are fcuking off other players....IMO Kenny was arguably sacked for his handling of the dreadful and cringeworthy Suarez/Evra racist incident, Carroll has been fcuked off for under performing, so lets at least be consistent then MR JOHN HENRY...

  30. You must be a ManU fan

  31. Septimus_severus7:14 am, August 31, 2012

    Since Andy Carroll joined in Jan 2011 he has played 26 Premier League Appearances for Liverpool Football Club and only scored 6 GOALS.


  32. Septimus_severus7:24 am, August 31, 2012

    Lets be clear here Andy Carroll played 26 Premier League games since Jan 2011 and has only scored 6 GOALS!.
    That's why he is no longer in the team he simply is NOT good enough.
    Adam Morgan definitely deserves his chance and TRIED unlike Carroll who didn't try UNTIL it became clear at the end of last season he may be shuffled off.
    What kind of player demands the WHOLE team is designed to fit around there one dimensional abilities as Carroll does?
    To me I don't get angry with plays that TRY there hardest but fall short.
    Charlie Adam,Jordan Henderson,Jay Spearing all try but are simply not good enough.

    The performance yesterday was not great but we went through I'm not puzzled as to how Luis seems to miss the easy targets but take the difficult ones

  33. Ok, don't know if anyone's going to read this, but here goes:

    On Last nights game...


    Hearts played a very good game in my opinion, tirelessly chasing down a technically superior Liverpool who had majority of the possession. They got stuck in, closed down space and did well when they had possession. They always looked a threat and on some level deserved their goal. Their name is not "Hearts" for nothing as this truly describes their team and it's supporters! Touli was excellent once again!

    Well done Hearts! Better luck on the draw next time... watch this space!


    Wow, so much to say here, so I'll go through the team

    Reina: JK, Spot on with that earlier article on Reina, wow he looks dodgy! That goal was yet another howler... big cause for concern, plus his passing wasn't the greatest either. Hope we can get that keeper to challenge his position because he seems a bit of a liability at the moment!

    Kelly: The first time i saw this player, I was blown away. He has a solidness to him, he takes responsibility and hardly puts a foot wrong. sometimes his passing and decision making is a bit off, but this boy has all the qualities - Speed, height, acceleration, vision, stamina, defensive prowess!! Glen Johnson must keep a watch out, because Martin Kelly is real competition for his right back spot! Kelly showed his class last night, what a player!

    Carra: Carra showed his class last night too... getting on in years but shows he still has alot to offer LFC. Great backup behind Coates. Liverpool Legend JC is still the man and great to have around for the younger defenders!

    Skrtel: Improved performance by Skrtel! seemed to have shaken the error of the weekend off. no nonsense display, not a chance he was going to do a silly back-pass this time.

    Downing: Well surprise surprise, so finally we see some of those killer crosses from Stewie D. I think he has loads of potential in this position. Defensively he'll need to do a lot of work, but this was a revelation! Great stuff by BR

    Henderson: one word - IMPRESSIVE. This boy was buzzing all over the pitch, working hard, connecting passes, showing his vision. He looks well fit for the BR way... Hope we don't sell him today!

    Shelvey: Another great performance in my books, not as good as the city game but he was everywhere and tackling well, getting involved in attacks.... great stuff for Jonjo

    Allen: Class... not sure how much i can add. lost the ball once though.

    Gerrard: Vintage Gerrard performance, charging runs, vision and confidence oozing from him, working hard, tackling like the beast he is. Captain Fantastic Stevie G, my hero.... legend! pity he did not score. worried for arsenal though, hope he's not fatigued!

    Suarez: This boy is so damn brilliant, but wasteful! Could have bagged a couple more! His goal was sublime... only Luis Suarez.... never gives up and dons the Mersey red... love this lad!

    Morgan: I like the look of this kid. he missed quite a few chances, but the pressure of a buzzing Kop and first start for Liverpool, and also on an important European night, pressure is bound to have its mistakes made. Impressed! Always in the right place at the right time, works his socks off. He just needs to practice his composure under pressure. The difference between a game with 50 people in the stands in a youth game and a big match like last night is immense. Watch this space, Adam Morgan!!!

    Raheem: This boy is pure class! Send him into the fray!

    Borini: anonymous, but good celebration... this guy needs to step up!

    Brendan Rogers: The ever impressive gaffer! I know we only got a draw, but we needed a result. Hearts pushed us to the limit, but BR stayed his course. we dominated and I think the decision to play key players was a good one. Inclusion of Adam Morgan was a risky but inspired move. With all of the crosses from sterling and downing, I'm wondering if it was a good idea to send Carroll to WHam?

    anyways... in Brendan we trust
    Great, Memorable game.
    More of the same please
    I Love LFC!

  34. Thanks, I missed the game so good to have a bit of a report on the players.
    Also was Morgans goal rightly cancelled out? Shame he didnt get it!

  35. we played pretty damn well... BUUT, the demons from last season are haunting us... possession, great football, no end product. NEED TO SORT THAT OUT!

    Arsenal is a good game to do that in!

  36. Great analysis, SA Red. So far, 1123 people have read your post, so don't worry about whether people read what you write. Even if no one replies, thousands of people read :-)

  37. me thing thee added on 20 percent  more in marks my friend. Were i diagree is Gerrard giving the ball away and kelly panics at times with his last ball option. I think we were quite flat at times  (almost fell asleep) was just a good game for me and positives are the youngsters growing. Bottom line we have not won at home yet this season.

  38. Best moment to win is this weekend... nothing worse than a fake rise to prominence!

    We shall see