14 Sept 2009

VIDEO EXCLUSIVE: New Liverpool signing Michael Ngoo in action

Before Michael Ngoo signed for Liverpool he was on trial at Manchester United, and played in the recent 'Milk Cup' tournament. Here is some good footage of the player in action against Club Cantolao.

The footage is hosted on the BBC website - click here to view --->>>

Ngoo is wearing the number 18 shirt. Look out for the following:

1.24 – Takes the ball to the byline and gets in a cross
2.08 – Lays off the ball to provide a shooting opportunity
2.31 – Takes on a couple of players and gets in a shot
4.36 – Involved in the build up to a goal

*cliche alert* Pretty good touch for a big man.

Now where have we heard that before?

NB.This is an exclusive because no other Liverpool website on the net has posted footage of Ngoo playing. The BBC video is from weeks ago, way before Liverpool even signed the player. In this context, it is an exlusive.


  1. Great work finding this Jamie. I can't say the lad looks particularly good compared to some of the others but I'm no scout! My mate's son is 14 and 6'2" tall, he has a mean left foot and has been the top scorer in his league for the past 4 seasons.

    Everton took him on trial and played him in central defence. Is it any wonder the young English lads don't make it!

  2. Hmmm... can you imagine a forward line of N'Gog, Ngoo and Amoo playing up front for Liverpool? 

  3. a second ngog flop,dont keep ball too much and no great skill

  4. He's reminds me a lot of Crouch, if they can beef him up a bit more than Crouch is and retain a decent touch could be a interesting Crouch / Heskey style player. Would prefer more of an Adebayor and I'd be happy if he scored and celebrated like that in front of the Manure fans!! haha

  5. Lets just rememeber N'Gog, Ngoo and Amoo are all kids under 20 years old. Little early to judge any of them. Good finf Jamie.

  6. Ngog, Ngoo and Amoo? The makings of an awesome chant! :)