3 Nov 2016

Deal Close? Liverpool 99% certain of agreeing January transfer for 'exceptional' £20m international

Mamadou Sakho is reportedly certain to leave Liverpool during the January transfer window.

Last week, The Mirror claimed:

"Sakho is finally ready to leave Liverpool after accepting he has no future at Anfield under Klopp".

Lille were recently linked with a move for Sakho, and according to France Football this week:

"Sakho is 99.9% certain to leave Anfield in January after being banished by Liverpool boss Jürgen Klopp".

I maintain that Klopp's continued isolation of Sakho is disrespectful and unwarranted. He made his mistakes, and paid the price, so continually marginalising the defender smacks of vindictiveness and/or holding a grudge.

The hypocrisy of the club (and the fanbase) never ceases to amuse me. Liverpool backed Luis Suarez to the hilt after his various (infinitely more serious) indiscretions, yet Sakho is cast aside by the manager despite being cleared of all doping charges.

I freely admit that I'm not Sakho's biggest fan, and even if he returned to the fold, I doubt he'd be first choice. However, that's irrelevant - what matters is fair treatment, and Klopp is not treating Sakho in a fair manner. Sakho made a few minor mistakes (Lateness etc), but jeez, for the love of God, GET OVER IT. That goes for fans too, who act like being late for a team meal is some kind of horrific, unforgivable crime.

With his banishment to the U23s, Sakho has paid for the utterly heinous crimes of missing a fitness session, and being late for a plane/meal, so he should be allowed back into the first-team squad to fight for his place. If he's not good enough to make it into the team, then so be it, but he should be given the opportunity.

Right now, the punishment (i.e. complete marginalisation) does not fit the crime, and the continued grudge-holding by Klopp is not a positive reflection on him, (especially in light of his prior treatment of Balotelli, and Benteke), or the club.

^ Apr 2016: Hailed by Gary Lineker as an 'exceptional defender'. £20m-rated


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