26 Jan 2017

Suarez MK2: 'Amazing' £60m attacker confirms he wants to 'play' for Liverpool for 'years'. Summer transfer?

Rejoice! Philippe Coutinho has signed a new deal 5-year with Liverpool, which means there's no more possibility of losing the Brazilian to Barcelona...right?

Wrong. Fans and the media are making a big deal out of the (alleged) fact that Coutinho's deal lacks a release clause, but in my view, this is a giant red herring.

The obscene new contract - reportedly worth £150k-a-week - will not make a shred of difference to Liverpool's chances of keeping Coutinho, and there's historical precedent to support that contention. After signing his new deal, Coutinho raved:

“I signed this new contract to stay here for a few more years because it’s a great honour for me. It gives me great happiness because I was welcomed here with open arms by everyone at the club and the supporters right from my first day. Jürgen is a great manager. We all can see how much he has changed here since he arrived. He is a winner and every player feels honoured to play at this great club for this great manager".

Awwww. How sweet. Brings a tear to the eye. Now, compare this with Luis Suarez's situation at Liverpool:

* Dec 2013: Suarez signed a new 4.5 year contract with Liverpool worth £160k-a-week.

* After signing, Suarez gushed: "I am delighted to have my future secured for the long term. I believe I can achieve the ambitions of winning trophies and playing at the very highest level with Liverpool. I love the city and the supporters. He [Brendan Rodgers] was very important. When you have confidence with the manager you can try your best. When the team is together and you are happy in the dressing room, that makes me happy".

Sound familiar? 6 months later, Suarez ditched his new long-term contract and 'ambitions of winning trophies with Liverpool' to sign for Barcelona.

On 18th December 2013, I argued that Suarez's new deal wouldn't stop him from leaving in the summer, and as usual, many fans refused to accept it. Well, the same thing will happen with Coutinho; it may not be in the summer, but at some point in the next 12-18 months, he'll be gone.

* Coutinho: £60m-rated. Hailed as 'amazing' by Joel Matip.


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