12 Sept 2009

FINALLY! Liverpool FC's last remaining barrier to winning the league will soon be gone.

Since 1990, many things have conspired to rob Liverpool of the league title, but one thing in particular has brought with it extraordinary bad luck. Liverpool fans should rejoice though as it looks like this long-running jinx could be lifted very soon.

I am, of course, referring to Liverpool’s sponsorship deal with Carling, which is reportedly set to end in mid-2010. Carslberg is/was part of the ‘Triumvirate of Doom’ (ToD), the other members of which were Rick Parry and David Moores. Just look at the following and consider the unifying factor:

* David Moores – Chairman from 1991-2007
* Rick Parry – Chief Executive from 1998-2009
* Carlsberg - Sponsors from 1992-2010

Whether it’s bad luck, bad karma, a jinx or whatever, Liverpool have have failed to win the title during the tenure of the ToD.

Luckily, every time a member of the ToD has been removed, Liverpool have improved a little in the league. For example, on the 25th February 2009, it was announced that Rick Parry would be leaving the club at the end of the 2008-9 season. After that announcement, Liverpool went on a superb run in the league that led to the club’s highest ever Premiership points total!

Carlsberg is the last member of the ToD to be jettisoned, which hopefully means that the title should be on its way to Anfield very soon!

All we need now is Nelson Mandela to be imprisoned again and we’re laughing all the way to the title!
Why Nelson Mandela is to blame for LFC's failure to win the title

NB. This article is tongue in cheek – I am not seriously suggesting that Mandela should be sent back to prison.


  1. Intresting article Jaimie, and you know what stranger things have happened mate!!!

    Ps Glad to see you have mentioned this was tongue in cheek cos some of your other postings have been taken deadly serious by some of the other liverpool fansites.

  2. Bring back 'Crown Paints'!!;)

  3. Not bad! There's a sharp eye when we need one! :-D

  4. Now that we are getting rid of Carlsberg. Liverpool will win the league next season. No doubts !