3 Feb 2016

Future Transfer? 'World-class' £75m superstar wanted by Klopp confirms he watches Liverpool games

Liverpool continue to be linked with a wildly improbable move for 'world-class' Bayern Munich superstar Robert Lewandowski, and although that deal seems as unlikely as Adam Lallana's ability to score more than two league goals in 13 months, Lewandowski appears to be a keen observer of LFC's progress under Jurgen Klopp.

Liverpool were once again linked with £75m-rated Lewandowski over the weekend, with reports claiming that the Klopp 'is confident of signing' the Polish striker.

This may be a possibility in a Seinfeldian bizarro world, but in the real world, the closest Lewandowski will get to Anfield is watching Liverpool on TV, which he appears to do on a regular basis.

When asked on Sunday about Liverpool form under Jurgen Klopp, Lewandowski mused:

“I’ve seen one or two [Liverpool] games and the reaction shows they are all united. He [Klopp] always stood up for his team and he’s a bit like a father for the players. Klopp is a very good coach. He suits English football".

The respect is clearly mutual. In a recent interview, Klopp hailed Lewandowski for his 'unbelievable' talent, and further enthused:

"The biggest satisfaction you can get is when you take a player from Poland [Lewandowski], from a small club and watch him play like he does today".

Is this bond enough to tempt Lewandowski to quit Bayern Munich - a club that challenges for the biggest trophies every single year - for a team struggling to maintain mid-table status?

In the words of Charles Lee Ray (aka 'Chucky'):

Author: Jaimie K


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