29 Feb 2016

Drop Him: Aldo/Carra urge Klopp to replace 'rash' Liverpool misfit with £25k-a-week star. Agree?

Alberto Moreno: you are the weakest link. Goodbye! Well, that's according to Liverpool-born ex-Reds Jamie Carragher and John Aldridge, who have called for Jurgen Klopp to dump the foreign-born Alberto Moreno, and replace him with 'outstanding' Liverpool-born Jon Flanagan. Pardon me whilst I choke.

After Sunday's League Cup defeat to Man City, Carra scathed:

“The left-back [Moreno] has to come out. Jon Flanagan has to go into the team in midweek. Flanagan...can't be worse than him [Moreno".

In his column today for the Liverpool Echo today, the predictable Scouse solidarity continued, as Aldo noted:

"He [Flanagan] has to start against Manchester City on Wednesday. Moreno can look good going forward at times, but positionally he leaves us wide open...and he's so rash in his decision-making".

Moreno made some ridiculously rash decision against Man City (including a reckless lunge on Aguero that should've been a stonewall penalty), but does he really deserve to be unceremoniously dropped?

Moreno's positional play leaves a lot to be desired, and he shares fault with Mignolet for Man City's goal; however, prior to the League Cup final, the Spaniard also helped the Reds keep three clean sheets in a row, which shows that he can positively contribute to a solid defensive unit.

I personally don't get the hype over Flanagan [reportedly on £25k-a-week]. From where I'm standing, he's just another huff-and-puff British footballer who offers next to nothing going forward.

The advantage Flanagan has over Moreno is hype, perpetuated by high profile Scouse supporters like Aldo and Carra, but is he actually significantly better than the Spaniard?

I'd take Brad Smith over both of them.

Author: Jaimie K


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