15 Sept 2016

Chelsea Smackdown: £23m Liverpool star insists he doesn't 'give a f@#k' about Costa's antics

Liverpool defender Joel Matip will go head-to-head with Chelsea powerhouse Diego Costa tomorrow, and ahead of the game, the Cameroon international is in a bullish mood, and insists that he's not worried about the challenge posed by the combative Brazilian.

When asked today whether he'd react to Costa's infamous verbal goading, Matip dismissed the possibility of losing his cool on the field. He told The Telegraph:

“If an opponent tries to talk to me during the game, I don’t give a f@&k. They can say what they want. I don’t prepare only for Costa. I prepare for the whole team [but] I will study to see how he moves".

Matip appears to be such a mild-mannered guy that it's a little disconcerting to see him respond in such a forthright manner.

In this regard, Matip appears to be very similar to Jurgen Klopp, who often swears in interviews and/or delivers blunt, forthright views to the media. Clearly, Klopp is moulding a team in his own image (!)

Matip further added:

“Against a more typical No 9, you know these players and how they play, and where they will be on the pitch. You know what is going to happen, even if it is still difficult to play against".

If Matip 'knows' how Costa will play, 'where' he'll be on the pitch, and 'what is going to happen', then Liverpool have nothing to worry about...right?

If only it were that easy.

^ Matip: 4-year contract worth £23m.


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