11 Sept 2009

WHAT A SHOCK! More lies from the Daily Mail about Liverpool FC

The Daily Mail is 'reporting' that Rafa Benitez is interested in signing Chelsea defender Alex next summer. After its lies about Glen Johnson's alleged salary, it is clear upon reading the 'story' that the Mail is making things up once again.

Here is the bulk of the story:

Liverpool boss Rafa Benitez is ready make a shock move for Chelsea defender Alex as he bids to boost his defensive options at Anfield. The Brazil international is out of contract at Stamford Bridge next summer and, as a free agent, is attracting a number of high-profile clubs.

Sportsmail understands that the 27-year-old wants a longer deal than the two-year extention offered by Chelsea. Leaving on a free could be lucrative, with suitors ready to increase his £30,000-a-week deal.

Bayern Munich, AC Milan, Juventus, Lyon and Real Madrid are among other clubs linked with the former PSV Eindhoven player, who is currently out with a groin injury.

No quotes from anyone connected with Liverpool FC; no sources whatsoever. Is this what reporting the 'news' is all about at the Daily Mail?

Some might argue that it is merely long-range speculation (!) but given the Mail's track record of making things up about the club, I prefer to think of it as lies.

The Mail recently 'reported' that Glen Johnson was earning 139k a week. I wrote an article at the time explaining how this figure was absolute nonsense; I even contacted the club about it, and the press office confirmed no one had spoken to the Mail about Glen Johnson.

I wonder what lies they'll come out with next?

The funny thing now will be to see how many Liverpool sites/blogs pick up the story and regurgitate it.

NB. By 'regurgitate', I mean run with the story as if it's news. I think that's obvious!


  1. "The funny thing now will be to see how many Liverpool sites/blogs pick up the story and regurgitate it"

    What, you mean starting with yours?

  2. the irony of you regurgitating this...real fans know not to read the mail just like we know not to read the sun or your site...toodles

  3. I agree the daily Mail's article is a load of rubbish. We have sufficient cover in defence now and our injured players are coming back now or in a few weeks - which will give Rafa more options to think about.

    I know this is un related to this article but have to say the critcism Glen Johnson received after that stupid Slovenia game is beyond a joke. I remember not so long ago, how many praises he was getting by these so called experts.

  4. Jamie Kanwar, any time I seem to stumble onto your site it makes me more and more certain you're masquerading as a Liverpool fan.
    Are you a Chelsea fan?
    You seem a bit upset by this latest story.
    How are you so adamant that this story isn't true, any inside knowledge?
    If you were a true Liverpool fan your initial response might be one of surprised delight. He's a great option to have especially if he's on a free, and not forgetting the free he scored against us.
    You, on the other hand, sound disgusted.

    What's the truth James, are you a fraud or what's up with you lad?

  5. It's obvious that I'm referring to other sites picking up the story and reporting it as news.

  6. The Daily Mail is a rag! End of story.

  7. Alex is not a bad player, but it's a year till next summer and speculation silly-season seems to have already begun!

  8. Absolutily NO CHANCE......Maybe MANURE will have him, alongside OWEN,....because the writer of this utter rubbish and, assisted by the MAIL, must be a MANURE supporter.....so The Mail is doing a great job in loosing more readers.......

  9. Alex is trying to put some pressure on Chelsea to improve his contract. It looks like blatant blackmail: "Give me a better contract or else I will go to Liverpool".  Anyway it's a good news: there is some unrest in Chelsea dressing room.

  10. Well, everyone who have some sense should know this is not true. Which quality player would join a club which is on the verge of administration in 12 months' time?  And which qulality player would join a club which is not even willing to sign Mark Viduka when his striking force is one Torres away from absolute crab? Everyone knows LFC is doing it on the cheap by keeping the status quo (no new signing) with the naive hope that this could still give them ECC football next year. But I beleive this decision will prove to be fatally wrong when you see teams like Man City or even spurs have got all they need to take everything away from LFC.