25 Mar 2017

You're a Coward: Liverpool legend slates £85m superstar and slates 'moron' fans for defending him

Liverpool legend Dietmar Hamann has launched a scathing attack on Real Madrid star Gareth Bale for his horrific challenge on Ireland international John O' Shea.

Reacting to Bale's 'reckless' and potentially leg-breaking challenge on O'Shea, Hamann described fans defending Bale's challenge as 'morons', and raged:

"How was Bale not sent off here? The Ref got that wrong. Trying to tell me that Bale went for the ball? Cowardly. O'Shea can count his lucky stars."

Did is absolutely spot on here. Bale should've been red card for his pathetic challenge on O'Shea, but the ref bottled it due to (IMO) Bale's status in the game.

Minutes later, the ref sent off Neil Taylor for breaking Seamus Coleman's leg, but Taylor is a comparative nobody compared to Bale, so that made the decision much easier.

If Bale had connected with O'Shea, he probably would've broken his leg, and if the ref had done his job and sent off Bale, Taylor might've thought twice about lunging in on Coleman.

I know from first-hand experience what can happen when a referee fails to act decisively on dangerous play. A few years ago, I suffered a broken leg (double-fracture) as a result of a similarly rash assault, and believe me, it 'aint fun (!)

What makes this even worse is the legions of moronic fans defending, and rationalising Bale's challenge (just check Twitter). It makes me sick, and it's just another example of how these idiots will always make lame, irrational excuses to defend their favourite players.

In my view, any 'tackle' that involves sliding across the ground with studs raised should be an automatic red card, irrespective of contact.


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