10 Feb 2017

Anfield Miracle: Klopp reveals his stunningly ambitious 'dream' for Liverpool FC. Impossible...?

Liverpool may be in the midst of the worst run of results in decades, but Jurgen Klopp is determined to finish the season strongly.

In his pre-Spurs press conference today, Klopp insisted that Liverpool can salvage the season after the trainwreck of the last month, revealed his improbable goal for the next few months:

"In my dreams, we can win 14 games. I know how it sounds, but I cannot change my dream. That’s what I’m working for".

That's quite an objective, but in order to achieve it, Klopp will have to break current records, and take Liverpool on an unprecedented (and unlikely) winning streak. Current Premier League records:

* Arsenal [2002]: 14 wins a row (Albeit across two seasons)

* Chelsea [2016]: 13 wins in a row

Klopp will also have to break Brendan Rodgers' superb record of 11 wins in a row during the 2013-14 season, a year when Liverpool came within 2 points of winning the title. Rafa Benitez also presided over a 10-game winning streak during the 2005-6 season. Klopp's personal best so far? a 4-game winning run earlier this season.

If Liverpool somehow contrive to win the next 14 games, the club will finish the season on 88 points, which should, in theory, be enough to win the Premier League. Unfortunately, even if Klopp achieves his goal, Chelsea only need to secure 30 of the 42 points still on offer, which will put them on 89 points at the end of the season.

Can Liverpool do it?


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