4 Mar 2016

Anfield-bound? Liverpool Reps fly out to watch €13m assist-king who embarrasses Hendo/Lallana with his stats

In the summer of 2014, Liverpool were heavily linked with a move for 'important' Fenerbahce star Caner Erkin, and at the time, hie agent confirmed the Reds' 'interest' in a transfer. Brendan Rodgers signed Alberto Moreno instead, but two years later, it appears that Erkin is back on the Reds' radar.

According to Turkish newspaper Fotomac this week:

* Liverpool scouts Dave McDonough and Kevin Hunt flew to Turkey on Monday to watch Erkin in Besiktas' 2-0 victory over Fenerbahce

* The Reds are planning to submit an offer for Erkin 'at the end of the season'.

Some info about €13m-rated Erkin:

* 27-year old left-back, who can also play as a left-winger. Contract expires this summer.

* 16 goals/48 assists (64) in 210 apps for Fenerbahce (one every 223 mins).

* Missed only 6 games through injury for his entire career (Averages 40 games per season).

What immediately sticks out is Erkin's creative record (one goal/assist every 223 minutes), which is superb for a left-back. As a comparison, consider comparative results for some of Liverpool's players.

* Moreno: 6 goals/assists in 78 games (One every 1064 mins)

* Clyne: 3 goals/assists in 39 games (One every 1163 mins)

* Flanagan: 5 goals/assists in 46 games (One every 727 mins)

* Lallana: 21 goal/assists in 75 games (One every 253 mins)

* Hendo: 56 goals/assists in 206 games (One every 285 mins)

* Can: 5 goals/assists in 79 games (One every 1304 mins).

It's pitiful, really. What kind of a (football) world do we live in when a *defender* has a superior minutes-per-goal/assist ratio than £56m-worth of LFC midfielders? Obviously, a left-back's primary role is to defend, but Erkin has a long history of consistently over-achieving in attack, and that can only be a benefit for LFC.

On a separate note: The goal/assist figures for Hendo, Lallana, and Can are unacceptable, and starkly illustrate why Liverpool have struggled to score/create goals over the last two years. Bottom line: if those three continue to play regularly, Liverpool have absolutely chance of consistently qualifying for the Champions League (or of ever winning the league again).

Author: Jaimie K


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