2 Feb 2017

Anfield Shocker: Klopp makes crazy claim about Liverpool 'performance' and claims he's happy to drop 'points'

I'll state the obvious: Winning Premier League games is always preferable to drawing and dropping points...right? Not according to Jurgen Klopp!

In his post-Chelsea press conference, Klopp made the following bizarre statement:

"I really prefer a draw like this with a good performance than get three points when I have no idea why we got them".

Come again? How can dropping points in the league be a more positive outcome than actually winning games? In the Premier League (or indeed any competition), the name of the game is to win, not deliver good performances and drop points. Klopp's statement is especially puzzling given Liverpool's desperate need for points after a horrible run of just one win in ten games.

If Liverpool miss out on the top four by 2-3 points then I doubt Klopp will express the same view.

To be fair, Klopp is generally spot on in his press conferences, and his statements are, for the most part, refreshingly devoid of risible Brendan Rodgers-esque exaggeration. That said, prioritising draws over wins seems like a retrograde point of view, and doesn't really do much to engender a winning, never-say-die attitude.

Good performances are pleasing, but winning games - even if it means winning ugly - is surely preferable.


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