23 Sept 2016

Anfield MegaDeal: Klopp insists Liverpool could've sold 'fantastic' attacker for '£80m'

In 2015, Liverpool committed glorious daylight robbery by conning £49m out of Man City for Raheem Sterling, but according to Jurgen Klopp, the Reds should've held out for a much bigger fee.

In his pre-Hull press conference on Friday, Klopp seemed surprised to learn that Liverpool received 'only £49m in transfer fees for Sterling, and suggested that Reds should've sold him for '£80m'.

With respect to Klopp, no is going to pay £80m for Sterling. He's barely worth £49m (IMO), which is why it was so refreshing to see the Reds turn the tables and - for once - fleece another club for an overpriced English player.

In a Seinfeldian bizarro world, Sterling - hailed by Pepe Guardiola as 'fantastic' - may be worth more than Luis Suarez, but in the real world, the idea is ludicrous. Serenity now!


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