19 Feb 2017

Deal Close: Liverpool agree massive record-equalling deal for 'brilliant' £50m attacker

One of Liverpool's most inconsistent players has reportedly agreed a gigantic new deal.

Earlier this month, The Telegraph claimed:

"Talks between Adam Lallana and his representatives over a new deal are at an advanced stage".

Now, The Mirror reports:

"Adam Lallana has agreed a fresh £150,000-a-week deal at Anfield [and] will pocket £31.2m over the course of the new contract"

So, The Telegraph's earlier story wasn't a nightmarish hallucination (!)

Sorry, but this is just sickening. £150k-a-week [for is totally undeserved, but it's indicative of Liverpool's penchant for handing players massive contracts without considering the future implications. For example: the Reds handed Reina, Johnson, Enrique huge long-term deals, and then struggled to get rid of them once their form hit the skids. Meanwhile, Liverpool hemorrhaged money, which inexorably led a concerted effort to reduce the wage bill. You'd think the club would learn from these mistakes, but the negative trend has continued:

* Jurgen Klopp: Given a 6-year deal less than one year into his initial 3-year deal. Rewarded despite regression in the league and failing to outperform Brendan Rodgers.

* Joe Gomez: got a new 5-year deal when he already had FOUR YEARS remaining on his contract.

* Simon Mignolet: Unfairly rewarded with a new 5-year contract despite being the Premier League's most error player (!)

now, FSG is making the same mistake with Lallana, though this potential decision is far more egregious. A fair appraisal of Lallana's overall impact shows regular and damaging inconsistency:

- 2014-15: No assists for 5 months (Dec 28th till the end of season).

- 2014-15: 1 goal in 18 games (Sep 13 to Nov 23)

- 2014-15: 2 goals in 21 games (Jan 1st till end of season)

- 2015-16: Failed to score for 21 games in a row (Oct 4 to Jan 17).

- 2015-16: Failed to scored for 12 games in a row (Mar 6 to Apr 23)

- 2015-16: One paltry assist in 13 games (Mar 17 to the end of the season)

- 2015-16: Not in the Premier League's top 20 for assists or key passes.

- 2016-17: 1 goal/1 assist in last 12 games; Nothing for 9 games in a row.

This is worth £150k-a-week? What a joke.

* Lallana: PSG reportedly made a £50m bid. Hailed as 'brilliant' by Alan Shearer.


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