23 Oct 2015

I Want Liverpool: 'Brilliant' €58k-a-week playmaker admired by Jurgen Klopp wants LFC transfer return

In his first season at LFC, Brendan Rodgers did a Rafa Benitez and dumped Nuri Sahin after only six months at the club. Sahin suffered the same ignominious fate as Robbie Keane, and in both instances, Liverpool ended up wasting significant amounts of money. Upon his return to Dortmund, Jurgen Klopp criticised Rodgers for playing Sahin out of position, and new reports today suggest that Klopp is interested in bringing Sahin back to Anfield.

In a recent press conference, Klopp insisted he has no intention of signing any Dortmund players, but according to Sky Sports today:

"Nuri Sahin [could] return to Liverpool. The Turkish midfielder is keen for a reunion with new Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp".

Sahin timeline:

Aug 2012: After signing, Sahin - reportedly on €58k-a-week at Dortmund - described himself as follows: "I am a central midfielder who loves to have the ball, not someone who dribbles past three or four players and then shoots at goal. I'm more of a tactical and technical player. I like to organise. I love it when my team is tactically at a very high level, and can play one or two-touch football".

Jan 2013: After witnessing Rodgers' misuse of Sahin, Klopp told ESPN: "Nuri is brilliant player, but it was the wrong position [for Sahin to play]. Fielding him in the number ten position is not the best solution in my opinion"

Nov 2014: Sahin slammed Rodgers for playing him out of position: "The manager [Rodgers] started playing me behind the striker which does not suit my game. Despite my love for the club and the fans, I had to leave due to the managers insistence on playing me in that role."

At the time, I repeatedly argued that Rodgers was making a mistake by playing Sahin out of position, but as per usual, many fans wouldn't accept it, and made spurious accusations about Sahin's alleged (and totally unsubstantiated) attitude problem/lack of application/failure to adapt/settle etc.

Whatever the issues of the past, Liverpool should steer clear of Sahin for one simple reason: he's yet another Dortmund player with a terrible injury history:

* 8 injuries in the last two seasons, including ruptured ankle ligaments.

* 429 days on the sidelines through injury (66 games missed).

* Made only 9 appearances for Dortmund last season, and is yet to play a game this season as a result of an ongoing knee issue.

It'd be transfer negligence to sign Sahin, or indeed any player with such an atrocious injury history.

Thanks, but no thanks.

Author: Jaimie K


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