23 Sep 2016

'He's Not Poor': Molby rejects criticism of 'brilliant' €23m Liverpool star; urges Klopp to start him vs. Hull

After his midweek debut against Derby County, Loris Karius is primed to replace Simon Mignolet as Liverpool's number one goalkeeper, but according to Reds legend Jan Molby, Mignolet deserves to keep his place.

In a recent site poll, 67% of 5300 (approx) participants voted for Klopp to dump Mignolet. Molby isn't having it, though, and in his column for the Liverpool Echo today, he insisted:

"I don’t think we learned anything about whether Karius will be the number one. I’d expect Mignolet to continue. I don’t think he has been as poor as some people make out. He’s doing okay".

I'm no fan of Mignolet^, and I've constantly called for him to be replaced, but looking at the situation objectively, Molby has a point. With only 3 goals conceded in his last 4 games, Mignolet is currently in a solid run of form, which has coincided with Liverpool's improving performances.

That said, only 4 other teams have conceded more Premier League goals than Liverpool this season, and three of those four 'keepers play for teams in the relegation zone (Bournemouth, West Ham, and Sunderland).

All players should stay in the team if it's merited by their current form, but it was obvious before Karius signed that Mignolet needed to be replaced. As such, now that Karius is fit, there's little sense waiting for the Mignolet to make a mistake, which he inevitably will at some stage.

A change is long overdue...

^ €23m-rated (CIES Football Observatory).

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