17 Sept 2016

'Not Good': Souness slams £23m Liverpool star for 'Sunday League' mistake against Chelsea

The trend continues. Another game, another poor goal conceded by Liverpool, and whilst the Reds thoroughly deserved the 2-1 victory over Chelsea, defensive lapses continue to cost the team goals. Overall, Joel Matip had another good game, but LFC legend Graeme Souness was left disappointed by Matip's defending for Diego Costa's goal.

In the build up to Chelsea's goal, Matip went to ground in an attempt to tackle Nemanja Matic, but pulled out of the tackle, which allowed the Serb to drift by him with ease, and then pick out a cross for Costa.

Analysing the game on Sky Sports, Souness explained:

"Why go to ground there? This is not good defending. That’s something you see in Sunday league football. You minute you go ground you’re out of the game"

Matip looks like a great signing, but Souness is right here. To be fair, though, the Chelsea goal was a comedy of Liverpool errors:

* First, Matic drifted past Lallana in midfield like he wasn't there.

* Clyne gave Hazard too much space on the left, which allowed to Matic to pick him out with ease.

* Lallana then stopped tracking Matic, and allowed him to run into the box.

* Henderson looked over his shoulder and saw Matic running into the box, and for some inexplicable reason, he didn't react (it's possible he expected Lallana to be tracking him, but still).

* Matic received the ball in the box, and then came Matip's failed tackled.

* Seconds later, Lallana also went to ground and attempted a sliding tackle on Matic, which also failed.

* At this point, Lovren - who should've been marking Costa - got attracted to the ball, and left the Brazilian free to score.

* It didn't end there, though. Costa's shot hit Mignolet, and the rebounded into the net.

Beating Chelsea 2-1 at Stamford Bridge is a fantastic result, but let's be honest, the Costa goal was - collectively and individually - a defensive mega-fail (!)

^ Matip: 4-year contract worth £23m.


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