24 Mar 2017

Deal Close? 'World-class' €90m attacker admits he's desperate to play with 'amazing' Liverpool star

Neymar is at it again! The Barcelona maestro just can't shut up about Phillipe Coutinho, and he's once again engaging in blatant tapping-up of Liverpool's star player.

In an interview with PokerStars this week, Neymar enthused:

"A Premier League player that I would like to have in Barcelona is Coutinho. I believe he is a player that would totally fit in Barcelona".

This is now the fourth time that Neymar has publicly exhorted Coutinho to sign for Barcelona:

* Sep 2015: "I see many Brazilian players with quality, but one that I think could play here is Coutinho. He has the style of Barcelona."

* Oct 2016: "Playing with Coutinho is always a joy. We’ve been mates for years. We’re made to play with each other".

* Nov 2016: "Coutinho is a great player, I'd like to play with him at Barça".

Earlier this month, According to Diario Gol claimed that Neymar is desperate for Barcelona to sign Coutinho, and that's obvious from his regular public pronouncements on the issue.

In my view, Liverpool should file a complaint with UEFA for tapping-up. Coutinho is good friends with Neymar, so he'll probably put a lot of stock in his opinion, and it's not beyond the realm of possibility that his head will be turned by the constant please to sign for Barca.

Coutinho's form has tailed off since his return from injury, so perhaps he has one eye on Barcelona already?

* Coutinho: Hailed as 'amazing' by Joel Matip.


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