14 Sept 2009

Graeme Souness: A manager who injured his own players?

Liverpool legend Graeme Souness was tough-tackling monster of a player who combined prodigious talent with a ferocity that made him feared by the opposition. It seems that this mean-streak continued into his managerial career, with one of his own players on the receiving end of a deadly Souness special.

In a recent interview, former Manchester United player Andy Cole revealed how Souness scythed down Dwight Yorke in training whilst both players were at Blackburn:

"Graeme Souness bought us together hoping that we would replicate our United success. There was a problem though - Blackburn didn't have the quality we'd had around us at Old Trafford. That led to Souness falling out of love with the pair of us and we felt that he was trying to knife us.

"Souness did Dwight in a tackle in training, causing a gash so deep in his shin that you could see the white of his bone. He could have broken his leg. Dwight was still spitting bullets when I heard the commotion as he slaughtered Souness in the canteen-right in front of Blackburn's chief executive".

Even after heart-bypass surgery, Souness could still take players down like no one else. Of course, this is a shocking incident and I do not condone such violent behaviour on a football field...but Yorke was an ex-Manc, so he had it coming* ;-)

Well in, Souey!*

* This part is a joke. I'm not being serious. I repeat: I am not being serious. I do not condone injuries to players, even if they are Mancs! (the story is true - quote taken from an Andy Cole interview, as I state in the article itself.


  1. Is the whole article a joke?

  2. Mate Jaimie Kanwaar is a joke.

  3. No - justy the bit about me condoning an injury to an ex-Manc. The quote is taken from an interview Andy Cole did recently:


  4. ive just noticed to the right of this page that 'jaimie kanwar' has biggr font than rafa benitez, stevn gerrard, in fact bigger font than anyone.  unbelievable.

  5. Souness was a fantastic player, he could tackle, superb passer and most of all a fantastic leader but can you imagine how many times he would have been sent off in the modern game with his agression.

    Such a shame a lot of fans wont give him much credit for his playing career here after his stint as manager.

  6. The are labels - the more posts there are on a particular topic, the bigger the label.  This is standard practice.  I've written the most stuff on this site thus my label will obviously be the biggest. but I'm sure you knew that.

  7. Oh dear. Dont give up the day job  ;)

    If you are thinking of material to write about, here are 3 topics you might want to consider:

    1) Effectiveness of Lucas - I know he comes under a lot of stick, but the one thing I noticed when watching the highlights of the Burnley game was how free and attacking SG was. We know that when he feels he needs to fulfil defensive duties, he is pretty ineffective, which means that Lucas must have been pretty effective behind him - albeit unnoticed.
    2) Aurelio to replace Alonso - okay. not a like for like, however, Aurelio is a very good passer and he used to play in CM for RB at Valencia. Plus we have more cover at LB (Insua, Dossena). From memory, he played CM last year and did pretty well.
    3) I will think of a third. I need to get to work