17 Sept 2016

Carra insists: It'll take Liverpool '20-30 years' to replace 'world-class' £80k-a-week superstar

Jordan Henderson's wonder-goal against Chelsea is bound to invoke inevitable comparisons with Reds legend Steven Gerrard, but according Anfield icon Jamie Carragher, Hendo is not in the same league as Gerrard, who, according to Carra, is basically irreplaceable.

When asked on Friday about Gerrard/Henderson comparison, Carra told Sky Sports":

"Henderson often gets compared to Gerrard. He took the armband; similar position; takes a lot of set pieces, but Liverpool won't find another Gerrard for 20-30 years".

20-30 years? It's a depressing thought, but probably true.

Over the years, Liverpool have regularly signed and/or developed a whole host of talismanic players in various positions (Keegan, Dalglish, Souness, Hansen, Molby, Rush, Barnes, Beardsley, Fowler, Owen, McManaman, Torres, Suarez etc), but the club has been significantly less successful developing homegrown all-action central midfielders like Gerrard.

You'd have to back to the 1970s to find other Scouse midfielders who had similarly huge impacts on Liverpool. Players such as Jimmy Case, Terry McDermott, and Ian Callaghan were mainstays in the Reds' trophy-winning heyday, and Gerrard burst onto the scene literally 20-25 years later.

As such, Carra is probably right with his 20-30 year timeframe, so Mark the date! 2035 is the year when Liverpool's next homegrown midfield superstar is likely to emerge.

* Reportedly on £80k-a-week at LA Galaxy. Hailed BR as 'world-class'


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