22 Dec 2015

Bad News: £12m Liverpool star has 'serious' injury; could face 3-months out if injury 'scan' reveals muscle tear

After a brief period of respite, Liverpool's squad is once again being decimated by injury, and Martin Skrtel is the latest Reds player to face a long spell on the sidelines.

£12m-rated Skrtel went off injured against Stoke on Sunday, and according to The Mirror today:

"Martin Skrtel could be out for three months with a hamstring injury. Club medics are waiting on results of a scan, but they fear the injury is a serious one".

Three months? That sounds excessive, but depending on the severity of the injury, it's definitely possible.

According to professional football physiotherapist Neal Reynolds:

"Anything up to 3 weeks for a grade 1 strain; 2 to 8 weeks for a grade 2; up to 12 weeks for a grade 3".

In most cases, scans are only ordered if there's suspicion of a muscle tear (as opposed to a minor strain), and if it transpires that Skrtel has grade three tear, then three months is a possibility.

This leaves Liverpool with a massive problem. Despite his detractors, Skrtel is Liverpool's most consistently effective defender, and his absence means that the Reds are left with Sakho (not fully match-fit), and Toure, who barely plays.

In my view, this is a nightmare scenario for Liverpool. Sakho had an absolutely terrible game against Watford, and if he repeats any element of that performance against Leicester, then it'll be Goodnight Vienna. Sakho is also injury prone, and if he sustains another injury over the Christmas period, Liverpool may be forced into a panic-buy during the January transfer window (never a good idea).

There are options, though, the most obvious of which is to move Emre Can into central defence. I'm no fan of Can as a midfielder, but he performed well in central defence last season. He may not like it, but the team comes first, and unfortunately for Can, he is the resident 'Jack of all Trades'.

On a related note: Klopp should (IMO) convert Can into a full-time central defender. He has the all the attributes to be a success in that role, and converting him will (potentially) save the club big bucks in the transfer market.

Author: Jaimie K


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