25 Mar 2017

Aldo insists: Liverpool must smash transfer record and sign '£60m' striker who's 'like Suarez'

Anfield legend John Aldridge has urged Liverpool to smash the club's transfer record this season and sign one of the world's top strikers.

In his column for the Liverpool Echo this week, Aldo slated the Reds' de fact policy of buying mid-range, mid-priced strikers, and insisted that Klopp needs to buy a player 'like Luis Suarez'. He explained:

"Chelsea and Man Utd are going to spend £50m-£60m on a forward this summer [and] it needs to be done [at Liverpool]. Yes, you can buy a striker for £30m, but if you want a true guarantee of goals at that top level, you have to match what the others are paying".

Fernando Torres and Luis Suarez both cost less than £30m, but they are the exceptions rather than the rule at Anfield.

In football, you often get what you pay for, so in that respect, Aldo is right: pay big bucks for one of the world's top strikers, and there's more guarantee of regular goals.

The problem is that the very top strikers will also be pursued by the world's biggest clubs, and if the Reds are up against Barca, Real, Bayern, Juve, PSG etc, then there's very little chance that the very best will choose Anfield.

According to some fans, Jurgen Klopp has the requisite 'pull' in the transfer market to give Liverpool an advantage, but I'm yet to see any real evidence of the fan- perpetuated myth.

So: in the spirit of targeting the world's best strikers, who should Liverpool attempt to sign? In a recent column for the Irish Independent, Ronnie Whelan insisted that Klopp should target big guns like Higuain, Cavani, and Griezmann, but even the most deluded optimistic Liverpool fan will conceded that these names are beyond the club's reach.

Vardy and Defoe it is, then!


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