22 Mar 2017

Transfer Sensation: 'World-class' €90m superstar confirms he'd consider signing for 'Liverpool' in the future

One of the world's best players has name-checked Liverpool as a possible future transfer destination.

When asked this week about the possibility of a transfer to the Premier League at some point in his career, Barcelona star Neymar - who is close friends with Liverpool attacker Coutinho - admitted:

"Someday, I would like to play in it [the Prem] yes. I admire Man Utd, Chelsea, Arsenal, and Liverpool. These are the teams that are always there fighting".

As any sane fan will concede, there's no chance that Neymar will every play for Liverpool, and I'm fine with that. Neymar is a a quality player, but he's also a greedy, showboating poser who (IMO) represents everything that's wrong with the millenial invasion of the modern game.

Plus, alongside his constant (and shameless) tapping up of Coutinho, Neymar (indirectly) dissed Gerrard back during the 2012-13 season. Speaking to reporters at a Brazil training camp in February 2013, he observed:

"England are a good team but I don't see them as one of our main rivals for the World Cup. They rely too much on Rooney, once you look past him you don't see an obvious player who can win them a match".

This kind of comment just underlines Neymar's ignorance, and total lack of self-awareness. At that time, Gerrard was still at the top of his game, and just a year later, he led Liverpool to within two points of winning the Premier League. Granted, his record with England is not the greatest, but it's still an unnecessary diss.

As for Neymar to the Premier League: if he gives it a shot, he'll go to the club that pays him the most, and that'll be either Chelsea, or Man Utd, where his giant ego and tactless manner will fit right in.

* Cost Barcelona €90m. Hailed by Gerrard as 'world-class'.


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