22 Mar 2017

Deal Close: Klopp confirms he's 'completely convinced' Liverpool will sign 'brilliant' €38m star on a new contract

Jurgen Klopp is convinced that Liverpool will soon reach an agreement with one of the club's most polarising players.

In his pre-Man City press conference last week, Klopp told reporters:

"We are in talks, and Emre likes to be here.”

When asked this week about Can's contract situation, Klopp insisted:

“We are completely convinced, he is convinced, I am convinced [that he'll sign]. It will happen, or not, but it’s a normal thing too. In this moment it’s all good.”

This situation once again illustrates the fickleness and short-termism of some fans. Can's form has slightly improved over the last couple of weeks, so the prevailing view has suddenly changed from 'he's not good enough' to 'he's actually a great player!'. The constant flip-flopping really is hilarious.

So Can had 1.5 good games over the last two weeks? Big deal! 120 minutes does not define a season, and Can's form should be considered in the in the context of the last three years of underwhelming performance. Plus, Can is angling for a massive pay rise (that's exactly what a contract extension entails), so improved performance during contract negotiations is hardly surprising.

Can is just like Mignolet: capable of short bursts of good form, but will ultimately make mistakes and/or let the team down. And like Mignolet, the end result will probably be the same: an unwarranted new long-term contract. This is Liverpool to a tee, though: endlessly giving average players too much time instead of being ruthless and replacing them.

Can cost £10m, and his value has undoubtedly increased, so just flog him to the highest bidder, and sign a better player! Or, are we to believe that there's no other midfielder in world football capable of surpassing the genius of Emre Can?!

^ Can: Hailed by James Milner as 'brilliant'. €38m-rated (CIES)


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