3 Nov 2016

Legend insists: 'Excellent' €35m Liverpool star is just as 'important' as 'Coutinho'. Agree?

Liverpool legend Graeme Souness has hailed the impact this season of Reds captain Jordan Henderson.

Speaking to TalkSport this week, Souness claimed that 'every team needs someone like Jordan Henderson', and offered the following qualified praise:

“He [Hendo] is not a silky player [but] he has a great attitude, great athleticism, puts the ball under pressure, and makes people make passes they don’t want to make. He is very important to the team, but in a less obvious way than [Philippe] Coutinho.”

So, in short, Henderson is doing what he's paid to do.

As with Coutinho, Henderson is not (IMO) performing above and beyond the level at which he should be performing; he's operating at the expected level, and hassling players, winning the ball, and displaying a 'great attitude' are the bare minimum to be expected from a team captain.

If Liverpool qualify for the Champions League and/or win the league, then I'll jump on the praise bandwagon, but until then, I personally want to see months of consistency from the likes of Hendo, Coutinho, Mane et al.

Who is more important for the team this season: Coutinho or Henderson?

* €35m-rated (CIES Football Observatory). Described by Steven Gerrard as 'excellent'.


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