12 Sept 2009

FOOTBALL CHEATS: No 17 - Jurgen Klinsmann (Germany v Argentina 1990)

I had to include Klinsman's infamous dive in the series as it is arguably one of the most shameful examples of football play-acting ever.

Argentina's Pedro Monzón admittedly hurls himself into the tackle, but as you can see from the video, there is no contact. Klinsmann theatrically vaults the tackle, and upon hitting the deck, writhes around in apparent agony, his body squirming as if he's having some kind of seizure.

I've highlighted 15 other dives in this series so far but none are as blatant and cynical as this one. It's not even the dive that is the worst part, as it's possible to make the (tenuous) argument that Klinsmann jumped to avoid Monzón's fierce-looking tackle.

It's what happened *after* the initial dive that is most disgraceful aspect of this gross act of cheating. Klinsman basically took the opportunity to do everything he could to get a player sent off, and he succeeded.

There's just no excuse for that.


  1. Excellent stuff, the defender tried to foul him so he got what he deserved!

  2. Awful tackle in my opinion. Luckily Klinsmann was able to avoid it. I think he actually jumped to avoid it. I don't remember the game that well but the commentators in this video said that Monzon did previous late tackles in this game and should have had yellow card before. Of Course that doesn't explain Klinsmann's play-acting after the tackle, but maybe he tried to protect himself. It shouldn't have been a red card, but I really can't blame Klinsmann. It was an awful tackle. Monzon didn't even try to hit the ball.

  3. Why did you jump so far back to past players as Klinsman? Lack of material for your series? How did you miss this one then?:P

    There's no one as blatant as this one in your series, eh? ^^


  4. The pederson dive is on my list; the series is not just about the premiership, it can be dives from any level of football.  I'll add the Pederson one soon ;)

  5. If it's like that, could you help me name this one, because I get confused he's diving or doing rehearsal for a theatrical play :P


  6. This was a terrible World Cup. We still had the pass-back, the professional-foul and the diving was incredible. One to forget.

    Before Klinsmann came to Spurs - when we saw how good he was close-up - I only thought of him as a cheat. It's even more pitiful that such a talent feels the need to bring shame on the sport.

  7. Jaimie, you are full of shit. You are confusing blatant diving and acting (typical for Italians, Ronaldo, Argentinians) with when someone just falls because of inertia, or contact (not enought for penalty, but contact neverthless). And Klinsman's was no dive, where are your eyes? There was a contact, and Monson hit him in his leg.

    How come your list has no one from Italy, or Argentina? They are masters and inventors of diving, and instead you are putting Gerrard on the list???

    Unblievable, you are full of shit, man