5 Apr 2017

Anfield Shocker: Klopp confirms surprising Liverpool change for tonight's game. Mistake or inspired?

Liverpool boss Jurgen Klopp has confirmed that he's planning a change of approach for tonight's Premier League clash with Bournemouth.

Under Klopp, Liverpool are (ostensibly) an attacking team; always on the front foot, hassling players and getting forward at every opportunity.

This 'heavy metal' approach pays dividends on the goalscoring front, but the negative byproduct is often huge gaps in midfield, positional indiscipline, and defensive disorganisation.

Well, Klopp appears to be throwing in the towel somewhat, and he claims that the Reds will take a more defensive approach against Bournemouth tonight. During his pre-match press conference on Tuesday, Klopp insisted:

"It's not about how we can play perfect football now. We go for results. The first thing I'll think about is 'how can we defend Bournemouth', not 'how can we create 27 chances'.

Given how much is at stake over the next 8 games, this change of appears to make sense. Liverpool are within touching distance of the Champions League, and Klopp clearly wants to capitalise on this, and ensure that the Reds don't throw it all away by throwing caution to the wind.

That said, it remains to be seen whether fans will tolerate a more defensive approach against inferior opposition at home. In away games, it makes sense, but at Anfield?

Is Klopp right to go defensive for the final stretch of the season?


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