3 Feb 2016

Not Good Enough: Aldo blasts 'really disappointing' £28m Liverpool duo for Leicester fiasco

Liverpool's 2-0 defeat against Leicester is the latest in a long line of poor performances under Jurgen Klopp, and after the game, Reds legend John Aldridge slammed the team's indecisiveness and defensive frailty in the build up to both goals.

Analysing the game for LFC TV, Aldo insisted that no players will 'come out of that match with pats on the back', and singled out Can and Sakho^ for specific criticism:

"We had a chance of scoring in their box, and we wasted it. Can dawdled on the ball in the box, then Mahrez hits an 80 year hopeful ball over the top".

On the second goal.

"It bounces once, and Sakho isn’t close to him. It's really disappointing. We could’ve done better".

When he keeps it simple, Can is an effective recycler of possession, but, as noted repeatedly this season, he's a legend in his own mind, and constantly attempts ill-advised Hollywood long-balls, tricks/dribbles that often lead to loss of possession.

Leicester is a prime example: Can had FOUR players on him in the box, but instead of being smart and passing the ball, he tried to take them all on, and lost possession.

Can just doesn't have the skill or game intelligence to consistently prevail in situations like that. He's a battering ram, and he lacks the creative nuance and refinement to be a game-changer for Liverpool.

As for the second goal - quite why Sakho let the ball bounce is anyone's guess, and it's decisions like that cause panic and/or unnecessary on the defence.

Ultimately, though, the buck stops with the manager, and Klopp is merely reaping what he's sown. I've said it once, and I'll say it again: relying on average players like Lallana, Mignolet, Can, Sakho et al across an entire season is a recipe for disaster.

Rodgers' loyalty to these players led to his downfall, and Klopp is now making the same mistake. And he'll continue to make this mistake, starting with Sunderland this weekend, where Lallana, Can, Sakho et al will inevitably be rewarded for their Leicester failure with...places in the starting line-up.

^ Sakho: Cost £18m. Can: Cost £10m

Author: Jaimie K


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